Turkey time

Herschel Walker, now front-runner for GOP Senate nomination in Georgia :”Sen. Lewis was 1 of greatest senators there’s ever been….I think to throw his name on bill for voting rights, is a shame. When you look at the bill, it doesn’t fit what what John Lewis stood for.”

Is Walker that stupid or does he think we are? #VotingRightsAct

Aaron Rodgers, unvaccinated, unrepentant, and (not suspended) is now exempt from COVID testing after fudging his status and testing positive

And now the Packers QB, who has touted ivermectin & zinc, is complaining ““I don’t understand why society and the NFL hasn’t talked about what I think are legitimate treatment options.

Well, with NFL scheduling Cleveland – Green Bay on Christmas, at least Rodgers is guaranteeing Americans a Christmas turkey.

5-7 Rutgers apparently will get the first crack to replace Texas A&M in the Gator Bowl. Upsetting many pundits who think under .500 teams should only get a chance for the postseason in the NBA, NHL and NFL.

Texas A&M has backed out of the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl in Jacksonville on December 31 because of COVID-19 issues, injuries & opt-outs. So officials are trying to find an opponent for Wake Forest. Hmm, are the Jaguars available?

QB Joe Burrow, on Bengals avoiding COVID-19 more than many NFL teams: “There’s not a ton to do in Cincinnati. Nobody is going out to clubs & bars every weekend. But we’ve been healthy.” Bengals fans might appreciate his statement. Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce not so much.

Let’s be clear about ballot drop boxes. They aren’t a substitute for mail boxes. But in a time when confidence in USPS is justifiably at an all-time low. they are a safe & secure way of knowing your ballot will be picked up & counted.

TSA and FAA have announced anyone fined for bad behavior on a plane will permanently lose access to TSA PreCheck. Excellent. But why stop there? Three more words “Permanent Secondary Screening.

Should we be shocked that Madison Cawthorn, a college dropout who just urged students to quit too, is dropping out of his marriage after eight months?

Maybe we’re going about this all wrong: Maybe way to get the still mostly male Senate seriously to deal with prescription costs is to quietly encourage companies to quadruple prices on Viagra.

Has it occurred to any of these nutty conspiracy theorists who claim Democrats stole the election, that IF Democrats were both that evil and competent they’d have stolen it for Hillary in 2016?

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