Aaron Rodgers today , unrepentant about fudging his vaccination status. “I’ve talked to a lot of friends who had COVID, including Joe (Rogan) & figured out a protocol in case I had COVID.” Since NFL is cracking down on taunting how about taunting medical science?

Of course, what do you expect from a league that responds to a major spike in cases by deciding… to test less?

Kyle Rittenhouse has become a new right-wing hero for fatally shooting two people before US law deems him old enough to handle a beer let alone a gun.

The Former Guy actually said to vaccine hesistant “You have to embrace it. You don’t have to do it, there can’t be mandates & all those things, but you have to embrace it.” “Embrace?” Maybe his followers would’ve listened more if he suggested they “grab the shot by the p*ssy?”

Disagree with Liz Cheney on almost everything. But she has more cojones than any Republican in Congress. Including so-called reasonable (and powerful and wealthy) people like Mitt Romney.

Tonight’s Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email ” Democrats now on new kick w/ so-called Voting Rights Bill, which is a disaster for our Country & certainly Republican Party.” GOP now believes all American citizens being able to vote is a disaster. Wrap your head around that.

Why do people doubt that Joe Biden can get over being annoyed at Joe Manchin and work something out? He chose a VP who attacked him about race and bussing on the debate stage. POTUS REALLY doesn’t hold grudges.

Not sure about media showing up at Velveeta Voldemort’s Mar-A-Lago January 6 Press Conference. But I am in favor of the FBI attending.

Many men especially complaining are about vaccines & and boosters, because they don’t want to start or continue to put something they think isn’t absolutely necessary into their bodies.

Wonder how many of them have prescriptions for Viagra?

Fox News blaming Dr. Fauci for COVID is like an arsonist blaming the firefighters.

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