Still shutout

Tom Brady today trying out his comic talent: “Yeah, they’re called the Saints. I don’t think they’re very saintly. A Saint would have probably let us score once or twice yesterday. So gotta rethink that nickname.”

Dear Tom. Keep your day job. Signed “Who Dat Nation.”

NFL getting a lot of attention for upsets and strange results this season.

Then there’s the NBA. Where San Antonio Spurs (yes, I’m a fan) managed to beat the Utah Jazz and the L Clippers in a three game stretch. But in the middle… losing to the Sacramento Kings?

From my husband, who’s not a particular football fan, a surprisingly astute question after watching 4th quarter of Monday Night Football: “How did the Bears manage to win four games?”

First confirmed Omicron death in US reportedly a 50ish Texas man who had previously had COVID but was unvaccinated. So much for natural immunity.

Reports that White House cat will arrive in January 2022. This may be JUST what POTUS needs. Since WH cat will almost certainly do incorrigible cat things media can indulge their love of drama with feline misdeeds instead of trying to make up stories about Biden etc.

The last Kmart store in California just closed yesterday. Shocking. There were still any Kmart stores in California?

As the Former Guy takes to the courts in an attempt to end NY AG’s investigation, you know who didn’t sue to avoid giving uncomfortable testimony? Hillary Clinton.

Kyle Rittenhouse Nov 20 -after acquittal said he didn’t want to get involved in politics “at all” & his case “should never have been used as cause” for any political agendas.

Rittenhouse Dec 20 given standing ovation at Turning Point USA conference in Phoenix. Satire is dead.

Velveeta Voldemort put out an ranting grammatically incorrect statement against NY AG Letitia James… We are gonna have a nationwide popcorn shortage.

As terms like disrespect & being “badgered” get tossed around before everyone calms down, (and we head towards a probable reset & restart for Build Back Better in 2022), these last couple days have reminded us that men might just be too emotional for political leadership.

As angry as some Democrats are at Joe Manchin, some of the right wing of Republican party hates Lisa Murkowski. And she has a Velveeta Voldemort backed primary-opponent. If we’re going to talk about Senators switching parties….

2 thoughts. 1. Build Back Better bill isn’t done yet. And Freedom to Vote Act is still very much alive. 2. I get frustration w/ Joe Manchin. But we need to use energy not just to scream at him, but to elect more Democrats in 2022.

50-50 Senate gives 1 Senator too much power

Optimistic note on BBB & voting rights: 2 political women I most admire now are Nancy Pelosi & Amy Klobuchar. Some assume Pelosi is SF liberal who isn’t pragmatic. & that Klobuchar is Midwest pragmatist who isn’t liberal. Women can multitask. Neither Nancy nor Amy are giving up.

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