So on a Sunday when the worst in NFL Detroit Lions beat the best in NFL Arizona Cardinals the Saints had no chance to grab headlines against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers… well, unless they shut out Tom Brady at home for the first time in his career.


But hey, Tampa Bay receiver Antonio Brown & safety Mike Edwards are serving last game of 3 game suspension for fake vaccine cards. And Bucs apparently will welcome them back in time for playoffs. Hey, all they did was put lives of their teammates, staff and their families at risk.

Several GOP Senators have said they will not vote to confirm any SCOTUS nominee Biden might make if they take the Senate in 2022. Still don’t think the midterms matter?

Sorry to hear Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Cory Booker both have breakthrough case of COVID but glad to hear because they are is vaxxed & boosted they only has mild symptoms. The truth is that most Republican Senators are ALSO vaccinated & boosted. They just don’t want to admit it to their constituents.

Claire McCaskill was better than Josh Hawley Joe Donnelly better than Mike Braun. Mary Landrieu better than Bill Cassidy. I like McCaskill, Donnelly & Manchin better than Manchin. But Joe’s better than any Republican who’d 100% replace him. We need to win more BLUE seats in 2022

Why is everyone so worried about Joe Manchin switching to being a Republican. Yes, he has a LOT of power, now, aided by the media. But as a Republican he’d be Susan Collins without the occasional pearls to clutch.

Bipartisan rant time. With calorie and other counts required on containers, how do they get away with stuff like this on a tuna can? “Serving size: 110 calories. Servings: 1.5.” So what does one do with .5 serving of tuna fish? Perhaps the cat lobby was involved?

A vaccinated & boosted travel agency client had me postpone trip when he had mild symptoms & tested positive. He’s being responsible & can afford higher fares next week. But as he noted if he wanted to lie about it nothing would stop him from getting on plane.

#GetVaccinatedNow #GetBoostedNow

While we’re going after Manchin: Why can’t media ask GOP senators why they don’t support lower prescription drug prices? How they expect parents to go back to work if they can’t afford child care or elder care? And why they claim to be pro-life while cutting off Child Tax Credit?

Sarah Palin says “over my dead body will I get vaccinated.” Silly Sarah. They don’t keep supplies of vaccines at mortuaries

On NBC SNL. Wish Tina Fey was just joking. “The FDA said it will permanently allow abortion pills to be sent through the mail, which means the pills should arrive just in time for your child’s first birthday.”

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