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After midnight

December 31, 2021

Not that it’s that important in grand scheme of things…but Wisconsin Badgers playing in Las Vegas Bowl where 4th quarter starts AFTER midnight in Wisconsin is not exactly a great way to encourage students, alums and other fans of the game to watch…

Brooklyn Nets saying publicly that as unvaccinated Kyrie Irving returns to the team part-time (since he cannot play without being vaccinated for home and some road games) his part time status “will not affect their continuity.”

So it won’t count as continuity if he gets games postponed by too many teammates in protocols?

Since some states think bounties work these days surely SOMEONE – in the media or just a rich believer in science – can come up with a bounty for the first picture of Florida Gov. Ron Desantis in hiding?

Velveeta Voldemort is having another rally, MLK weekend in Arizona with free tickets. Would be really wrong for kids to do like they did in Tulsa & request tickets with no intention of going, wouldn’t it? On the other hand, Herman Cain might have wished they took his ticket.

Reminder as rumors swirl about Florida Governor Ron Desantis. As a wise reporter once told me when asked why a politician would continue not to be honest when everyone knew they were lying, “because they think the truth would hurt them more than what most people imagine.”

So with Florida breaking COVID records on a daily basis wonder if Mar-A-Lago has a vaccine mandate for their New Year’s Eve party?

Billionaire Peter Thiel will help Velveeta Voldemort fundraise for Liz Cheney’s Wyoming GOP primary challenger by holding two January fundraisers at Thiel’s Miami home. Is it wrong to hope the events don’t have a vaccine mandate?

If you “do your own research” about COVID, do the rest of us a favor when you get sick, stay home, and do your own research on how to get better.

Have a suggestion for reporters who feel they MUST cover Velveeta Voldemort’s January 6 Press Conference. Record all the lies and hold the coverage until at least January 7. On January 6 focus should be on the anniversary of the fatal insurrection.


As awful as the wildfires near Boulder, Colorado are, at least residents can count on federal support and won’t have the added pain of a President telling them to rake their mountains.

Cheese head?

December 31, 2021

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says he won’t take long after season to decide his plans for 2022..

So will he ask Joe Rogan?

Aaron Rodgers now doubling down on his anti-vaccine status – “If science can’t be questioned, it’s not science anymore. It’s propaganda.” And here I thought Tom Brady’s status as my most disliked QB in the NFL was safe.

Would be funny if it weren’t so evil: Fox News top headline today “White House under fire as Americans wait hours to be tested for COVID & new cases break US record.

Fox News Jun 2020 “Trump defends coronavirus testing comment, says more tests make ‘us look like we have more cases'”

Chicken hawks escalating Vietnam War weren’t risking their own or their children’s lives. They had draft exemptions.

Now GOP & pundits escalating anti-vax war to make Biden look bad aren’t risking their own or kids’ lives either. They’re vaccinated. From cannon fodder to COVID fodder.

It’s very long shot, but all hypothetical discussion on Twitter about Senators switching parties seems to be about Manchin. She’d be a conservative independent, to the right of Angus King, but if Lisa Murkowski wants to caucus w/ Dems, as a Democrat I’d welcome her w/ open arms.

So would these folks pushing monoclonal antibody therapies over vaccines also tell people to keep smoking cigarettes because you can always get chemotherapy for lung cancer?

As Democrats push COVID vaccines & testing, GOP touts monoclonal antibodies instead. Vaccines & tests cost a few dollars, monoclonal antibodies cost thousands. So on top of everything else, which party really cares about “mortgaging our children’s future” w/reckless spending?

Have ZERO sympathy for Ghislaine Maxwell, who enabled a sexual predator for years. But still, ..first person convicted in a predatory sex trafficking operation involving young girls and many rich & famous men is a woman?