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And then there were two.

January 31, 2022

Wonder how many people turned off the AFC Championship game at halftime? To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ‘Big mistake, Huge!”

I’m a rare Saints fan in SF Bay Area. But hey, San Francisco fans… Given a choice, Super Bowl might be a good time to dig out that orange and black. (Those are the Bengals colors.)

Have a good friend in Cincinnati who is NOT an NFL fan. Texted her to say “I figure your neighborhood is loud.”

Her response “Is there some football of which I am unaware. There is a lot of noise here…”

Nice thought: At least until if and when baseball gets started we are DONE with the Tomahawk Chop for a while.

As much as GOP is attacking President Biden for following through on his promise to appoint a black woman to SCOTUS, can you imagine if Joe said now he would look at other options? Republican talking points would start “you can’t trust a thing Biden says.”

So is there anyone still expecting that Susan Collins learned a “pretty big lesson’ from voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh?

Susan Collins said she “wouldn’t rule out” supporting Velveeta Voldemort in 2024. So Susan means to do it she’d have to clutch her pearls really really hard?

Would some reporter please ask Susan Collins why she “wouldn’t rule out” supporting Velveeta Voldemort in 2024 after she voted to impeach him in 2021.

So if Hillary Clinton had just encouraged her supporters to storm the Capitol after 2016 and then had rallies where she offered to pardon them, would Democrats have chosen her for their 2020 nominee?

Gosh, for some reason Fox News isn’t covering Velveeta Voldemort’s statement today where he states that Mike Pence “could have overturned the election.” I wonder why?


So long, farewell?

January 30, 2022

Tom Brady wouldn’t be so petty as to start a retirement controversy weekend of the NFC/AFC conference championships just to steal headlines from NFL postseason he’s no longer part of, would he?

Tom Brady is retiring. Did that loss to the Rams, after TWO losses to the Saints in 2021 leave him deflated?

Ah, now Tom Brady says he’s not sure about retiring. “The first time is the hardest,” responded Brett Favre

So if you can’t stand any team left in NFL postseason, Peyton Manning on SNL Saturday night making a strong case for turning off the games and turning on “Emily in Paris.”

Raiders released 2020 1st round pick Damon Arnette when video surfaced of him making threats w/ gun. Chiefs signed the CB to reserves contract to give him chance for 2022. Last night Arnette was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. KC released him this am. Who’s next?

Not sure who Joe Biden’s SCOTUS nominee will be, but I’d match her LSAT scores and law school record up against any Republican in the Senate. Starting with Roger Wicker.

Would Roger Wicker, who seems so concerned about qualifications with SCOTUS, like to give us one reason why former football coach Tommy Tuberville was qualified to sit with him in the US Senate?

Can anyone imagine if over a year after the Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton was ranting at regular rallies?

Velveeta Voldemort at his rally tonight “If I run & if I win, we will treat those people from Jan. 6 fairly And if it requires pardons we will give them pardons. Because they are being treated so unfairly.” Brian Sicknick says “Hi.”

I’ve lost track of political candidates I’ve supported since I was about 8 years old. Many I’ve liked, some I’ve loved. But none of them have caused me completely to lose my mind.

Seriously WTF is wrong with some of these Velveeta Voldemort supporters?

Not sure if I can pick very favorite book as a child or teenager. But I know this. Books that stayed with me usually disturbed me. Whether they were fiction/nonfiction, about unjustice or sexism or racism or whatever… The best books make you feel. And think.



January 29, 2022

A Black woman on SCOTUS And a Cat!! Promises made! Promises kept!!


One of the many cool things about Willow is that it is very clear listening to President Biden, that a First Cat in the White House was NOT his idea. It was Jill’s.

I love a man who lets his wife make important decisions.

So how long until Willow coughs up a hairball on Peter Doocy? #FirstCat

Former Guy HUD secretary Ben Carson is criticizing President Biden for “identity politics” in saying he will put a Black woman on SCOTUS. This statement doesn’t even need a punchline.

A friend in New Jersey tells me there’s panic buying ahead of the latest winter snow storm, “The grocery store was a sh*t show. Wiped out of milk and bananas..” for starters. Because “people think they’ll be stranded for weeks.” Waiting for GOP to blame this on President Biden.

Now it’s Joni Mitchell taking her music off Spotify. “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone…”

Mitch McConnell on Biden’s SCOTUS pick – “President must not outsource this important decision to the radical left.” Also Mitch McConnell, thinking, “if GOP retakes Senate & Clarence Thomas retires, we will as usual outsource OUR decision to radical right Federalist Society.”

Stephen Colbert on Late Show commenting how poorly Dr. Oz is doing in Pennsylvania GOP polling… “So guy who peddled fake weight loss products like green coffee bean extract & hot pepper jelly has finally found one product so fraudulent even he can’t sell it. – him.”

Fox News headline “Sarah Palin, pestered in public, gets assist from ex-NHL star.” (She & former Ranger Ron Duguay were eating together.) Wonder if Fox will use “pestered in public” to describe anyone, including restaurant staff, who might get COVID from un-vaccinated Palin.

Fox News also complaining today about Democrats and spending. Okay then, would Fox like to give us a list of other bridges they are fine with falling down? #infrastructure

Cardinal rules

January 28, 2022

So maybe the Voodoo kitten in training prefers basketball?


But they, now that President Biden has confirmed his promise to appoint a Black woman to SCOTUS what about that White House cat? We were promised a cat.

But now conservative media are apoplectic about President Biden getting… ice cream? Time for some wise words from Ted Lasso -“Ice cream’s the best. It’s kinda like seeing Billy Joel live. Never disappoints.”

Rachel Maddow covering DeSantis’s choice for FL Surgeon General. Joseph Ladapo claims to be “frontline doctor” w/ experience treating “many” COVID patients at UCLA. UCLA doctors say he wasn’t part of COVID team. FL calls Maddow accusations “cute.” “Cute” not word I would use.

As someone who discovered Neil Young back in college a long time ago, am thrilled that a new generation will now be checking out his music. Thanks, Spotify.

Admit I bought “Barry Manilow Live” album back in high school. Didn’t expect man who proudly sang jingle he wrote ‘I am stuck on Band Aids brand because Band Aids’ stuck on me,” in concert, would stand up now for Neil Young against Spotify. But well played Barry, well played.

Stephen Colbert on likely SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, “She made headlines in 2019 when she wrote ‘Presidents are not kings.’ Though easy to confuse former president w/ royalty. He’s racist who’s been credibly accused of sexual assault. & his kids seem pretty inbred.”

Staying home team?

January 27, 2022

Super Bowl attendees two years and older must show proof COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours. Fans will alsol be given KN95 masks when they arrive, and will be told to wear them at all times unless eating and drinking.

So sounds like Aaron Rodgers won’t be at the Super Bowl even if someone gives him free tickets.

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton is stepping away from coaching for at least a year.

And presumably Sean wants less stress rather than more.

But jJust thinking, Alabama has Tommy Tuberville…. Louisiana could do a helluva lot worse than elect Senator Sean Payton.

Aaron Rodgers “One thing I would 100 percent not do is retire and then come back a year later. I don’t have any desire to do that. That makes no sense.”

“Wimp” – responded Brett Favre.

Rachel Maddow reminds us tonight that Ronald Reagan in October 1980 promised to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court. Give the devil his due. choosing Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, a reasonable moderate conservative, was one of the few good things Reagan ever did.

Apparently after Neil Young said “it’s either him or me.” about Joe Rogan, Spotify is dumping Neil. One of those moments I wished I used Spotify so I could dump THEM.

Stephen Colbert indicated Justice Breyer was “surprised” rather than upset at story of his resignation leaking though “it appears someone jumped the gun.” Colbert added, “The gun, by the way, has more rights than women do under the current Supreme Court”

With Stephen Breyer retiring, your reminder, as much as those two Senators who voted against voting rights annoy us, if either WERE a Republican, you know Mitch McConnell would find a way to keep President Biden from filling his seat.

But, deep breaths everyone.

Mitch McConnell does not have the majority.

Confirming SCOTUS judge only needs 50 votes plus VP tie-breaker.

And Murkowski & Collins will probably be “Yes” votes anyway.

Biden’s going to get his pick. But he should choose her soon.

Sean, we hardly knew ye.

January 26, 2022

Los Angeles Clippers trailed Washington Wizards by 35 points, 66-31 with 1 minute, 20 seconds left in the first half. And LA won, 116-115. Wonder if the Wizards got a consoling phone call from the Atlanta Falcons

David Ortiz, who tested positive for steroids, gets into Baseball Hall of Fame but Barry Bonds is denied. Apparently MLB has decided rules don’t apply if you’re a “nice guy.” So what’s NFL’s excuse going to be for their probable MVP Aaron Rodgers?

Much as I’ll miss watching Mad Scientist Saints coach Sean Payton on sidelines, an important note. Payton prioritized his physical & mental health before he had heart attack or complete breakdown. After one of his most impressive seasons w/ Saints. ALL sports fans should applaud him.

And actually, Sean Payton didn’t say he’s retiring. He said he’s stepping away because he needs a break. Can we Saints fans hope he gets a much needed mental & physical break, then after a year he (and his wife) decide he HAS to get out of the house & back to the sidelines?

Think I speak for Saints fans on a bipartisan basis when I say that we love Sean Payton, but we would love him even more if his last act as New Orleans coach were to be to call Roger Goodell a “stupid son of a b*tch.”

Stephen Colbert on what media acts like is most important statement from Biden this week: “Especially egregious to call Peter Doocy “son of a b*tch.” Adding “Fact check. He’s actually son of Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, so he’s a son of a dooce. A real dooce-bag if you will.”

New Virginia Governor Youngkin in Wapo editorial: “To parents, I say: We respect you. And we will continue to work to empower you in the education & well-being of your children.” Has Glenn Youngkin forgotten POC, immigrants, liberals, LGBTQ, even socialists & probably some wiccans are parents too?

Not a Virginia public school parent. If I were, I’d keep Glenn Youngkin’s tip email handy Because I’d find it divisive if a teacher promoted any kind of hate agenda, or pretended science or history didn’t exist.

In case anyone needs link.

Rachel Maddow tonight indicates DOJ is looking into possible criminal charges for the fake electors after 2020 elections, & maybe even for those who planned the conspiracy. So are we finally entering the “f*ck around with democracy and find out” phase of the investigation?

Media: We’re concerned about Joe Biden’s poll numbers Also Media: We’re going to ignore most of what Joe Biden says unless he calls a reporter a “son of a b*itch.”

Heading home?

January 25, 2022

Talks have begun again between MLB and the players union, with Spring Training due to start in about 3 weeks. Now, Opening Day is March 31, and certainly Phoenix hotels love the business, but really, does anyone else need Spring Training to go on for SIX weeks?

(Asking for an SF Giants team that remembers losing both Hunter Pence and Madison Bumgarner for extended periods due to Spring Training injuries.)

Apparently Antonio Brown wants to return to NFL, and specifically mentioned playing with Lamar Jackson. The Ravens QB seemed encouraging. And apparently other teams are interested. It’s all part of the league’s strict superstar policy: “17 strikes and you’re out.”

President Biden called a reporter – Fox News’ Peter Doocy – a “stupid son of a b*tch.” No lies detected.

And yes, while it’s funny. President Biden had another news conference today, which is getting a lot of coverage, but all the headlines are Joe he called Peter Doocy a “Son of a b*tch.” Maybe if Joe promised to insult one reporter a day media would pay more attention to other things he says

Several emails to Former Guy email fundraising list today offering a “signed inaugural picture.’ Yes, from over 5 years ago. Most recent email “Only $75 for next 10 minutes.” Can’t give them away, huh?

SCOTUS to take on affirmative action in admissions process at Harvard & UNC. Wait until some folks realize, instead of making it easier for THEIR children to get into top schools, not having race be a factor will often mean more Asians being admitted over white students.

Eric Clapton now claiming that anyone who has taken the Covid vaccine is a victim of “mass formation hypnosis.” Wonder if Clapton’s drug use in his younger days had more longterm effects than anyone thought.

So when Eric Clapton sings about “late in the evening, wondering what clothes to wear…” is he thinking of a white hood or a tin foil hat?

Florida just passed bill to prohibit schools & private businesses from making white people feel “discomfort” when teaching or training about historic racism. How long until Florida adds a bill to prevent men from feeling discomfort about historic sexism?

Stephen Colbert, once again going where news anchors fear to tread: “Britain accused Moscow of developing plans to install a pro-Russian leader.” “Oh Ukraine, you don’t want that. We just got rid of our pro-Russian leader and he was a disaster.

Four gone conclusion.

January 24, 2022

So the two loudest anti-vaxxers in NFL recently have been Aaron Rodgers and Cole Beasley. Both of their teams lost this weekend. Suppose it would be wrong to needle them about it.

Until that last drive and game winning field goal as time expired, LA Rams playing like they want to be known as the West Coast version of the Atlanta Falcons

Best athletes in world need about 5 seconds to run 50 yards. Without pads & need to avoid tacklers.

Worst case – without Stanford band on field – Buffalo squib kick & decent runback kills more than half of 13 seconds left. Leaving time for Chiefs to have ONE play.

Sorry Bills fans. Saints fans feel your pain.

Didn’t have a dog in this fight. But whoever wins this NFL playoff games should not be determined by whoever wins a coin flip.

Another fun thought today: You KNOW Velveeta Voldemort was all ready to issue a statement praising Aaron Rodgers for beating the SF 49ers after Rodgers slammed Biden last week…

Joe Biden doesn’t hold grudges. But our President might be forgiven this weekend for watching the end of 49ers Packers game and being tempted to tweet “Let’s go Aaron.”

The “My body my choice” signs carried by some pro-Velveeta Voldemort anti-vax protestors in DC today would be funny if Roe V. Wade weren’t hanging by a thread.

All this talk about parents having a say in what their children are taught in public schools: Especially in purple-blue Virginia, where are the LIBERAL parents demanding their votes be heard?

Colin Jost on SNL Weekend Update. “Kyle Rittenhouse is petitioning the court for the return of his rifle, allegedly so he can destroy it.” “Careful Kyle, trying to get your memorabilia back is how they finally got OJ.”

Newt Gingrich – Jan 6 Committee Members ‘Face Real Risk of Jail’ if GOP wins House. For those too young to remember, Newt led impeachment against Bill Clinton over adultery while he was cheating former mistress/2nd wife w/ then current mistress & now 3rd wife. Projection much?

Snow place like home?

January 23, 2022

Maybe Aaron Rodgers should have done his own research on the 49ers defense.

So for side-effects of ivermectin can we add “makes you into a loser?” #AaronRodgers

Aaron Rodgers did his own research on COVID. Wonder how many millions of Americans did their own research tonight on the term “schadenfreude?”

Apropos of nothing except fun, tonight’s loss to the SF 49ers was the most consequential of the year for the Packers. But Green Bay’s most humiliating loss of the year was the season opener – 38 to 3 to the New Orleans Saints. #WhoDat

In a polarized county one thing at least we can all agree on: “Joe Buck S*cks.”

Nine sacks by the Titans defense?! And Bengals won. Joe Burrow succeeded today while spending so much time on his back – maybe he should be named an honorary Kardashian.

Last Sunday the NY Times did a full page profile on Marianne Williamson. What’s next, one on Tulsi Gabbard? And some wonder why Americans don’t have more positive views about Democrats and their messaging.

I believe in the right to privacy with healthcare. Having said that, on the anniversary of Roe V Wade, would love to know how many Republican leaders have had someone in their immediate family, or a hypothetical mistress, have an abortion.

Am as annoyed at Manchn & Sinema, especially Kyrsten, as anyone, because she represents a purple state. But again & not for last time, neither up for re-election until 2024. Want to take away their power? Pick a close 2022 Senate race to work on so Dems can increase majority!

Biden stuttered as child & almost guaranteed he’ll stumble over word or two in most public appearance. Media “Let’s obsess on what this means for Joe’s Presidency.” Velveeta Voldemort couldn’t/can’t put single coherent sentence together. Media “Nothing to see here, move along.

If the media has to spend so much of its time talking about what someone who lost a recent Presidential election thinks, can’t they put a microphone every day in front of Hillary Clinton?

Weenie weekend

January 22, 2022

Stanford friends will know what I mean.

And some of us put aside our dislike of Aaron Rodgers when he was not longer at Cal.

Aaron Rodgers, mad at Biden saying Green Bay QB should be vaccinated, says he doesn’t know how President has any constituents “if you watch any of his attempts at public speaking, but I guess he got 81 million votes.” Would it be churlish for a rousing chorus of “Let’s Go Aaron?

Antonio Brown “There’s nothing wrong with my mental health.”

And what about the mental health of those who continually ignored his serious issues because the guy is very good at football.

Four NFL home games this weekend. In Nashville, Green Bay, Tampa and Kansas City . And the only one the league scheduled to start at night is in Green Bay…where temps in 20s will drop close to zero during the game. National Frostbite League?

You don’t have to believe the Former Guy’s attempted coup would have worked.

Attempted murder is still a crime.

Including the attempted murder of democaracy.

If Ivanka agrees to talk to January 6 committee how long until Velveeta Voldemort says she was just his “covfefe” daughter?

In a long list of pathetic things done by Velveeta Voldemort, was anything MORE pathetic than trusting his intended election coup to a team led by Rudy Giuliani?

Listening to some Republicans claim today they want to work with Democrats reminds me of a line from the great Will Durst “Yeah, like a kid with a magnifying glass wants to work with ants.”

Not that I think Democrats should stoop to this level. But I really would love to see GOP reaction if a purple-blue state decided to close polling places or limit voting hours in wealthy white retirement communities or in conservative rural areas.

GOP Senator James Lankford pontificating on Senate floor against abortions & claiming how much he wants to protect children. Yes, the same Lankford who fought Build Back Better and its successful child tax credit expansion that has helped keep kids out of poverty.

Then Mitch McConnell pontificating about being pro-life. Thinking if you fight like hell for fetuses but don’t give a damn once a baby is born, you should STFU on this one.

Just how delusional is Velveeta Voldemort? He not only calls his phone call to Georgia’s Secretary of State asking for 11,780 votes, “perfect,” he reminds us all of his phone call to the Ukranian president at the same time.

So were some election official at first suspicious of Rudy Giuliani’s fake electors because the papers were duly sworn at the Ritz Cracker Barrel?

Sharing my etymology lesson for the day: The word “filibuster” comes from a Dutch word for pirates. In 1800s it was used for people from US who traveled to Central America in order to illegally encourage revolutions.Seems somehow on brand for today’s GOP.

Democrats really need to hold onto seats for Senators Warnock, Kelly & Hassan in 2022. And win more Senate seats in states like WI, FL, PA & NC. Otherwise you can bookmark all anti-filibuster comments and tweets from GOP this week & point out irony when Republicans scuttle filibuster in 2023.

Who says there’s no good news these days? Tonight the National Archives says they’ve turned over ALL the records that The Former Guy tried to keep the January 6 committee from getting.

Some conservatives & media are outraged that in California a 17-year old now can get a COVID vaccine without permission from their parent. But for some reason I missed the outage when without parental permission, 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse went out and got himself a gun.

Nothing to see here…

January 20, 2022

Just saw that Tom Brady said in an interview today he doesn’t receive favorable treatment on roughing the passer calls. Points to the Bucs QB for saying this with a straight face.

On a different note, getting a SF Giants Season Ticket holder “Spring Training Games Presale.” During a winter where owners have locked out players. COVID aside, what are the odds there will even be Spring Training games?

Admit to no interest in Wordle, but maybe if I ignore it long enough it will go away?

If GOP feels so strongly about the 60 vote threshold seems reasonable they should cheerfully rescind their 2017 Millionaire/Billionaire Tax Cuts… which McConnell set aside the filibuster to pass 51-48.

Today Oklahoma Senator James Lankford went off on a tangent claiming we are all united on some things, including love for Betty White. And he moves into an anti-abortion and anti Roe v. Wade rant.

Dear Senator Lankford – the late great Betty White was pro-choice.

Supreme Court rejected Former Guy’s attempt to block his administration’s records from being handed over to Jan 6 Committee. They’re showing as much loyalty to man who installed them on SCOTUS as he has shown to all those who helped him become President. Karma’s a b*tch.

Debbie Stabenow with a simple statement on a long day where Democrats are fighting for voting rights: “The Founders didn’t have an opinion on the filibuster because it didn’t exist.”

Marsha Blackburn speaking against voting rights on the Senate floor actually said “When someone tells you who they are believe them.” Would it be wrong to say I hope Maya Angelou haunts the Tennessee senator’s dreams?

Cory Booker bringing facts – “You want to know what’s going on in Georgia. Dwindling polling places in diverse areas, w/ some voters in predominantly black areas waiting up to 10 up a day’s salary. It’s a modern day poll tax.” (White people don’t wait to vote.)

GOP – Some people need to show and wait hours in line to vote. Also GOP – we just voted to continue a filibuster practice where we can effectively vote without showing up at all.

Can someone ask Republican Senators who don’t think they need to walk to the Senate floor from their offices and spend any time at all to filibuster, why they think some Americans need to drive and then spend hours standing in line to vote?

Stephen Colbert last night has clip of Stevie Wonder outraged about voting rights. “Any Senator who cannot support protection of voting rights cannot say they support Constitution. Stop the hypocrisy. Cut the bull tish.” When even Stevie Wonder can see through the bull “tish.”

Dear fellow Democrats. We can’t primary Sinema until 2024. We CAN defend Mark Kelly’s Senate seat in 2022. And get him and good Democrats help in the Senate.

Val Demings in Florida would be a fine start.


January 19, 2022

Ron DeSantis is “America’s Governor” like the Dallas Cowboys were ever “America’s Team.” And of the two, I prefer the Cowboys.

Meanwhile, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott apologized Tuesday on Twitter for his postgame comments after the teams loss Sunday to the 49ers.

When he heard fans were throwing things at the officials (not at players), Prescott said “”Credit to them then. Credit to them.”

So maybe Dak should have said if fans were throwing anything it should have been for whoever called a plan down the middle with no time-outs left on the clock?

(For anyone who didn’t see the game, Cowboys got a first down and were driving for a potentially game winning TD, but the clock ran out before they could spike the ball.)

So now that Djokovic was sent home most Americans have gone back not to caring about the Australian Open?

Tim Kaine sums up the question Democrats will bring to the Senate floor tomorrow. “Should we change that secret filibuster to a public filibuster?” Democrats aren’t even asking Republicans to walk the walk. They’re just asking them to talk the talk.

Rachel Maddow reporting that CNN says January 6 committeee has subpoenaed phone records from Eric Trump and Don Jr’s fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle. Shocking. The committee thinks Eric might have had actual contact with his father?

Would all these Republicans who claim these new state voter suppression laws do not discriminate by race like to provide us some examples of how the changes make it harder for white people to vote? Or even for suburban people to vote? I’ll wait.

Mitt Romney on Senate floor today saying that Democrats didn’t talk to Republicans at all in working on election reform.

Manchin has been talking to GOP for months. And we know other Democratic leaders have done same. Doesn’t the Book of Mormon have something about truth?

Meanwhile, in closest we’ve seen to an actual debate on the Senate floor in forever. Senator Merkley challenging Chuck Grassley on his filibuster defense.

“Help my memory… Did you not vote to strike down the filibuster on Supreme Court nominations?” (Editor’s note – Chuck did just that.)

Amy Klobuchar gave a blistering speech on the Senate Floor for Tuesday for voting rights an hour after returning from Ukraine. Don’t tell me no Democrats are fighting for our democracy.

Stephen Colbert – Despite Sinema’s claims, “50 GOP Senators filbustering voting rights represent 41 MILLION fewer Americans than 50 Senators who support it.

Colbert added “Stop acting like filibuster is anything other than an anti-democratic tool.” Which is also pretty good description of Kyrsten Sinema.”

Fox News accuses Stephen Colbert of misogyny for calling Kyrsten Sinema “Mrs. Hamburglar” w/ picture of her in black & white striped sweater. Now, Colbert is an entertainer. But missed Fox outrage when Laura Ingraham clapped in glee at General Mark Milley’s Covid diagnosis.

All by myself….

January 18, 2022

Kyrie Irving is still refusing vaccine, which keeps him part-time even w/ injury to Kevin Durant: “I just know I’m protected by the Nets, protected by my teammates, my doctors…I’m just staying rooted.” All these people “protecting” Irving. But he’s not protecting them back

If you’re a Saints fan & had lost just a bit of your Rams hate after that 2019 NFC championship no-call game, watching LA dismantle Cardinals after taking 2nd half off against the 49ers last weekend will refuel it. #WhoDat

Actually for a lot of Americans, choosing a teams to root for in the NFL playoffs this season, increasingly becomes “who do we hate the least?”

Novak Djokovic saga means a lot more people are now fascinated with the Australian Open than are actually going to WATCH the Australian Open.

A bipartisan group of Senators visited Ukraine today to meet with President Zelensky and show support for the country’s democracy. Too bad the three GOP Senators involved don’t have the same regard for US democracy.


MLK wrote a number of books, including “Stride Towards Freedom, the Montgomery Story,” and “Why We Can’t Wait” which included his “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Pretty sure most of GOP praising him today would be taking those books off school shelves. #MLKDay


One of most terrifying things about the BS Ronny Jackson is spewing on a regular basis – realizing this man was the White House physician for Barack Obama for 3 1/2 years.

Mitt Romney complaining he never got a call from White House to discuss election reform? Pretty darn sure Senators Amy Klobuchar, Tim Kaine, Jon Tester & others HAVE spoken to him about election reform & voting rights. Mitt saying his feelings are more important than democracy?

Mitt Romney’s saying that President Biden didn’t call him personally about election reform is such a piss-poor excuse for not supporting voting rights Mitt could bottle it and sell it as a MAGA COVID cure.

Hidden costs.

January 17, 2022

Didn’t have a dog in the fight with Oakland-Cincinnati game. But this headline – “Burrow, Bengals end playoff drought in a win that put a spotlight (again) on officiating.” If only NFL could afford full time officials.

Not that it mattered today, since Philadelphia looks like a team with vacation plans next weekend. But early on when the game was close some Eagles player touched St. Brady.

So refs called roughing the passer. I am shocked, shocked..

Time change, especially on the East Coast has long meant the Australian Open gets the least attention of US Grand Slam tennis events. Suppose thus that Djokovic has made sure that won’t happen this year.

Late great KNBR host Ralph Barbieri used to say “2 things can be equally true.” 1. Djokovic had real case saying because he had COVID he didn’t need to be vaccinated. 2.If Novak hadn’t lied about pre-Australian Open travel & in general been such a d*ck, he’d have been playing.

Republicans will do everything they can to discourage their base from vaccines and masks, then attack President Biden for not ending COVID.Like telling people not to take swim lessons and blaming the life guard for drownings.

As GOP rails against “Federal involvement in elections,” how long until they call to repeat the 15th, 19th and 26th amendments?

If the media really feels the need to report what former Presidential candidates have to say, I for one would prefer to hear from Hillary Clinton.

New VA Gov. Glenn Youngkin issued executive order banning teaching of “divisive concepts” in schools. “Divisive concepts” includes idea “one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex.” Wait until some supporters realize this bans teaching of white male supremacy.

James Austin Johnson as President Biden last night on SNL “This winter is so dark Republicans don’t think it should vote.”

If media is going to cover GOP politicians, most of them wealthy white men, with school aged children railing against vaccine and mask mandates, then can they start interviews asking one question: Does your child’s school have mandates?

And finally, it’s MLK day. If you don’t support voting rights, please STFU. Thank you.

Cold day in heck?

January 15, 2022

So when did the NFL Wild Card weekend become a three day game weekend?

And while temperatures will warm to a balmy 30 on Sunday, the evening temperature tomorrow in Buffalo will be 4. Yes. Four.

So of course the NFL in their infinite ratings $$$ wisdom will have tomorrow’s Patriots Bills game Saturday NIGHT in Buffalo.

On the other hand, while NBA season regularly has upsets, hard to get too wrapped up in games in January when Sunday means the playoffs are only three MONTHS away.

Whatever you think about Novak Djokovic, and even whatever you think about vaccines, he could have avoided most of this drama by just telling the truth.

Protesters against NYC coronavirus vaccine mandates arrested tonight refusing to leave Olive Garden in Times Square. Uh, Olive Garden has over 800 restaurants in US, many in locations like FL & TX w/ no vaccine mandates. Guessing weekend trip would have been cheaper than bail.

MIke Pence wrote op-ed in Wash Post defending filibuster – but it included “On January 6, an angry mob ransacked Capitol, largely to try to get Congress & me to use federal authority to overturn results of presidential election that had been certified by all 50 states.”

Uh oh, don’t tell Former Guy. Those are hanging words.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is furious at the Supreme Court. Saying Kavanaugh and Roberts have no ‘backbone’ after they voted to keep Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. So SCOTUS isn’t doing enough to kill people for him?

GOP Sen Roger Marshall introducing FAUCI Act after he couldn’t find Dr. Fauci’s PUBLIC financial records. It requires Office of Govt Ethics website to provide financial records of administration officials. Could we do this retroactively for officials who worked for Former Guy?

Kyrsten Sinema won by about 2.5% in 2018 against Martha McSally. Wonder if has occurred to her that if Arizona GOP had instituted some of anti-voting measures some Republicans want, Sinema herself probably wouldn’t have been elected to the Senate.


January 14, 2022

Ahead of Bucs vs Eagles game this weekend, Tom Brady spoke about not shaking Nick Foles’ hand after Patriots lost to Eagles in Super Bowl LII. “Sometimes I get a little pissed out there but for the most part, I try to be a good sport.” Should Tom have just said “I felt a little deflated?”

Australia just canceled Novak Djokovic’s visa. Again.

Don’t mess with the land down under…”You better run, you better take cover..”

GOP Ben Sasse is condemning changes Harry Reid made on judicial confirmations, saying it “set this place on fire.” So if Sasse feels that way, why didn’t he show it by not supporting McConnell’s using that “fire” to stack the Supreme Court?

IF my better angels were socially distanced I would some day take too much pleasure in how fast Republicans and corporate donors who are now exalting Kyrsten Sinema will turn on her when she is no longer useful to them.

Now it’s Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz who’s latest to test positive in last few weeks with a breakthrough COVID case, joining his fellow Democrats Chris Coons, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren. So are GOP Senators not getting breakthrough cases? Or are they not getting tested?71147

Rachel Maddow regularly covering story this week about these forged Trump election certificates with false electors.

One thing that strikes me. Did they really think they could overturn a Presidential election with documents on the level of a fake ID used in college to get into a bar?

This one I suppose we can’t pin on Velveeta Voldemort – the documents were not done with a Sharpie.

So if Biden can’t impose a vaccine mandate for businesses, business can still impose their own mandates. And then advertise as a safer place to work. And to patronize as a customer. For those of us who believe in vaccines this could be a win.

Washington Post headline “W.V. governor says he’s ‘feeling much better’ after getting covid.” Fixed it for them “Vaccinated & Boosted W.V. Governor says he’s ‘feeling much better’ after getting covid.”

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow “Mitch McConnell will use whatever rationale works for him at the moment to accomplish his goals.” Pretty much sums it up

Can’t say this enough. DOJ didn’t build this case about the Oath Keepers overnight. And there were no leaks. So what other cases is Merrick Garland’s team quietly working on?


January 13, 2022

Just saying, there are 127 singles tennis players in this year’s Australian Open who presumably either did get vaccinated or were honest about their decision. It’s not just that Novak Djokovic is anti-vaxx, he’s also been anti-truth.

Wonder what would happen to average tourists if they lied on a visa application to Australia?

Oh, that’s right, as of today Australia doesn’t ALLOW average tourists. Only visitors on “essential travel.”

The College Football National Championship was Monday night. The 2022 Preseason College Football Rankings came out Tuesday.

(No, this is not a joke. Although the idea that college football is about student-athletes might be.)

WTAF? This is a real CNN online headline “Mitch McConnell just broke up with Joe Biden.” – Chris Cillizza So we’ve officially gone from Cable News Network to a High School Gossip Column?

ICYMI, Mitch McConnell has vowed if Democrats use a carveout for voting rights he will do everything in his power to completely obstruct the Senate. ICYMI, Mitch McConnell is currently doing everything in his power to completely obstruct the Senate.

GOP Senator Joni Ernst talked on Senate Floor today against voting rights but said she is normally bipartisan. Then Ernst votes against Biden’s nominee for something as innocuous as head of the Federal Railroad Adminstration? Would she like to give any reason other than “Because Biden nominated him?”

Three responses to GOP handwringing and claims about how bipartisan the Senate has been recently with the filibuster intact: Merrick Garland Brett Kavanaugh Amy Coney Barrett

Mitch McConnell, who enabled Velveeta Voldemort every day of his Presidency says Biden speech was “incoherent, incorrect and beneath his office.” Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Susan Collins is clutching her pearls over voting rights, warning about the possibility of major changes happening by a “narrow, partisan vote.” “Major changes”? You mean like obstructing, or ramming through a lifetime appointment for a SCOTUS judge?

Maybe the most optimistic sign that Democrats might be close to a deal on voting rights? Fox News website headline tonight – “Hunter’s Ex Tells All – Addictions to drugs, booze, sex wrecked marriage, she writes in memoir.” What’s next? Another caravan?

Mitt Romney: “Without filibuster. Whenever one party replaced other as majority, tax & spending priorities, safety net programs, national security policy all could change.”

Yep, that’s how it works.

And if voters don’t like it, they vote that party out.

IF they are allowed to vote.

Mitch McConnell actually said today “American voters did not give President Biden a mandate for very much. He did not get a mandate to transform America or reshape society.” Fact check. Actually Joe won w/ SAME electoral college majority as Velveeta Voldemort AND by 7 million actual votes.

I’m waiting for any Republican to come up with a good reason why Election Day SHOULDN’T be a national holiday.

Home court advantage?

January 12, 2022

Stanford men’s basketball team upset previously undefeated USC tonight, 75 to 69, in front of a crowd at Stanford’s Maples Pavilion comprised only of friends and family.

Tampa Bay Rays fans are going – and your point is?

As a baseball fan, as dire as it looks, I NEVER turn off a game in the bottom of the 9th. As a supporter of voting rights there’s no way I’m giving up until the Senate votes are cast.

So it turns out on top of the COVID issue, that Novak Djokovic lied on his visa application to Australia about his travel in last 14 days. Not only the world’s #1 ranked tennis player…but maybe the sport’s #1 example of “million dollar arm, ten cent head?”

Djokovic says he didn’t lie on visa declaration. It was “submitted by my support team & my agent sincerely apologizes for administrative mistake in ticking incorrect box about previous travel before coming to Australia.”

Blaming his agent? Because his kids are too young to blame?

Random thought, not that it will happen, but there is so much talk of McConnell enticing Manchin and Sinema into becoming “liberal” Republicans. Why is there almost no talk of Schumer enticing Murkowski into becoming a conservative Democrat?

Looks like some states actually tried to send forged electoral counts in after the 2020 election. If they’re looking to see if Rudy Giuliani was involved in any of those forged elector documents, perhaps a way to start would be to see if any of them were on letterhead from Four Seasons landscaping?

So we’ve moved from just anti-vaccine to drinking pee and now some parents refusing to let their kids be tested for COVID at school? Tell me again how it’s not a cult?

WTAF – Tommy Tuberville saying “even if you’re not familiar w/ complicated Senate procedures…filibuster protects deliberative nature of the Senate.” Uh, ex-football coach Tuberville just last year talked about “3 branches of government – the House, the Senate & the executive.”

So Mitch McConnell threatens if Democrats use a carveout to pass voting rights legislation he’s going to obstruct Biden’s agenda as much as possible. In other words, the same thing he’s doing now.

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show covered Dr. Fauci’s hot mic moment w/ Senator Roger Marshall, who couldn’t” find Fauci’s public disclosures: “What a moron.”

Colbert “And now that moment lives forever on the Internet, where Senator Marshall & his staff will never be able to find it. “

Post season

January 11, 2022

Wasn’t watching but aware of College Football National Championship score.

If you believe in signs. Let’s see – in the last Senate election – Georgia elected Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Alabama elected Tommy Tuberville.

Since the NFL is all about sponsorships, how long until we start hearing about “Black Monday, brought to you by Linkedin?

So the Los Angeles Rams, by taking most of the 2nd half off, managed to scr*w the Saints without even playing the Saints. Very on brand

D*mn, bad enough Saints were eliminated today thanks to complete Rams collapse. But now I have to root for team associated w/ Yankees?!?! The Athletic reports “Rachel Balkovec will manage low-A team for NY Yankees this season – 1st female skipper in affiliated pro baseball. “

Tom Brady should send the Rams flowers for that 2nd half no-show. Now he doesn’t have to play the Saints again.

This Chargers vs. Raiders game was like watching the Prisoner’s Dilemma played out on a football field. Had they tied, and they almost did, they were both in the postseason. But if one won… the Steelers squeaked in ahead of the loser.

Gym Jordan is going to treat the January 6 Committee like he treated college wrestlers being sexually abused – pretend it isn’t happening.

From Marc Ragovin “Jimmy Page turned 78 this past Sunday. Heard he celebrated by buying a stairlift to heaven.”

Ron DeSantis was bragging last week about AOC being in Miami Beach, saying Florida is “the first place you want to flee to, to basically be able to enjoy life.” So has DeSantis sent AOC good wishes now that she tested positive for COVID-19?

Velveeta Voldemort was NOBODY in the GOP’s first choice to run for President, and he made outrageous comments & gaffes on a regular basis. But he got still less criticism in office from other Republicans than Biden gets from some “Democrats” on a daily basis.

Even Fox News came out and slammed Politico for mistakenly identifying Chuck Schumer’s wife, Iris, who was dining with Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Amy Klobuchar, as Sonia Sotomayer. So does Fox have scruples? Or are they worried that Politico is becoming competition?

Wait, Kevin McCarthy now saying if GOP retakes House they will investigate how Nancy Pelosi allowed January 6 to happen? At the same time many others are calling the insurrection/coup attempt insignificant or just “tourists.” This is SO confusing.

So with urine as the latest “cure” for COVID wonder if Velveeta Voldemort spent some of today trying to figure out how to monetize his pee tape?

Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who says he is triple-vaxed, still got COVID. Fortunately thanks to his vaccinations it was a mild case.

But yikes. The virus is jumping species.

How it’s going for the Former Guy? “You’ve always been one of my BIGGEST supporters, which is why I want YOU to be our VERY FIRST DONOR of 2022.” Note the date-time that this spam arrived in my in box – “Mon, Jan 10 at 2:03 PM”

Not a doctor but drinking your own urine seems like a piss-poor way to cure COVID.

Apparently horse owners had a hard time last fall finding Ivermectin when the horse dewormer was falsely trumpeted by some Former Guy supporters as a cure for COVID. We’ll know the urine insanity has really taken hold when people start stealing port-a-potties.

I want to see ONE person who claims changing filibuster will result in Republicans using it against Democrats if they take control of US Senate stand up and say, with a straight face, that GOP won’t do that anyway.

Weak 18.

January 9, 2022

Lots of NFL games that mean something on the last week of the season.

And wonder, because, you know, media markets, how many CBS TV viewers will see the Washington Football Team and the NY Giants play to settle… draft picks.

As Djokovic continues trying to play at Australian open, now pictures show the tennis star without mask at awards ceremony day after he claims he tested positive for Covid-19. Novak is giving Aaron Rodgers competition for the biggest anti-vax superstar douchebag in sports…

As negative as some parents are about both CRT and vaccines, they can’t tell you facts about either of them.

I’m actually somewhere in the middle on the question on opening schools now during the latest COVID surge: But wonder how many conservatives claiming that socialization is the most necessary part of education homeschool their children?

I’m actually okay with COVIDiots thinking Viagra will cure the virus. Because if the lie takes hold, price of Viagra will skyrocket. And then we’ll probably get GOP male senators on board with legislation to regulate prescription drug prices.

If you have an erection lasting longer than four hours because you decided to take Viagra to cure COVID would it be wrong to say instead of putting an additional burden on overworked healthcare workers, that you consider performing an antomically impossible act?

Barack Obama quoting Harry Reid – “People who motivate us the most are the ones who believe in us the least.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis actually said this “Think about it. Before COVID, did anyone go out and seek testing to determine if they were sick?” So I am guessing DeSantis has never had a colonscopy. Too bad, the exam would get a great picture of his head.

New USA Today/Suffolk University poll finds almost 9 in 10 Americans believe there’s a “mental health crisis” in the nation. And the 1 in 10 who don’t are probably part of that mental health crisis. (Sadly not snark this time.)

Have often seen polls where half of Americans cannot name their own House Representative or one of their state’s Senator. But guessing most Americans can name a handful of members of Congress who do nothing but seek attention and cause chaos. What’s wrong with this picture?

Woke up Saturday morning to conservative Twitter outrage about a Politico/Playbook story about SCOTUS judge Sonia Sotomayer having dinner in DC with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Amy Klobuchar.

A few hours later, a pretty weak a** apology Blaming it at first on the tipster. Which they deleted and reposted because they got the woman dining with them – who was NOT Sotomayer but Schumer’s WIFE name wrong.

And wonder how many of those who attacked the SCOTUS judge and Democrats at the dinner will read it?