Sean, we hardly knew ye.

Los Angeles Clippers trailed Washington Wizards by 35 points, 66-31 with 1 minute, 20 seconds left in the first half. And LA won, 116-115. Wonder if the Wizards got a consoling phone call from the Atlanta Falcons

David Ortiz, who tested positive for steroids, gets into Baseball Hall of Fame but Barry Bonds is denied. Apparently MLB has decided rules don’t apply if you’re a “nice guy.” So what’s NFL’s excuse going to be for their probable MVP Aaron Rodgers?

Much as I’ll miss watching Mad Scientist Saints coach Sean Payton on sidelines, an important note. Payton prioritized his physical & mental health before he had heart attack or complete breakdown. After one of his most impressive seasons w/ Saints. ALL sports fans should applaud him.

And actually, Sean Payton didn’t say he’s retiring. He said he’s stepping away because he needs a break. Can we Saints fans hope he gets a much needed mental & physical break, then after a year he (and his wife) decide he HAS to get out of the house & back to the sidelines?

Think I speak for Saints fans on a bipartisan basis when I say that we love Sean Payton, but we would love him even more if his last act as New Orleans coach were to be to call Roger Goodell a “stupid son of a b*tch.”

Stephen Colbert on what media acts like is most important statement from Biden this week: “Especially egregious to call Peter Doocy “son of a b*tch.” Adding “Fact check. He’s actually son of Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, so he’s a son of a dooce. A real dooce-bag if you will.”

New Virginia Governor Youngkin in Wapo editorial: “To parents, I say: We respect you. And we will continue to work to empower you in the education & well-being of your children.” Has Glenn Youngkin forgotten POC, immigrants, liberals, LGBTQ, even socialists & probably some wiccans are parents too?

Not a Virginia public school parent. If I were, I’d keep Glenn Youngkin’s tip email handy Because I’d find it divisive if a teacher promoted any kind of hate agenda, or pretended science or history didn’t exist.

In case anyone needs link.

Rachel Maddow tonight indicates DOJ is looking into possible criminal charges for the fake electors after 2020 elections, & maybe even for those who planned the conspiracy. So are we finally entering the “f*ck around with democracy and find out” phase of the investigation?

Media: We’re concerned about Joe Biden’s poll numbers Also Media: We’re going to ignore most of what Joe Biden says unless he calls a reporter a “son of a b*itch.”

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