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January 13, 2022

Just saying, there are 127 singles tennis players in this year’s Australian Open who presumably either did get vaccinated or were honest about their decision. It’s not just that Novak Djokovic is anti-vaxx, he’s also been anti-truth.

Wonder what would happen to average tourists if they lied on a visa application to Australia?

Oh, that’s right, as of today Australia doesn’t ALLOW average tourists. Only visitors on “essential travel.”

The College Football National Championship was Monday night. The 2022 Preseason College Football Rankings came out Tuesday.

(No, this is not a joke. Although the idea that college football is about student-athletes might be.)

WTAF? This is a real CNN online headline “Mitch McConnell just broke up with Joe Biden.” – Chris Cillizza So we’ve officially gone from Cable News Network to a High School Gossip Column?

ICYMI, Mitch McConnell has vowed if Democrats use a carveout for voting rights he will do everything in his power to completely obstruct the Senate. ICYMI, Mitch McConnell is currently doing everything in his power to completely obstruct the Senate.

GOP Senator Joni Ernst talked on Senate Floor today against voting rights but said she is normally bipartisan. Then Ernst votes against Biden’s nominee for something as innocuous as head of the Federal Railroad Adminstration? Would she like to give any reason other than “Because Biden nominated him?”

Three responses to GOP handwringing and claims about how bipartisan the Senate has been recently with the filibuster intact: Merrick Garland Brett Kavanaugh Amy Coney Barrett

Mitch McConnell, who enabled Velveeta Voldemort every day of his Presidency says Biden speech was “incoherent, incorrect and beneath his office.” Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Susan Collins is clutching her pearls over voting rights, warning about the possibility of major changes happening by a “narrow, partisan vote.” “Major changes”? You mean like obstructing, or ramming through a lifetime appointment for a SCOTUS judge?

Maybe the most optimistic sign that Democrats might be close to a deal on voting rights? Fox News website headline tonight – “Hunter’s Ex Tells All – Addictions to drugs, booze, sex wrecked marriage, she writes in memoir.” What’s next? Another caravan?

Mitt Romney: “Without filibuster. Whenever one party replaced other as majority, tax & spending priorities, safety net programs, national security policy all could change.”

Yep, that’s how it works.

And if voters don’t like it, they vote that party out.

IF they are allowed to vote.

Mitch McConnell actually said today “American voters did not give President Biden a mandate for very much. He did not get a mandate to transform America or reshape society.” Fact check. Actually Joe won w/ SAME electoral college majority as Velveeta Voldemort AND by 7 million actual votes.

I’m waiting for any Republican to come up with a good reason why Election Day SHOULDN’T be a national holiday.