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Heading home?

January 25, 2022

Talks have begun again between MLB and the players union, with Spring Training due to start in about 3 weeks. Now, Opening Day is March 31, and certainly Phoenix hotels love the business, but really, does anyone else need Spring Training to go on for SIX weeks?

(Asking for an SF Giants team that remembers losing both Hunter Pence and Madison Bumgarner for extended periods due to Spring Training injuries.)

Apparently Antonio Brown wants to return to NFL, and specifically mentioned playing with Lamar Jackson. The Ravens QB seemed encouraging. And apparently other teams are interested. It’s all part of the league’s strict superstar policy: “17 strikes and you’re out.”

President Biden called a reporter – Fox News’ Peter Doocy – a “stupid son of a b*tch.” No lies detected.

And yes, while it’s funny. President Biden had another news conference today, which is getting a lot of coverage, but all the headlines are Joe he called Peter Doocy a “Son of a b*tch.” Maybe if Joe promised to insult one reporter a day media would pay more attention to other things he says

Several emails to Former Guy email fundraising list today offering a “signed inaugural picture.’ Yes, from over 5 years ago. Most recent email “Only $75 for next 10 minutes.” Can’t give them away, huh?

SCOTUS to take on affirmative action in admissions process at Harvard & UNC. Wait until some folks realize, instead of making it easier for THEIR children to get into top schools, not having race be a factor will often mean more Asians being admitted over white students.

Eric Clapton now claiming that anyone who has taken the Covid vaccine is a victim of “mass formation hypnosis.” Wonder if Clapton’s drug use in his younger days had more longterm effects than anyone thought.

So when Eric Clapton sings about “late in the evening, wondering what clothes to wear…” is he thinking of a white hood or a tin foil hat?

Florida just passed bill to prohibit schools & private businesses from making white people feel “discomfort” when teaching or training about historic racism. How long until Florida adds a bill to prevent men from feeling discomfort about historic sexism?

Stephen Colbert, once again going where news anchors fear to tread: “Britain accused Moscow of developing plans to install a pro-Russian leader.” “Oh Ukraine, you don’t want that. We just got rid of our pro-Russian leader and he was a disaster.