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Getting tough?

February 28, 2022

Ukrainian athletes are urging IOC to sanction Russian and Belarusian Olympic, Paralympic Committees. Guessing the IOC MIGHT in time enough get enough backbone to make Russia change their team name again.

So with MLB owners and players far apart, more spring training games have been canceled. At a time when many businesses, especially in Arizona that depend on Spring Training, are hurting. Leaving aside COVID vaccines, MLB owners need a vaccine for greed & stupidity.

Amy Klobuchar points out on CNN with Jim Acosta that not only is Ketanji Brown Jackson the first black woman nominated to the Supreme Court she has more judicial experience than four of the justices currently serving.

If you needed reminder sometimes there is no bottom, some conservative media & GOP members of Congress attacking President Biden for not being in DC this weekend. Uh, Joe was in Delaware, where they have phones & computers, attending his late son Beau’s mother-in-law’s funeral.

Understand about a business deciding to stay out of politics. But a white nationalist conference? Would the Orlando Marriott World Center have been okay if a group titled themselves National Socialist German Workers’ Party supporters?

Putin is finding it’s going to be harder to install a puppet government leader in Ukraine than it was in the United States.

SNL Weekend Update starting out with more truth than humor: Russian President Putin launched the Ukraine attack with support from allies like Belarus and Tucker Carlson.

So at this point the only new international golf courses and resorts Velveeta Voldemort will be able to build will be in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Belarus?

Stephen Colbert Friday night on anti-mask mandate trucker convoy heading towards DC. As 49 states are dropping mask mandates, so “If you really believe in what you’re protesting, you better drive to Hawaii.” (Actually as travel agent I HAVE had folks ask about driving between the islands.)

As we approach 8 months until midterm elections, imagine what world would be right now if Russia invaded Ukraine with Velveeta Voldemort in charge and Qevin McCarthy as House Speaker. Then remind yourself as my late great stepmother said “We’re not perfect but they’re nuts.”


Not “sticking” to sports

February 25, 2022

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin, a Putin supporter: “He’s my president. But I’m not in politics. I’m an athlete. I hope everything is going to be done soon. It’s a hard situation right now for both sides.” Uh, “both sides?” One side is not invading & killing the other.

Major League Baseball canceled three more days of spring training games today.

And Monday is the deadline per owners to start season on time. If games are canceled players will NOT be paid for those games.

Again, almost wonder if MLB owners are wishing crisis in Ukraine continues to distract from just how much of a**holes they are being.

Formula 1 has canceled Russian Grand Prix. UEFA has moved Champions League final to Paris from St. Petersburg. So what’s the International Olympic Committee going to do, have Russia change their team name again?

Reading some of the comments from GOP Senators about President Biden choosing Ketanji Brown Jackson for SCOTUS makes me think the GOP should just go ahead and sell red dog whistles on their fundraising site.

·Putin probably waited until after Olympics to invade Ukraine in hopes of not angering China and President Xi Jinping. But is it possible he also didn’t want to risk his top “ROC” athletes finding a way to defect when out of the country?

CEO of Papa Johns, John Schnatter, said Biden caused Russia to invade Ukraine to “distract” from problems in America at CPAC.

Almost wished I didn’t think Papa Johns was crap pizza so I could start boycotting them.

Lindsey Graham complaining on Ketanji Brown Jackson – “Harvard Yale train to the Supreme Court.” Lindsey Graham didn’t complain when Velveeta Voldemort picked Harvard grad Gorsuch & Yale grad Kavanaugh. Lindsey Graham can go do what Ukranian soldiers told the Russian warship


Strong slaps.

February 24, 2022

Much of the world is putting strong sanctions against Russia. Had Putin invaded during the Olympics wonder what the IOC would have done? Made them change their team name again?

Your reminder, not only is Senator Tommy Tuberville stupid both the last universities where he coached PAID him big bucks to go away.

Dear America: The next time you feel like electing an amateur former celebrity to the Senate and wonder “how bad could it be?” here’s yet another example. Tommy Tuberville says Russia is still a ‘communist country’ and is invading Ukraine because ‘they need more farmland’

Novak Djokovic will lose his #1 ranking after being upset by Jiri Vesely (who?) in Dubai quarter-final. Thinking now maybe Djokovic wishes Dubai had given him the excuse of a vaccine mandate?

As Russia starts an unprovoked war against Ukraine, one that will involve deaths of many innocent people, Governor Ron DeSantis at CPAC is talking about “The Brandon Administration.” Not only are some GOP leaders awful, but also they have the maturity of spoiled 10 year old boys.

While this won’t solve anything major in the long run I’d be happy to make a donation to an animal shelter of Jill Biden’s choice if Willow the First Cat would just cough up a hairball on Peter Doocy.

Not that I was a real M*A*S*H fan. But how could “Hot Lips Houlihan” possibly have been 84? RIP Sally Kellerman.

If President Biden is sanctioning those who derive much of their wealth from Russia, does that include the guy at Mar-A-Lago?

As some Republicans and right-wing media types seem to be on the side of Russia, who’d a thunk Americans would support a megalomanical would-be dictator who cares about no one and nothing but his own power? Oops, never mind.

So with Russian banks being sanctioned and money transfers frozen, what is this going to do to GOP fundraising?

As the world churns

February 24, 2022

Back in sports, MLB says they’ll cancel regular season games if players don’t agree to new collective bargaining agreement by Monday. And players will not be paid full-season salaries. If Russia weren’t invading Ukraine this might be one of the bigger outrages of week.

Tom Brady will apparently appear in and produce a film, which will star Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field as women who travel to see Brady play in Super Bowl LI.

Not a fan of Brady. But silver lining as a Saints fan. that’s the Super Bowl where the Atlanta Falcons led the Patriots 28-3.

Per The Hill ” Rep. Rashida Tlaib will deliver ‘Working Families Party”s response to Biden’s State of the Union address next week.”

WTF. Not comments but an actual REBUTTAL? From the “Working Famiies Party?”” What happened to being Democrats? Are “progressives” TRYING to make midterms worse?

The so called People’s Convoy of truckers leaving California for Washington DC today is basically a well-funded anti-government protest. Organizers say the “government has forgotten its place.” So why don’t they drive cross-country on private roads then?

If there’s a grain of truth in GOP statements that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine had TFG been re-elected it’s that Vladimir knew with Velveeta Voldemort in the White House he was already winning the battle against democracy.

As Mitt Romney might be entitled to feel some redemption tonight for being laughed at in 2012 when he called Russia our “No. 1 geopolitical foe.” it would be a good time for Mitt to urge his own GOP to get over partisan petty politics & unite behind our President. #Ukraine

Most Americans are horrified about the idea of a deadly attack on Ukraine. Why do I get the idea, however, that Velveeta Voldemort will watch bloodshed with the same glee he watched the fatal insurrection on January 6?.

So as an optimist I have to say I don’t think tonight was September 1, 1939. But as a realist I have to say, if tonight WAS September 1, 1939, many in today’s GOP would be cheering Hitler.

Oops, forget to hit publish…

February 24, 2022

More Stephen Colbert “

Of course Norway won Winter Olympics, they invented winter. Americans would dominate if it was the ‘getting into a fistfight over steak at the Golden Corral Olympics.'” (Or sadly if biathlon applied to more sports, we’re good at shooting stuff. And people.)

A Republican party that will take the side of a deadly virus and a deadly insurrection will take the side of a deadly dictator.

Imagine if Mexico decided that Texas, Arizona and California were historically Mexican, so they were declaring them independent territories rather than states, and sending in “peacekeeping troops.”

Some are saying GOP is dismissing Putin’s attack because it’s Ukraine, a country few Americans could find on a map. But let’s be real. Some Republicans would dismiss a Russian attack on England or France if Velveeta Voldemort supported it.

Not so good sports.

February 22, 2022

So on Monday, how many Americans watched as much of the Olympics as they watched in the last two weeks?

Meanwhile today MLB negotiations went nowhere. Per ESPN “No one either side believed Monday would be the game-changer — as deadline to play Opening Day on time is at least a week away.” Who cares if spring training trips get canceled and businesses in AZ suffer.

Medina Spirit, who died in December, has just been disqualified as the 2021 Kentucky Derby winner over a banned medication & trainer Bob Baffert was suspended 90 days. So Kentucky Horse Racing Commission wouldn’t give Bob the option of the “Baffert Racing Committee?

At least Medina Spirit didn’t live to learn he’d been disqualified. Although heck, both he and Maximum Security know they won.

So two of the last three horses, Medina Spirit and Maximum Security, who crossed the Kentucky Derby finish line first have now been disqualified. It’s enough to make you long for the purity of pro wrestling.

Wonder how many times Velveeta Voldemort and Vladimir Putin have chatted in the last week?

If President Biden does meet with Vladimir Putin, whatever happens, at least we know he won’t flush the records down the White House toilet.

Tulsi Gabbard is planning to speak in Orlando at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week. Time to start the pool on what day Tulsi announces she’s becoming a Republican?

Also is it too soon to start a pool on how long Truth Social will last?

Former Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul points out how Putin calls leaders of Ukraine separatist regions “People’s republics” – that’s what Stalin called his puppet regimes in Eastern Europe. Wonder how close we came in USA if TFG were re-elected to being a “puppet regime?”

Turn off the flame, the games are over.

February 21, 2022

“Shot rock,” “skip,” “guard…” Just when I can actually explain all these terms Olympic curling is over.

US skaters have lost an appeal to get their team silver medals before the end of Beijing games. Same CAS that decided Kamila Vaileva is “protected person,” now “protecting” USA & Japan from getting ANY medal while case & appeals are heard, which could be months, or years. WTF?

Lebron James says door is “not closed” on a potential return to Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron is becoming to NBA teams what Elizabeth Taylor was to husbands.

As much as I hate all this talk in February about the NFL draft and next season’s Super Bowl, MLB owners have abdicated one of baseball’s best times of year for attention – when (almost) all fans are optimistic – by delaying Spring training.

Whatever happens with Ukraine, at least we have a US President who’s on the side of democracy and not Putin.

Fox News attacking Justin Trudeau as “dictator” for using police to clear out protesters blocking city streets & making life h*ll for Ottawa residents. But they had no problem w/Velveeta Voldemort using police to clear out protesters in the way of his Bible photo op.

As much as I hate all this talk in February about the NFL draft and next season’s Super Bowl, MLB owners have abdicated one of baseball’s best times of year for attention – when (almost) all fans are optimistic – by delaying Spring training.

With everything going on in world right now major Fox News headline is AOC was seen on Austin to NY flight in FIRST CLASS. Uh, leaving aside security issues & need to work on planes, thinking most members of Congress fly enough to get upgraded, especially w/ good travel agent.

Senators at Munich Security conference: Durbin, Graham, Whitehouse, Sasse, Sullivan, Klobuchar, Ernst, Shaheen, Warner, Gillebrand, Coons, Portman, Murphy, Van Hollen & Tuberville. Nice bipartisan unity show. But what’s Tuberville, who didn’t know 3 branches of govt, doing there?

Listened to Amy Klobuchar at Munich Security Conference tlalking about her good friend Senator John McCain. Have to wonder, if McCain were alive would today’s GOP be different? Certainly HE wouldn’t have been afraid of the Former Guy.

Appparently Former House Speaker Paul Ryan was convinced the Former Guy had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In related news, Paul Ryan was convinced water was wet.

Once again wake up Sunday morning on the West Coast to see Chuck Todd trending Once again, have a simple solution for dealing with Chuck Todd – don’t watch him.

Rings not the thing…

February 19, 2022

If it’s about Olympic spirit – so much more fun to watch the Jamaican bobsledders than the ROC figure skaters.

College Football Playoff committee did not reach an agreement on potential expansion, so the playoff remains at four teams through the 2025 season.

Translation: There have been SEC teams in all of the playoffs so far, so don’t mess with success.

Stephen Colbert still unhappy about USA figure skaters not getting medals while IOC sorts out ROC. “Team USA will reportedly receive Olympic torches. That’s smart thing to do when you really’ve p*ssed someone off, give them a torch. Evidently they were out of Olympic pitchforks”

National Archives says tonight that Velveeta Voldemort staff conducted official White House business using “non-official electronic accounts that were not handled properly.” All together now “But HIS emails?”

Ted Cruz’s anti vaccine amendment didn’t pass because four GOP Senators left early for their week long Presidents’ Day “Senate Work Period.” So how many votes can Chuck Schumer tee up right before most of GOP Senators have flights scheduled for Easter break?

24 months for manslaughter??!! Kim Potter could get twice as long a sentence if she moves to Texas when she’s on supervised release from prison and tries to vote.

If you take a computer home when you leave a job that has sensitive information, you can be arrested and charged in federal court. So what is DOJ waiting for?

-Hostess is moving beyond Twinkies to making caffeinated doughnuts. “Boost Jumbo Donettes” will contain slightly less caffeine than an 8 ounce cup of coffee. Elementary school classrooms after lunchtime are gonna be lit.

Forget skating

February 18, 2022

I’m going to miss curling.

Starry’s going to miss curling too.

From my very funny friend Marc Ragovin – “Kamila Valieva claims that her positive drug test was due to her inadvertently taking her grandfather’s heart medication. No wonder her long program consisted of skating in circles with her turn signal on.”

A question.
Since Kamila Valieva fell several times & missed the podium, there will be a medal ceremony for figure skating.
But is it likely she is only one on her ROC team taking “heart medication?”

And Olympic gymnasts have to be 16. But divers and swimmers, for example, can be 15 or even younger. How many “protected persons” will ROC send to Paris in 2024?

Senate on recess until Feb 28., although good Senators actually do work during “State Work Period.” But Senate scheduled for another “work period” April 9-25.

Midterms are coming.

Dear Chuck Schumer. – if GOP wants to play stupid delay games , CANCEL Easter recess. Let their stupid “prize” be no vacation.

If Hillary Clinton sent an email about the boxes of top-secret classified documents found at Mar-A-Lago then would the FBI get involved?

Apparently new PAC in US is looking for supporters & donations for convoy of truckers planning to go to Washington next month. Not sure WHERE in DC, but just trying to imagine convoy for any reason honking horns all night & blocking streets outside homes of GOP leaders & pundits.

Senate voted 65-27 today to fund the government until March 11. This means that more than HALF of Republican Senators wanted the government to shut down. They have one objective, to make President Biden look bad. No matter who it hurts.

Ted Cruz on the Senate floor is taking on United Airlines because of their “arbitrary” vaccine mandate policy. Uh, Senator, your body, your choice. Take another airline. Many of us feel far safer on United because of their employee vaccine rules.

Ted Cruz ranting about vaccines: “It ought to be your choice in consultation w/ your doctor… You ought to have a real & candid conversation w/ your doctor, not some political bureacrat in Washington DC or in the State Capitol or City Hall.” So Cruz is pro-choice. Okay then.

Media loves to talk about inflation. So cover this: Sherrod Brown – 12 GOP Senators boycotted committee so they can’t advance Federal Reserve nominees. “You vote yes or you vote no, you don’t vote ‘I’m not going to show up.” Republicans are AWOL in fight against inflation.”

Tamara Lich is a conventionally attractive white woman claiming she has been unjustly arrested in Ottawa. If you know nothing else about her besides that she is an organizer of so-called “Freedom Convoy,” know that Tamara is a leader of “Wexit” movement to have Western provinces secede from Canada.

Rocky Olympics.

February 17, 2022

All the slimyness of Olympic figure skating, makes curling now especially charming to watch.
But is it considered performance enhancing if you buy your opponents several pitchers of beer?

At this point I’d give Mikaela Shiffrin an Olympic medal if she knocks microphone out of the hand of one of these idiot reporters who keep asking her about the troubles she’s had skiing in Bejing.

Imagine you’ve spent your life as far back as you remember training on ice & now even if you give the performance of a lifetime, you won’t receive medal in Beijing, because ceremony will be canceled if someone who cheated is 1 of top three.

IOC = International Olympic COWARDS

Maybe when Kamila Valieva skates her long program NBC can show Tara Lipinski’s and Johnny Weir’s greatest hits instead?

Stephen Colbert last night talking about Ukraine – “Possible good news – Russia might be pulling out.”

But “dudes like that never pull out when they say they will.”

(I suppose it would be churlish to say too bad Fred Trump didn’t.)

CNN & other media all over story of San Francisco parents voting out school board members over school closings.
Well, school closures were one thing. But board spent much of pandemic time focused not on kids, but on renaming schools w/ names they deemed politically incorrect.

The board removed Abraham Lincoln’s name from one school & Senator Dianne Feinstein’s from another. Feinstein’s crime? In the 1980s when Dianne was SF mayor., a job she got after Moscone and Milk were assassinated, someone vandalized a Confederate flag in a display at SF Civic Center & she didn’t stop parks dept from replacing it. No joke.

Now Rudy Giuliani claims he has evidence proving Hillary spied on Velveeta Voldemort, and “I happen to have it in my bedroom.”
Well, guessing Rudy’s ex-wives & girlfriends probably will testify he usually grossly exaggerates what he has in his bedroom.

Tom Cotton doesn’t get as much press as Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. But he clearly aspires to be equally awful.

Senator Amy Klobuchar has had enough of Tom Cotton too: “As I listened to Senator Cotton, there were a lot of things I disagreed w/ Trump Justice Department but NEVER did I think of holding up US Attorney of Arkansas or Arizona or Illinois because I disagreed with Donald Trump.”

So will GOP Senators defending those who refuse to wear masks on planes next demand passengers be able to ignore seat belt signs, or use cellphones in flight? Or bring a gun on board?
It’s actually quite simple: Don’t want to follow rules? Don’t fly.

These 8 GOP Senators have decided it’s more important to protect the rights of unruly passengers than to protect flight attendants and other passengers from verbal and physical abuse. Period.


Youthful indiscretions?

February 15, 2022

So. teenagers can only sign MLB baseball contracts at 16. But based on this “Protected person” BS from the Olympics does that mean that kids can take PEDs all they want while they are 15 and under, then sign on their 16th birthday?

With medal ceremony delayed indefinitely over Kamila Valieva doping controversy, Team USA figure skaters will get some medal, eventually. But not in Beijing.
Imagine working for years to reach Olympics, winning medal & finding out you’ll get it in mail or something, someday.

And now NY Times reports Kamila tested positive for three “heart” drugs, only one of which were banned. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many others on Russian team might have taken the other two?

My Canadian pal TC says he’s waiting for a PED curler to fire a rock into about row 6.

President Biden says “we have not yet verified” Russia’s claim of withdrawing troops near Ukraine.
It would be very good news if the claim is true.
But isn’t it nice to have a President who doesn’t believe and/or parrot whatever Putin tells him?

In California when voters register need to put their COUNTY, not city on the form. Many people get it wrong unless it’s pointed out or corrected.
But California promptly writes if there’s a problem. California wants people to vote.
Voting rights shouldn’t depend on your state.

Same conservatives clutching their pearls over Canadian PM Justin Trudeau invoking emergency powers, had no problems with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s new law saying it’s okay for motorists to run over protesters.

Very clear looking at increasing revelations about January 6 conspirators: They weren’t worried about being caught. They expected to win. And to be rewarded by their would-be dictator king.

Does anyone doubt that if Velveeta Voldemort was still in the White House he’d be telling us why it would be a good thing for America for Putin to invade Ukraine?

Has a single Republican complaining about inflation said a word about trying to rein in excessive corporate profits?

I’ll wait.

Tucker Carlson tonight was apparently talking about “Canadian-style tyranny.”
So is anyone shocked that Tucker is more critical of Justin Trudeau than he is of Vladimir Putin?

All that glitters.

February 15, 2022

Absolutely thrilled for Erin Thomas and her speekskating gold medal.

But can we have a moment for someone who deserves much more love than she gets in Olympic history, first Black woman to win a medal in the Winter Olympics?

She was mesmerizing to watch – Debi Thomas.


As a white woman who grew up watching Super Bowls before anyone cared about the halftime show, I can cheerfully acknowledge even if it wasn’t my style of music, it seemd like a good show yesterday.

Why is that so hard for some people?

If the first doping scandal made Russia compete with ROC uniforms, now what will this latest figure skating scandal do? Make them compete under the banner “‘Athletes formerly known as Russia”

The gospel according to the Olympics – If a 15 year old girl is given performance enhancing drugs she is a “Protected person.”
But if a 15 year old girl is sexually abused by a team doctor, she’s on her own.

ESPN report-MLB wants to eliminate “hundreds” of minor league playing jobs in latest labor offer to players
In 2021 MLB raised minimum MONTHLY salary for AAA players to $16,800, AA to $14,400, Class A to $12,000, complex league to $9,600 & Dominican Summer League to $3,000!

So how much money are we talking about for billionaire owners?

Velveeta Voldemort’s longtime accounting firm, Mazars, has fired him, saying they no longer trust Trump Organization documents.

Standby for more Fox “Breaking News” about Hillary Clinton.

We know Putin has talked to President Biden about Ukraine this week.

Wonder how many times Vlad has talked to The Former Guy.

Hearing about 40% of mail-in ballots in Harris County, largest in Texas, being flagged as faulty under new rules. Showing GOP really is making it harder for “some people to vote.” Just imagine SCOTUS ruling on voting rights if Hillary Clinton had chosen the last three judges.

Mitch McConnell called out celebrities who were seen ignoring mask rules at the Super Bowl.
Fair point.
Hypocrisy s*cks.
But even COVID exposure is dwarfed by comparision by hypocrisy of ignoring rules for multiple lifetime SCOTUS appointments.

Dr. Deborah Birx is the latest Former Guy flunky with a book deal.

I really don’t care, do U?

Hate guns. But love this 79 year old woman named Valentina in the Ukraine,”a retired accountant and great grandmother” on @Maddow tonight. Valentina is training to handle an AK-47.

“If Putin will come, I should be able to shoot.”

Sadly, hard not to get the sense that the media is rooting for a Ukraine invasion. #ratings

Rules and other fantasies?

February 14, 2022

While refs clearly missed an offensive pass interference call against the Bengals, there was another missed call early in game when Rams’ defender grabs Cincinnati’s receiver’s pants enough to see material stretch on Bengals passing attempt at 11 yard line,

Then after letting them play for 58 minutes, refs called THREE straight penalties in last two minutes as Los Angeles drove for their final Super Bowl winning TD. Including an incredibly ticky tack defensive holding.

We’re shocked, said all Saints fans.

So how long until Fox News tells their viewers to blame Super Bowl halftime show on President Biden?

Olympics have just decided because Kamila Valieva is only 15 years old, & thus a “Protected Person,” she can keep her team gold, & be allowed to compete despite positive test for banned supplement.
Stand by for record numbers of under-16 Russian athletes in future Olympic games.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport decision verbatim on ROC skater Kamila Valieva – “The athlete should benefit from following exceptional circumstances, she is under 16 & protected person under the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) code.”

Exceptional BS.

Due to outrage about Kamila Valieva being able to keep her gold medal (for now at least)l AND compete as the favorite for the women’s figure skating gold medal despite positive test for banned supplement, I fully expect the IOC to say they will at least keep her out of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Tara Lipinski, talking about 15 year old Russian skater Kamila Valieva who “skated” on her positive drug test due to her age, tells how when she was 12 her mother was terrified to give her medicine when she had a cold and “I was afraid to eat a poppy seed bagel.

Roger Goodell said this week that the NFL believes in “diversity as a value.”

Zero is a value, right?

GOP Pennsylvania Senate candiate was running a “Let’s Go Brandon” ad during the Super Bowl.

But tell me again how both parties have contributed to a lack of civility in this country?

Just imagine GOP and conservative media reaction if wealthy liberals in Canada were crowdfunding Black Lives Matter protests in summer of 2020.

Very weird to hear some of the talk about “spoilers” for “Death on The Nile.”

Especially when you grew up reading all of Agatha Christie’s books.


Lindsey Graham says President Biden should pick J. Michelle Childs for SCOTUS, saying any other candidate would be “problematic” in getting GOP votes.

I missed Senator Graham’s concern about Velveeta Voldemort nominating judges who could get Democratic votes.


February 13, 2022

After a two game win streak, the San Antonio Spurs are 22-35.

And as of tonight they are 1 game out of a postseason play-in game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Curling is seriously underappreciated as a Winter Olympics sport:
Not only is it a sport you can watch and imagine doing, but also it’s a sport as an adult you can imagine doing without seriously injuring yourself.

An Olympics with competition planned on nothing artificial snow is now having problems with actual SNOW in Beijing delaying events.

Should not laugh, but my better angels are definitely still socially distance on this one.

By the same experts who before the 2021 season picked Cincinnati Bengals 28th out of 32 NFL teams.

Okay then.


So we know Fox News is getting nervous about Russia and Ukraine because their website headline is about allegation that Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid to try to link Velveeta Voldemort to Russia.

Would be almost funny if it weren’t a potential world war we’re talking about.


Conservatives who applauded Ron DeSantis’s new law allowing Florida drivers to run over protesters w/ their cars, suddenly are clutching their pearls over Canadian government doing anything more than waving their fingers at protesters blocking US-Canada border.

Wonder what some of these GOP politicians & pundits who claim to support the so-called “Freedom Convoy” protests in Canada would do if protesters honked horns all night outside their houses.

Apparently New Zealand is playing ‘Baby Shark,’ and Barry Manilow’s greatest hits outside their parliament buildings in hopes of chasing away ‘Freedom Convoy’-inspired protesters

Uh, put on “It’s A Small World” at top volume and problem solved in an hour.

“After several weeks of rapid growth, death reports have leveled off at around 2,500 a day.”

2,500 Americans a day.

This is not exactly “living with COVID.”

While right-wingers send $$ to truckers, a few facts:

About 80% of Canadians are fully vaccinated against COVID.
85% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated.
Ontario Premier Doug Ford has declared state of emergency & calls blockades” “an illegal occupation.”
Ford is conservative.

Rock on

February 12, 2022

Friday night was women’s curling. South Korea vs Russian Olympic Committee.

ROC Olympic team competing under shadow of doping scandal, but how would you know in curling? If one of the women threw the curling stone through the ice?

So because Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva is under 16, she may “skate” on any doping penalty & both keep her gold medal & compete for an individual medal.
While I feel sorry for her doesn’t that mean Russia can just start focusing Olympic training on athletes 15 & younger.

Colin Kaepernick had been as good a QB as Aaron Rodgers some team would have hired him. But also have to think if Kap were playing this year and were found to have lied to NFL, the league would have done more than slapped his hand. Let alone made him MVP.

Can we stop with these stupid polls on what Americans think about Biden nominating a black woman to SCOTUS?
He promised it during the campaign.
Voters knew that
He’s keeping his promise.

Dolly Parton has announced that Dollywood Park will pay all higher ed costs for employees.

Like many Americans, I loved the movie “9 to 5.”

Love it more now that we know she wasn’t just acting.

Ali Velshi subbing for Rachel Maddowt points out how Velveeta Voldemort was obsessed with talking about toilets not flushing well enough.
Now it comes out that he was flushing documents.

If TFG doesn’t end up in jail there’s a great potential Ty D Bowl endorsement here.

The Canadian so-called Freedom Convoy is the perfect vehicle for rich right-wingers in USA:
They can throw money at something they think makes liberals look bad. Without being inconvenienced in the slightest themselves.

So what kind of tell-all books will there be after Joe Biden leaves office?

That he used to sneak a second scoop of ice cream when Jill wasn’t looking?

“GiveSendGo” “#1 Christian Fundraising site” is raising millions for truckers in Canada, calling them “our heroic arrivals.”

“This is Canada wide rally determined to stop all mandates.”

Uh, Jesus said “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

He’d have gotten vaccinated.

If you wonder where you’ve heard of GiveSendGo before, they did have another big crowdfunding campaign. For that model of Christianity Kyle Rittenhouse.

(WWJS – who would Jesus shoot?)

So add Maggie Haberman to the list of people who sat on, or should we say shat on, information that might have resulted in Velveeta Voldemort’s impeachment, because “book sales over country.”

Fox News’ Mark Levin said McConnell should be replaced as Senate Minority leader, saying Mitch “does not represent contemporary mainstream of GOP.”
Quiet part out loud: A radical obstructionist who illegally installed 3 right-wing SOTUS judges, isn’t crazy enough for today’s GOP.

Whatever they say, you know Fox News and otherconservative media are hoping that if Russia does invade Ukraine, there will be some Americans who have decided not to leave, so they can blame Biden for not rescuing them.-

Tucker Carlson claims US right-wing subsidized trucker blockade means “Canada’s working class has finally rebelled after yr of relentless abuse,” & refers to Trudeau’s “creepy little govt”
Uh, Justin just won re-election.
And 84% of Canadians have at least 1 vaccine shot. #Facts

Wondering how Fox News is spinning the story of Velveeta Voldemort taking classified documents from the White House to Mar-A-Lago?
They aren’t even covering it.
Fox News is, however, covering Biden calling Holt a wise guy, and Hillary Clinton’s planned speech to NY Dems.

CNN reporting Center for Politics at Univ of Virginia found most GOP friendly state in USA is West Virginia.
Not Joe Manchin fan but reminder, primarying him is waste of time & $$. He’d only be replaced by someone worse.
Let’s focus on states we can turn blue in 22.

What’s in a name?

February 10, 2022

Now reports that 15-yr-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva had tested positive for a banned drug. So let’s see, Russian athletes are already competing as ROC because of a state-sponsored doping scheme. What is the IOC going to change their team name to now?

-Just how mediocre is NBA Western Conference? And how ridiculous are the NBA playoffs? I’m a San Antonio Spurs fan, the team is 20-35. And they are like 2 games out of the final “play-in” postseason spot. #GoSpursGo#PorVida

Stanford University tweeted “Congratulations to Olympic champion Eileen Gu, ’26, who will join Stanford as a freshman this fall.” And you think YOUR freshman roommate was intimidating?

“There’s your Olympic champion, no need to wait for the judges’ score.” Johnny Weir, saying what everyone who watched Nathan Chen, skating to the music of Elton John, was thinking. #Olympics

Roger Goodell admits that NFL “fell short” in terms of increasing the number of minority head coaches this offseason. If the league only didn’t have to spend so much time focused on important issues like the right color socks.

Mitch McConnell is now ostensibly feuding with the Former Guy. As a Saints fan this is like it was watching the Rams vs the Buccaneers. “Can they both lose?”

Have Canadian friends who follow US politics & they can’t even sign up for an inexpensive Zoom event for an American politician because of rules about foreigners and US politics. But right wing figures in US can raise all the $$ they want for a fringe group of Canadian truckers?

So if Velveeta Voldemort had emailed his kids or Rudy about those stolen documents on a private server, THEN would the GOP decide it was serious?

Heavy medals?

February 9, 2022

Bad enough that media always wants to highlight political failures over successes. But in now these Olympics they’re spending more time focused on skier Mikaela Shiffrin’s two disqualifications than on women who won medals in the events.

Do better, media.

Can’t tell for sure how real camaraderie is between skiing competitors, but with all the bitterness in the world right now, it’s almost more fun to watch some of the women congratulate & celebrate each other than to watch the race itself. #OlympicGames

American-born Eileen Gu, a model and now gold medal free-style skier, was asked about competing for China: “If people don’t like me, that’s their loss, they’re never going to win the Olympics.” Okay then…

The SF 49ers are not in the Super Bowl.

But the local radio station, KNBR will be carrying the game. With a radio pregame show starting 4 1/2 hours in advance. Yes, 4 1/2 hours…. When the pre-game lasts longer than the game…

Tom Brady says he’s “happy” with his decision to retire but added “never say never” when asked about potentially returning to the NFL next season. Translation: Depend if I find something else to do, Gisele doesn’t want me 24/7 around the house.

Tucker Carlson apparently complaining about “overreaction” & defending the anti-vaccine mandate “Freedom Convoy” in Ottawa “This is a peaceful protest, not Al Qaeda.” Wonder how Tucker would feel if people were honking horns outside HIS home nonstop?

Stacey Abrams on taking off her mask around children: “I made a mistake. I apologize.” We’d be in a better place if more politicians could say those words.

Yes, it’s better that Mitch McConnell is being honest about January 6 having been a violent insurrection. No, it doesn’t negate the fact that Mitch is dishonest about almost everything else. Including his reasons for not voting after January 6 to impeach Velveeta Voldemort.

Some in GOP affecting concern that RNC has bought into Velveeta Voldemort’s lies and censured Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Uh, maybe if the whole Republican party hadn’t been genuflecting before the Former Guy since he started the Big Lie BEFORE the election?

Rachel Maddow is on hiatus And Stephen Colbert is doing reruns. How are we going to get through this week?

Feb 7.

February 8, 2022

Nice memory – 12 years ago today, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl.

Not so nice look into the future – One week from today pitchers and catchers are supposed to report.

ESPN headline “Failed chances cost U.S. in rivalry loss to Canada.

So clickbait with US Canada rivalry. But no mention of the SPORT? Turns out to be hockey, women’s hockey.

Now, the U.S. did have chances, as in almost twice as many shots on goal in a 4-2 loss, but the headline couldn’t mention hockey or women? –

Barely watching Olympics, but all kinds of penalties and disqualifications with Korean & now Hungarian short-track skaters, end result Chinese skaters win gold and silver.

“How many more penalties can benefit China?”

It’s enough to almost make you miss the former ice skating Russian and French judges.

Frontier is buying Spirit Airlines.

New combined airline slogan? “You thought we were bad before.”

Can anyone imagine if Hillary Clinton had destroyed or taken documents stemming from her time as Secretary of State? Or even when she was First Lady? Meanwhile for media, Velveeta Voldemort taking what he wanted & tearing other stuff up is a “well, he’s always done that” shrug.

So conservative media like Fox News is negative about Democrats almost all the time. And mainstream media tries to be equally negative about Democrats and Republicans. And we wonder why Biden’s approval ratings are low.

Can we send a search team with dogs and metal detectors to see what else Velveeta Voldemort took home with him to Mar-A-Largo?

Life in Fox News bubble: Website headline,w/ pictures of Rachel Maddow & Chris Cuomo: “MSNBC, CNN left flailing during most important hours after series of scandals.” But there’s no scandal w/ Maddow. She’s on hiatus until April to do movie about convicted criminal Spiro Agnew.

Personally I am tired of hearing about both Andrew Yang AND Joe Rogan.

Also with all due respect why does anyone care at this point what James Comey thinks?

So has any parent yet called to demand the removal of “The Art of the Deal” or any other Velveeta Voldemort book from a library yet?

Frontier Airlines to buy Spirit Airlines in $2.9 billion budget carrier deal. Uh, airline mergers generally result in worse customer service…. Are we about to find out if you CAN fall off the floor, or rather the tarmac?

Conservative media went crazy when a picture of Chuck Schumer’s wife was misindentified as Sonia Sotamayor having dinner in public with Democratic leaders. But they’re fine with Neil Gorsuch attending and speaking at a closed-to-press event for the Federalist Society???

If Senator John McCain were still alive you know he’d be responding to this BS RNC censure of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger with more than a strongly worded text or tweet.

Super countdown

February 5, 2022

So is anyone outside of California rooting for the Rams next weekend? Actually is anyone outside of SOUTHERN California rooting for the Rams next weekend? #SuperBowl

The Pro Bowl is Sunday. “Oh, good. I really missed the game last year when it was canceled.” said nobody.

As much as Brian Flores has rocked the NFL with accusations of being paid to lose, the NY Knicks, who blew a 21 point lead to the Lakers and lost in overtime, reminds us that some teams are capable of s*cking for free.

I’m so old I remember when Republicans were outraged at being compared to Nazis. Instead of afraid to condemn Nazis.

Somewhere Nixon is wondering “why didn’t I think of ‘legitimate political discourse?”

President Biden announces a successful US Special Forces raid that took out a “horrible terrorist” ISIS leader & story stays in news cycle less time than Joe calling Peter Doocy a “son of a b*tch.”

Pennsylvania GOP suing to overturn BIPARTISAN 2019 law allowing no-excuse vote-by-mail. But GOP has no problem w/ Utah vote-by-mail, where Amy Klobuchar reminded reporter “it’s the way of voting & that is one Red State.” Almost as if GOP only doesn’t want SOME people to vote.

So Michael Avenatti has been convicted of scr*wing over Stormy Daniels. Now when can we convict the Former Guy who actually scr*wed Stormy Daniels?

Liz Cheney is anti-choice.

Liz Cheney is anti-gun control

Liz Cheney is anti-voting rights legislation

Liz Cheney didn’t even recognize her sister’s marriage until recently.

But because she condemns a deadly coup attempt the GOP wants no part of her.

It’s a cult now. Period.

Velveeta Voldemort and Gym Jordan spoke for 10 minutes on the morning of January 6. Now Jordan wants us to ignore that like he ignored college wrestlers being abused.

Actually got this Trump fundraising email.

Subject line -“I’m planning my next rally. Where should I go? Someone really didn’t think that one through, did they? (Sadly “to h*ll” is not one of the multiple choice options.)

He LOST the 2020 election. Could we make a rule that every time media quotes Velveeta Voldemort with a headline they do the same for Hillary Clinton?

Naturally ungifted?

February 3, 2022

So as Hue Jackson has joined Brian Flores in claiming he was paid to lose, how many NFL teams are crafting press releases? “Really, we were just that bad.”

LA Clippers beat LA Lakers 111-110 tonight. Apparently it was a heck of a game. But who thought these two Los Angeles rivals in 2021-22 might be battling to avoid a play in game?

Good news for those afraid of needles – Stephen Colbert says the next COVID vaccines could be something nasal you just inhale up your nose. “Turns out, Don Jr. was just trying to fight COVID this whole time.”

You can be pro-capitalism & still know we need some anti-trust legislation w/ Big Tech: Infrastructure bill Democrats fought so hard for included $65 billion for broadband in rural areas, low-income & tribal communities. Zuckerberg lost $31 billion in Meta stock value in 1 day.

So Meghan McCain is complaining about Whoopie Goldberg’s “mild” punishment? As opposed to all the harsher punishments Meghan herself got for saying offensive things on The View? Oh wait. Never mind.

Adored the late great Molly Ivins and got to meet her twice. She believed VERY strongly in the First Amendment and free speech. A comment she made has stuck with me – “It’s easy to be for free speech when you agree with the speakers.”

In Henry VIII’s England, the Catholic/Anglican Church fought hard to keep people from reading the Bible in English. In fact, having a Bible in English was a crime. The church wanted control, and to keep people from learning on their own. Sound familiar? #BannedBooks

Meanwhile will someone tell Republicans defending Joe Rogan’s right to free speech that it’s kind of hard to talk about First Amendment rights when you are banning books?

President Biden announced a US Special Operations forces a raid in Syria that killed an Isis leader. So how long until Fox News starts headline coverage of Hunter Biden? Or some migrant “caravan?

Who’d have thought the Republican party would completely debase themselves before a man who not only has no loyalty to the GOP, but also only registered as a Republican in 2019?