Feb 7.

Nice memory – 12 years ago today, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl.

Not so nice look into the future – One week from today pitchers and catchers are supposed to report.

ESPN headline “Failed chances cost U.S. in rivalry loss to Canada.

So clickbait with US Canada rivalry. But no mention of the SPORT? Turns out to be hockey, women’s hockey.

Now, the U.S. did have chances, as in almost twice as many shots on goal in a 4-2 loss, but the headline couldn’t mention hockey or women? –

Barely watching Olympics, but all kinds of penalties and disqualifications with Korean & now Hungarian short-track skaters, end result Chinese skaters win gold and silver.

“How many more penalties can benefit China?”

It’s enough to almost make you miss the former ice skating Russian and French judges.

Frontier is buying Spirit Airlines.

New combined airline slogan? “You thought we were bad before.”

Can anyone imagine if Hillary Clinton had destroyed or taken documents stemming from her time as Secretary of State? Or even when she was First Lady? Meanwhile for media, Velveeta Voldemort taking what he wanted & tearing other stuff up is a “well, he’s always done that” shrug.

So conservative media like Fox News is negative about Democrats almost all the time. And mainstream media tries to be equally negative about Democrats and Republicans. And we wonder why Biden’s approval ratings are low.

Can we send a search team with dogs and metal detectors to see what else Velveeta Voldemort took home with him to Mar-A-Largo?

Life in Fox News bubble: Website headline,w/ pictures of Rachel Maddow & Chris Cuomo: “MSNBC, CNN left flailing during most important hours after series of scandals.” But there’s no scandal w/ Maddow. She’s on hiatus until April to do movie about convicted criminal Spiro Agnew.

Personally I am tired of hearing about both Andrew Yang AND Joe Rogan.

Also with all due respect why does anyone care at this point what James Comey thinks?

So has any parent yet called to demand the removal of “The Art of the Deal” or any other Velveeta Voldemort book from a library yet?

Frontier Airlines to buy Spirit Airlines in $2.9 billion budget carrier deal. Uh, airline mergers generally result in worse customer service…. Are we about to find out if you CAN fall off the floor, or rather the tarmac?

Conservative media went crazy when a picture of Chuck Schumer’s wife was misindentified as Sonia Sotamayor having dinner in public with Democratic leaders. But they’re fine with Neil Gorsuch attending and speaking at a closed-to-press event for the Federalist Society???

If Senator John McCain were still alive you know he’d be responding to this BS RNC censure of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger with more than a strongly worded text or tweet.

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