Forget skating

I’m going to miss curling.

Starry’s going to miss curling too.

From my very funny friend Marc Ragovin – “Kamila Valieva claims that her positive drug test was due to her inadvertently taking her grandfather’s heart medication. No wonder her long program consisted of skating in circles with her turn signal on.”

A question.
Since Kamila Valieva fell several times & missed the podium, there will be a medal ceremony for figure skating.
But is it likely she is only one on her ROC team taking “heart medication?”

And Olympic gymnasts have to be 16. But divers and swimmers, for example, can be 15 or even younger. How many “protected persons” will ROC send to Paris in 2024?

Senate on recess until Feb 28., although good Senators actually do work during “State Work Period.” But Senate scheduled for another “work period” April 9-25.

Midterms are coming.

Dear Chuck Schumer. – if GOP wants to play stupid delay games , CANCEL Easter recess. Let their stupid “prize” be no vacation.

If Hillary Clinton sent an email about the boxes of top-secret classified documents found at Mar-A-Lago then would the FBI get involved?

Apparently new PAC in US is looking for supporters & donations for convoy of truckers planning to go to Washington next month. Not sure WHERE in DC, but just trying to imagine convoy for any reason honking horns all night & blocking streets outside homes of GOP leaders & pundits.

Senate voted 65-27 today to fund the government until March 11. This means that more than HALF of Republican Senators wanted the government to shut down. They have one objective, to make President Biden look bad. No matter who it hurts.

Ted Cruz on the Senate floor is taking on United Airlines because of their “arbitrary” vaccine mandate policy. Uh, Senator, your body, your choice. Take another airline. Many of us feel far safer on United because of their employee vaccine rules.

Ted Cruz ranting about vaccines: “It ought to be your choice in consultation w/ your doctor… You ought to have a real & candid conversation w/ your doctor, not some political bureacrat in Washington DC or in the State Capitol or City Hall.” So Cruz is pro-choice. Okay then.

Media loves to talk about inflation. So cover this: Sherrod Brown – 12 GOP Senators boycotted committee so they can’t advance Federal Reserve nominees. “You vote yes or you vote no, you don’t vote ‘I’m not going to show up.” Republicans are AWOL in fight against inflation.”

Tamara Lich is a conventionally attractive white woman claiming she has been unjustly arrested in Ottawa. If you know nothing else about her besides that she is an organizer of so-called “Freedom Convoy,” know that Tamara is a leader of “Wexit” movement to have Western provinces secede from Canada.

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