Rings not the thing…

If it’s about Olympic spirit – so much more fun to watch the Jamaican bobsledders than the ROC figure skaters.

College Football Playoff committee did not reach an agreement on potential expansion, so the playoff remains at four teams through the 2025 season.

Translation: There have been SEC teams in all of the playoffs so far, so don’t mess with success.

Stephen Colbert still unhappy about USA figure skaters not getting medals while IOC sorts out ROC. “Team USA will reportedly receive Olympic torches. That’s smart thing to do when you really’ve p*ssed someone off, give them a torch. Evidently they were out of Olympic pitchforks”

National Archives says tonight that Velveeta Voldemort staff conducted official White House business using “non-official electronic accounts that were not handled properly.” All together now “But HIS emails?”

Ted Cruz’s anti vaccine amendment didn’t pass because four GOP Senators left early for their week long Presidents’ Day “Senate Work Period.” So how many votes can Chuck Schumer tee up right before most of GOP Senators have flights scheduled for Easter break?

24 months for manslaughter??!! Kim Potter could get twice as long a sentence if she moves to Texas when she’s on supervised release from prison and tries to vote.

If you take a computer home when you leave a job that has sensitive information, you can be arrested and charged in federal court. So what is DOJ waiting for?

-Hostess is moving beyond Twinkies to making caffeinated doughnuts. “Boost Jumbo Donettes” will contain slightly less caffeine than an 8 ounce cup of coffee. Elementary school classrooms after lunchtime are gonna be lit.

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