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Springing forward.

March 31, 2022

NY Mets ace Jacob deGrom felt tightness in his right shoulder and may miss Friday’s spring start.

Does this mean deGrom might miss his chance for a 1-0 Opening Day Loss?

Congratulations to Xavier, winners of the NIT basketball tournament.

Wonder how many Americans know there is still an NIT basketball tournament?

California leading the way: We knew before the Truth Social site launched that anything led by Devin Nunes was bound to fail.

Republicans will have you believe they care enough about life that they’ll vote to take away a woman’s right to choose a few weeks after conception. At the same time they’ll vote against making life-saving insulin affordable for both children and adults.

193 House Republicans voted against capping the price of insulin.

100% of those 193 Republicans have great government health benefits that mean they aren’t concerned with the price of insulin.

Thinking many in Florida have no idea what DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill actually means. It’s not about protecting young children from things they weren’t going to be taught anyway. It allows mean-spirited people to go after teachers with same sex partners… For starters.

Wording from “Don’t Say Gay,” bill “Not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” Very vague. On purpose. Parents can sue for anything- .rainbow flag, photo of a same sex partner, talking about Pete & Chasten Buttigieg…?

So Velveeta Voldemort was impeached for allegedly trying to get Ukraine to give him dirt on Hunter Biden? And now he’s publicly trying to get Russia to give him dirt on Hunter AND Joe Biden? Yeah, he learned his lesson alright.

If this insane focus on a man slapping someone over a joke keeps up, how long until one of our headline-hunting congresswomen from Colorado or Georgia takes a swing at some reporter?

Wonder how many of these anti-vaxxers are refusing to get their pets their rabies, distemper and other shots?

So all these folks insisting vaccines don’t work because you need a booster. Wonder how they’d feel if a pharmacist refused to re-fill their Viagra prescription for the same reason?

Stephen Colbert reports that the Ukrainian government now (no joke) has a stamp honoring the soldiers who told the Russian warship to “Go F*ck Yourself.” Adding “I hope it’s a Forever stamp.”


Changing faces

March 30, 2022

Did Tom Brady call Bruce Arians tonight and tell him, don’t worry, the first retirement is the hardest?

NBA regular season ends a week from Sunday. (April 10.)

Which will be two months and nine days from the end of the NBA finals if they go seven games.

If baseball worked that way we’d have the World Series into mid-December.

Although, on the other hand, with a three week baseball spring training, how many Americans are ready to care by opening day?

If Watergate happened now, I presume Nixon and Agnew would have big book deals, and Haldeman, Erlichman and John Mitchell would all have have been hired by major networks?

And which network will be the first to hire Ivanka as a contributor?

I grew up with Walter Cronkite. I grew up admiring Walter Cronkite. Was “Uncle Walter” perfect? No. But pretty sure he wouldn’t sell out our democracy for ratings. Do better, media.

Let’s see: Fox News is nonstop anti-Democrat and anti-Biden. Other right-wing smaller networks & websites are worse. CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, along with NY Times, Washington Post etc, would both sides a mobius strip. And we wonder why President Biden’s approval numbers are low?

So if Clarence Thomas had slapped a comic who jokingly accused his wife of treason instead of trying to shield White House records THEN would the media have made Ginni’s texts more than a one day story?

So GOP remains apoplectic about the idea that Hunter Biden got job opportunities based on his father’s position. I missed their outrage on Meghan McCain and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

On an optimistic note… Today reminded us that Susan Collins used to be a Senator respected on both sides of the aisle instead of often being a punchline. Glad she’s on board with Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Senator Marsha Blackburn is doubling down on her lie that Ketanji Brown Jackson doesn’t know what a “woman” is.

Would it be churlish to say that I have no problem defining what a racist homophobic *b*tch” is?

Different strokes

March 29, 2022

If before the NBA season had started someone had asked Gregg Popovich with 7 games to go in the regular season, if Pop thought his young & rebuilding San Antonio Spurs team had a chance to be tied with LA Lakers, he’d have verbally clocked that reporter….

Roger Goodell left the door open to punishing both new Brown’s QB Deshaun Watson and Washington Commander’s owner Dan Snyder.

Anyone wanna bet that EITHER of them will get any significant punishment?

“When you’re a star, (or a multi-millionaire owner) they let you do it.”

Stephen Colbert – on that Oscars’ slap – clearly the most important issue to many Americans today: “It’s never okay to punch a comedian… If you really want to hurt a comedian, don’t laugh. That hurts way more than a punch.”

Dear media: An actor attacking a comedian because he felt his wife was being insulted is a one day story. A SCOTUS judge ruling on election cases after HIS wife attacked our democracy is a big story. Sincerely, Americans tired of this clickbait crap.

Velveeta Voldemort’s latest fundraising effort… ” “Friend, Can you believe it? They want to CENSOR my RALLY.” Who’s gonna be the one to tell him Fox News didn’t carry the last rally?

But who had a sitting President using burner phones on January 6 on their b*tshit bingo list?

And the Former Guy has committed so many crimes in broad daylight. Not just that there’s a 7 hour gap on January 6…. it’s how bad do those 7 hours have to be that even HE thought he might not be able to get away with having them public?

For those just beginning to realize how awful Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is, here’s an important bit of information – he won in 2018 by fewer than 32,500 votes out of over eight million. Don’t let ANYONE tell you your vote doesn’t matter.

Another example of why “Don’t Say Gay” hate bill matters, per Pete Buttigieg: “I think about what life might be like for our kids when they start school. If they were in a place like Florida, it might stop them from mentioning they had a great time over weekend with their dads.”

Only speaking for myself, but I’d sure be happier to share a bathroom with Pete and Chasten Buttigieg than the poor excuse for a congresswoman from Georgia.

Last week Cory Booker had an amazing joyful moment in defending Ketanji Brown Jackson. Last Sunday, Will Smith lost control and acted like an a** in defending his wife. And sadly, which one is still making headlines?

After Monday…

March 29, 2022

And now four straight victory for San Antonio Spurs, who moved within 1/2 game of the Los Angeles Lakers for the last play-in game spot, with 7 to play.

Lebron James possibly missing even the play-in game?

Well, good thing NBA referees don’t have any potential impact on games.

Women’s Final Four is set. Three #1 seeds and #2 seeds.

Now, actually some games have been close. But is parity really that bad, or are the “seeders” in Women’s college basketball much better than those for the men’s game?

Kyrie Irving, unrepentantly anti-vax but now able to play in New York: “I’m standing for freedom, in all facets of my life. Nobody enslaving me. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do with my life.” So next time he gets injured, Kyrie’s going to heal himself & ignore doctors?

Stephen Colbert on Kremlin’s phases of war. Phase One: We lose. Phase Two: War is over, we win. Reminds me of an old Soviet joke I heard as a child on USA car beating USSR car in a match race. Pravda headline “The Soviet car came in second, the American car was next to last.”

Washington Post headline “Cruz’s battle to keep Trump in power has cost him friends, sparks questions.”

Shocking, Ted Cruz HAD friends?

Ron DeathSantis today – “In Florida, we not only know parents have a right to be involved, we insist parents have a right to be involved.” Has it occurred to the Governor that liberals are parents too? Heck, GAYS are parents too. Hoping in Florida THEY start getting involved.

Underreported comment made by President Biden today, “that he doesn’t think anything anyone says has much of an impact on Vladimir Putin. “Because Putin doesn’t listen to his own advisors.” Where have we heard that before?

Forgot to hit “publish” last night..

No matter, apparently most of the world has forgotten to move on.

Apparently slugging someone on national TV because you are annoyed at a joke is a way to get past our collective ADHD.

Violence is wrong, period. But if anyone would have been justified in responding to hurtful words last week by taking a swing at someone it would have been Ketanji Brown Jackson with a few members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

So I gather any potential scheduled roasts for Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been canceled?

Reality check: A well-known husband of an actress not liking a host’s joke and deciding to throw a punch should be a one day story. A well-known wife of a SCOTUS judge not liking a country’s vote, and deciding to overthrow an election should be a big deal.

So when will Fox News demand Joe Biden take away Hunter Biden’s security clearance? Oh, wait, Joe Biden, unlike Velveeta Voldemort, didn’t gave his child a security clearance. Never mind.

Almost a day late

March 28, 2022

forgot to hit publish…

Of course there are more important things going on in the world right now. But with 8 games left in the NBA regular season, the San Antonio Spurs have a chance to knock the Los Angeles Lakers out of the last NBA “play-in” postseason spot.

Kyrie Irving, allowed to play home games now that the NYC COVID vaccine mandate has been lifted says he’s “excited” to play & “has been pinching myself.” About 40,000 former New York City residents would pinch themselves, if they could.

Mike Krzyzewski just made it to 13th Final Four with Duke, widely touted as “a record among coaches.” Now, I’m a big Coach K fan. But media, how about a little more attention to Stanford Cardinal women? They’re making 14th Final Four appearance under coach Tara VanDerveer.

A young man staying at Houston’s St Regis Hotel in Houston hospitalized after he accidentally shot himself in the testicles, possibly removing gun from his pants. Police say he’s in “serious but stable condition.” Does it count as a Darwin if you remove your ability to reproduce?

Okay folks, one more comment on tonight’s Oscars: If you have a couple hours to read up on the Will Smith-Chris Rock situation, you have time to watch CODA. And watching CODA will be much more rewarding.

Most of GOP apoplectic over Biden’s ad-lib that Putin “cannot remain in power,” had no problem with Putin ACTUALLY working against Hillary to put Velveeta Voldemort in power.

“You have wife of sitting Supreme Court Justice advocating for an insurrection, advocating for overturning a legal election to the sitting president’s chief of staff. This is textbook case for recusing him… The entire integrity of the court is on the line here.” Amy Klobuchar

(And she spoke to Chief Justice Roberts… “who I respect” – about ethics standards for the court. Stay tuned. )

And then there were six.

March 26, 2022

Coach K, as emotional as I have ever seen him as a Duke coach, is going to his final Final Four. And all snark aside, this is a moment, and whether it’s love, coaching, bonding, whatever, this team seems to have come together and grasped it.

Most of even this year’s Duke team’s PARENTS were too young to remember when Coach K started coaching the Blue Devils. But sure seems like the 75 year old guy has seriously inspired the kids. And more power to him.

Meanwhile, Tara Vanderveer, who is NOT retiring, is one win away from another Final Four herself.

Charles Barkley on Houston, down 20 to 27 at halftime to Villanova “They’re going to have to find a way to score or they’re not going to win this game.” When he’s right, he’s right.

Herschel Walker says he’s sick and tired of CTR in schools. Herschel Walker might be a walking ad for those of us increasingly worried about CTE in football.

Some of MAGA’s clutching their pearls as whether Biden actually literally meant “Putin cannot remain in power,” had no problem when Velveeta Voldemort suggested in speech USA “put the Chinese flag” on military planes & “bomb the shit” out of Russia. “Then we say, China did it…”

I guess some conservatives would have been happier if President Biden had said “Putin cannot remain in power, person, woman, man, camera, TV

If Velveeta Voldemort had said Putin cannot remain in power GOP would be saying he belonged on Mount Rushmore.

So has Fox News attacked President Biden for visiting Ukrainian refugees without throwing paper towels yet?

Florida just reported 1,167 more COVID fatalities, for total of 73,027 Florida resident deaths. (State doesn’t count tourists & visitors & have been accused of undercounting.) California, with almost double the population, has had 88,689 COVID deaths. No wonder GOP hates math.

The GSA has approved sale of Trump’s DC hotel lease to a Miami investment group which will turn it into a Waldorf Astoria. So we’ll get the “Trump” name off the building before they get it off the Republican party.

If the glass slipper fits…

March 26, 2022

Okay, how many people had North Carolina against Saint Peter’s in the Elite 8? Now all of you liars put your hands down?

Only person I feel sorry for at Saint Peter’s University is whoever has the job of maintaining their website. It’s up now but crashed again earlier. I do hope she/he gets a raise.

Deshaun Watson, accused by 22 women, asked if he would be open to counseling “It’s hard for me to say the counseling part because I don’t have a problem. I don’t have an issue & that’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning.” Almost expected him to add “I like beer.”

So did Tom Brady leak a story about him possibly being traded to Miami because he can’t bear being out of the headlines? Asking for a tired friend.

Even in tough times, we’ll always have Darwin Awards. In Honololu police said a man fell to his death at Sheraton Waikiki trying to climb from the balcony of his hotel room to the one next to his room where a friend was staying. At 4am. What are the odds alcohol was involved?

So if January 6 committee had found Ginni Thomas’s messages on a laptop left in a repair shop would GOP take them more seriously?

Are we shocked that Bob Woodward tried to “both sides” Ginni Thomas allegations this morning? This is a man who heard from Velveeta Voldemort that COVID was airborne. And sat on the news until he wanted to sell a book.

Soft-spoken Ben Sasse is exhibit A if you need to counter the narrative that most Republican Senators are reasonable people.

Why aren’t Republicans brave enough to say that when they talk about “judicial philosophy” they mean they only want judges who espouse the radical right-wing activist philosophy of the Federalist society?

Ketanji Brown Jackson WILL be confirmed. But a reminder to those complaining Democratic Senators didn’t use their time to attack GOP lies: With a limited amount of time, why waste it on douchebags? So much better to praise an exceptional nominee!

Moscow Mitch McConnell, who has said he will vote against Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation, just put out a statement praising Clarence Thomas, saying he is an “outstanding justice, & Mitch has “total confidence in his brilliance and impartiality.” Well of course he did.

Clarence Thomas was just fine with Velveeta Voldemort ignoring every White House ethicial rule and also appointing his daughter and son-in-law senior advisors. Editor’s note – he’s NOT gonna recuse just because his wife tried to overthrow democracy.

Let’s be honest, some of these GOP Senate clowns would have been a “no” vote for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Reading the insanity coming from Ronny Jackson right now I suppose we should all thank God President Obama survived having him as the White House physician.

And another two #1s bite the dust.

March 25, 2022

Arizona and Gonzaga, gone.

But the Coach K farewell tour continues…

Apparently Trevor Story got his COVID vaccine just before he finally signed a six-year deal with the Boston Red Sox.. Short version, Story had 140 million reasons.

Manchin and Sinema drive me crazy on occasion too. But for all those who say “they might as well be Republicans,” your reminder, if either of them WERE a Republican, Mitch McConnell would be majority leader and most of these judges wouldn’t have been confirmed.

Most of us with day jobs that involve online communication get warned regularly about security issues. How arrogant do you have to be to say something actually treasonous in a text or an email and think you don’t have to worry about it?

January 6 committee says Ginni Thomas exchanged texts with Mark Meadows about overturning the 2020 election. So I’m sure GOP will respond with outrage… directed at the January 6 committee. Or Hunter Biden.

And btw, Ginni and Clarence Thomas are no Mary Matalin and James Carville.

Alan Dershowitz said Cancun Cruz’s of questioning during Ketanji Brown Jackson’s SCOTUS confirmation hearings was “bigotry” and “absurd.” Got news for Dershowitz. He’s STILL not going to be invited back to Martha’s Vineyard.

Still enraged over some Senate questioning & need to put this out there: Many in the same GOP who profess to be concerned about child pornography also are against children being taught in school about their private body parts and that they have body autonomy.

Nothing could go wrong, wrong wong…

March 24, 2022

NYC Mayor Eric Adams lifting city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on athletes Thursday, so Kyrie Irving can play at Barclays Center on Sunday & unvaccinated Yankees & Mets players can play in home openers. Reminder though, karma & her buddy science are ALWAYS the home team.

A late-season loss to the Philadelphia 76ers without Lebron James wouldn’t seem that odd for the Lakers pre-playoffs.

But how about that Los Angeles, clinging to the 9th seed and play-in game, is currently 31.42.

A .425 winning percentage for the playoffs. Is that where MLB is heading?

At Bozeman airport, a United Airlines reservations agent called in a police officer to deal with Ted Cruz being verbally abusive. Maybe Senate Judiciary chair Dick Durbin should consider doing the same.

Today Ted bleeping Cruz used the example of Lindsey Graham going 10 minutes over his allotted time to complain that he isn’t getting to go over the same amount…? NBC SNL writers couldn’t dream this “stuff” up.

At the Oscars they just cut someone’s mic off when they go over their time. Seems like it shouldn’t be hard to do the same in Senate Judiciary committee. Especially with all the BAD acting going on.

So if GOP are choosing to be outraged over a few times Ketanji Brown Jackson went under sentencing guidelines where the h*ll were they when Judge Regina Chu tossed minimum sentencing guidelines out the window for Daunte Wright’s killer Kim Potter?

Considering how much Freud nailed projection with the Republicans ranting about voter fraud, you’ve got to wonder about their focus right now on child pornography.

Maybe Amy Klobuchar’s most important question to Ketanji, who’ll be on 6-3 court, is on dissents. Amy reminded us of RBG’s dissents – during eulogy, rabbi said “they were not cries of defeats, they were blueprints for the future.” Think Jackson will be writing many “blueprints”

But if you haven’t watched Cory Booker’s second round of questioning today at SCOTUS hearings, you should. Plenty of links.

And maybe have a tissue handy, Ketanji Brown Jackson needed one.

R.I.P Madeleine Albright. “I don’t think frankly that I was rougher, tougher or anything than any man. I just think people were surprised to hear that language from a woman.”

As Ukranians fight now for for the 30th day against the Russian invasion, did Vladimir Putin figure he could just Sharpie the Ukraine into Russia?


March 22, 2022

Meanwhile there are only about 10 games left in the NBA 82 game pre-season….

The “regular” season ends April 5. And despite 10 of 15 teams making at least the play in round in each conference, in the eastern conference, three teams are already eliminated, and the Knicks and Wizards could be gone this weekend.

What’s next? Expanded playoffs?

Number #1 ranked women’s tennis player Ash Barty, 25, who just won the Australian Open, abruptly retired from tennis at age 25. “The first time is the hardest” said Brett Favre and Tom Brady.

Listening to Cory Booker after Tom Cotton is like taking a nice hot shower after crawling around in mud.

Tom Cotton is really underrated as an a**hole.

When Joe Biden said he would have a woman Vice President he didn’t know who it would be. When Joe Biden said he would choose a Black woman as his first SCOTUS pick, wouldn’t shock me if he wasn’t already leaning towards Ketanji Brown Jackson. Ketanji is incredibly impressive.

So President Biden did not choose Lindsey Graham’s preferred South Carolina judge for his SCOTUS nominee. And now questioning Ketanji Brown Jackson, Graham acted like a petty little b*tch whose BFF wasn’t chosen homecoming queen.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is admittedly getting up in years, but few things make her look better than following Lindsey Graham

Listening to discussions now between Klobuchar and others with SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson about “stare decisis.” Have to wonder how many GOP Senators hear “Starry decisis” and think it has to do with one of the women accusing Velveeta Voldemort?

Ketanji Brown Jackson “The Supreme Court has said right to vote is a right upon which all other rights are essentially founded…it’s a fundamental right.”

Amy Klobuchar -“That’s how Justice Barrett answered that question as well in her hearing.”

ICYMI, that’s Midwestern nice for saying “she lied.”

It truly boggles the mind that Ted Cruz and Ketanji Brown Jackson were classmates at Harvard Law School.

As a woman who often has bad hair days, reminder in advance of Marsha Blackburn’s questioning today: It really isn’t fair to attack Senator Blackburn on her questionable hair styles. It is, however, fair, to attack Senate Blackburn on her questionable relationship with the truth.

Dear Marsha Blackburn: If you claim to be pro-life but consistently vote against things like Democrats’ Child Tax Credit and family leave, can I respectfully suggest you put a baby bootie in it?

On “The Last Word” tonight – A young woman being interviewed from Mariupol saying she and her family hoped if they died it would be quick and not by starvation. Putin is evil. Period.

Changing places

March 22, 2022

Baseball fan are used to seeing the notation “TBD” for a team’s starting pitcher on a given day.

But watching the insanity with Panthers, Saints, Falcons, and the on and off retirement of Tom Brady, with the Bucs, “TBD” may well be a regular notation for 2022 starting QB’s in NFC South.

Lots of busted brackets after the first weekend of March Madness. But thinking even those who have long since shredded their pick sheets at least have to have enjoyed watching games that mean something, as opposed to what feels like an 82 game NBA pre-season.

Meanwhile, Atlanta Falcons just traded Matt Ryan, their best QB ever, to the Colts for a 2022 third-round pick? Amazed they didn’t ask Indianapolis to throw in a bag of peanuts too.

Charlie Kirk is quite simply his own best argument against the ideal of White Male Supremacy.

29 people shot at Arkansas car show, including children & one has died. Even Fox News should be covering it, right? Nah, their headline is about “weekend shootings in major Dem-run-city up 383% from 2021” Because 29 total people were also shot & wounded in all of New York City.

Ted Cruz seems especially cranky today. Almost as if he missed his flight back to DC yesterday and got belligerent enough that the police were called.

And how thrilled is Amy Klobuchar now in SCOTUS judiciary hearings that since Democrats are majority party now she doesn’t have to follow Ted Cruz?

Chuck Grassley in Ketanji Brown Jackson SCOTUS hearing says he’s emphasizing need for “thorough respectful process.” And repeats, “thorough, extensive process…” Grassley has just used word “thorough” more than his GOP colleagues did during entire Amy Comey Barrett hearings.

John Cornyn talking about how the Founders established three separate branches of government. Can he remind Senator Tuberville, who after his election said they were “The House, the Senate, and the executive…?

Not sure anyone knows the answer to Putin’s evil Ukraine invasion. And certainly Biden’s efforts with NATO must be kept somewhat secret so not to “give Putin a road map,” in Klobuchar’s words. But isn’t it nice to have a President working on solutions instead of rant tweeting?

Dear Media: We understand SCOTUS confirmation hearings are political theater.

But you are going to show Senators questioning Ketanji Brown Jackson, please give as much time to Democrats being positive as to Republicans trying to tear her down. Sincerely, a tired country.

Two halves make a whole?

March 20, 2022

Halftime score at Maples Pavilion in women’s basketball 2nd round game tonight: 33-31 Stanford over Kansas .

Final score: 91-65 Stanford. How much do we all want to know what Cardinal coach Tara Vanderveer said at halftime. And can we bottle it?

Dear Warriors fans: As a San Antonio Spurs fan in the San Francisco Bay Area after a 110-108 win on a rebounded missed free throw.

1. Yeah, there was one questionable foul at end against Golden State, but another ticky tack call in the last minute against San Antonio. And if it’s that close against the VERY young 2022 Spurs?

2. Popovich’s kids are close to knocking Lakers out of play-in game. Enjoy it.

Might be just possible Coach K was brushing away a tear after his last game against Tom Izzo. Well as Tom Brady and Brett Favre say, the first retirement is the hardest. #MarchMadness

Analysts say with demand up, airlines are confident they can quickly pass “100% of higher fuel costs” onto consumers. Uh, as a travel agent, my prediction, they will quickly pass MORE than 100% of higher fuel costs onto consumers.

So Ted Cruz apparently missed flight in Bozeman, MT & was videoed berating airline employee, with police having been called. Sigh, if this means he has to take a redeye to get to DC, Ted’s going to be especially charming at Monday’s judiciary hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson….

More on Ted Cruz missing flight today in Bozeman: I have clients there. Planes are often full & this is Sunday of spring break week… Best Ted could have hoped for, if he didn’t get stuck on redeye, probably middle seat in coach. Schadenfreude is bad, right? Anyone got pictures?

So now the “People’s Convoy” says they want the “Black Lives Matter” yellow letters removed from “Black Lives Matter” Plaza. Very white of them.

If GOP takes back the Senate, Ron Johnson wants to investigate Hunter Biden & his business dealings. Number of times Ron Johnson talked about investigating Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric’s business dealings? Zero

Do better, Wisconsin. Please vote Moscow Ron OUT.

Mitch McConnell today said the GOP’s pro-Putin wing is purely a few “lonely voices” in the House. So is he calling Velveeta Voldemort a “lonely voice?”

So Clarence Thomas reportedly does not have COVID, and should be released from the hospital in “a day or two.” He is, however, 73. Perhaps this might be a wake-up call to retire from SCOTUS and spend more time plotting coups with his family?

Still dancing..

March 20, 2022

Yeah, there’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world. But making a 2am decision Thursday morning to pick North Carolina over Baylor has put a smile on my face this morning.

(Okay, that smile got a little nervous more than once…. but no style points in basketball wins.)

Got to feel bit sorry for Murray State. Small university in southwestern Kentucky, normally could be perfect March Madness Cinderella story. Especially tonight expecting to play Kentucky And instead they play team most Americans are now rooting for – Saint Peters. #Peacocks

After the Peacocks’ second upset (of Murray State) puts them into the Sweet Sixteen, Saint Peters’ coach Shaheen Holloway about playing big games: “Practice is tough, this is easy.” Of course, if you practice hard enough, maybe that’s how it should be.

No doubt many of my brackets will crash to the ground by the time most people read this… but “with a little bit of luck…”

Tonight seeing complaints from Republicans about President Biden spending the weekend in Delaware. Wonder how much he’s making Secret Service spend for hotel rooms at his resort. Oh right, Joe doesn’t HAVE a resort… Never mind.

CNN headline “The future looks bleak for America’s largest department store chain.” Was less shocked that a department store chain is in trouble than that the largest department store chain in the country is now …..Kohl’s??!!

Since many in GOP claim their top focus on ending abortions, instead of just punishing women who might get pregnant once a year, why not law to punish men who have unprotected sex with women not their wives?

One man can cause a LOT of unwanted pregnancies.

Fox News & other conservative media love to talk about California gas prices on an ongoing basis. Wonder if they’re so concerned on costs for drivers that they never talk about the state with the toll roads in the country? Florida.

So some in media seem focused on how Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley will try in the Senate Judiciary committee to attack Ketanji Brown Jackson? How about a bit of time spent on, for starters, what Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar will say in Ketanji’s praise and defense?


March 19, 2022

Maybe all those who expect their politicians to be perfect should take a look tonight at their NCAA brackets.

Not a typo. After the first quarter of the first round game in Women’s NCAA basketball tournament, the score was Stanford 20, Montana State, 0.

Stanford women are good at basketball. #MarchMadness

Don’t care how good a QB he is. As a Saints fan I am intensely relieved that a man accused of sexual assault by 22(!) women is not coming to New Orleans. #WhoDat

Trevor Bauer congratulated Deshaun Watson on his new contract with the Browns. Well of course he did.

(Barf emoji)

I’m old enough to remember Billy Carter. Hunter Biden is as relevant to what his father is doing as President as Billy was to what his brother Jimmy was doing as President. Which was zero

CNN covering story of WH & NSC upset at Axios story based on fabricated letter purportedly written by Ukraine’s top national security official – .”Lot of disinformation about Ukraine right now. This is moment where taking extra time to verify reporting is even more essential than usual.”

I was taught in journalism classes it was ALWAYS that moment.

Do better, media.

RIP Alaska Rep, Don Young, 88. He actually was involved with impeachment hearings for THREE Presidents – Nixon in 1974, Clinton in 1998, and both impeachments for the Former Guy.

Kyle Rittenhouse posted pictures of his supposed crying on witness stand over killing people as a joking meme about gas prices. All you need to know about how awful & tone deaf it was – the clip is being shared and reported on not by Fox News etc but by liberal media.

Hearing one of Putin’s reported “conditions” for ending his evil invasion is that Ukraine would have to agree to go through “de-Nazification.” makes me wish I could say, in Russian, “Vladimir, go f*ck yourself.”


March 18, 2022

One thing I love about Barack Obama is he’s not afraid to put himself out there & risk being wrong. At 736p fundraising email for Obama Foundation had his March Madness picks. With Kentucky in Final Four.. (Mr. President, hope you’re wrong on Stanford women losing to South Carolina too.)

Okay, how many people even know where St. Peter’s University IS, let alone had them picked to upset Kentucky? (I had to look it up.)

The website for Saint Peters university crashed earlier tonight. Along with a whole lot of brackets.

Well so much for that Duke-Kentucky Coach K potential final rematch in the Final Four.

Dodgers pay $162 million for Freddie Freeman. Rockies pay $182 million for Kris Bryant. Yeah, I can see why MLB needed to lockout players because the owners couldn’t afford to stay in business otherwise.

Some are shocked Papa John’s is still in Russia. Remember when Papa John’s then CEO John Schnatter blamed sluggish pizza sales on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem?

We seem shocked, even with “State TV,” that many Russians seem to believe Putin’s lies about invading Ukraine, While we seem to have accepted, despite pictures & videos shown on even conservative US networks, that many MAGAs believe January 6 was “legitimate political discourse”.

Plenty of time for this later and not that we’re likely to get those apologies. But sure would be nice to hear those GOP Senators who voted not to impeach Velveeta Voldemort for extorting Ukraine to get fake dirt to use against Joe Biden to say “We made a mistake.”

All snark aside, have to wonder why the media doesn’t unite in mocking those who are anti-booster shots. Even my cats need updates to the vaccines they got as kittens!

All you need to know about today’s GOP is that House leader Kevin McCarthy stripped power from Liz Cheney because she wants to find the truth about January 6. While shrugging off Marjorie Three Names’ lies on a regular basis.

Florida Senator Rick Scott proposes cutting the IRS budget in half. Well, heck, why doesn’t Scott propose just putting his rich donors on the honor system? Or is that coming next?

Hunter Biden wasn’t elected to anything Hunter Biden was not named a White House Special Advisor to anything. Hunter Biden’s father isn’t extorting other countries on his behalf. Can we be done now?

Through the years

March 17, 2022

Russell Wilson, 33, now introduced as the new Denver Broncos QB. My goal is to play 10 or 12 more years.

So he wants to retire at the same time eventually as Tom Brady?.

After a long and at time bitter lockout where owners claimed they couldn’t afford all kinds of things like underpaid minor league staff, the Rockies and Dodgers have just paid about $350 million for contracts for two players only – (Kris Bryant and Freddie Freeman.)

So does Sarah Palin have any insights on the current situation with Putin – since she’s presumably been keeping an eye on Russia from her house?

If Velveeta Voldemort had hotels in Russia you know he’d be keeping them open now.

President Zelenskyy is standing up against a tyrant who is trying to have him killed. Many Republicans are afraid to stand up against a wannabe tyrant who might endorse a GOP primary opponent.

Flipping through hotel TV channels and randomly found a commercial (on Fox) for Mike Huckabee “former Presidential Candidate” for “Relaxium” sleep aid. Can a Mr. Pillow ad be far behind?

Was on a plane for five hours without Wi-Fi. Miss the days when you could joke about “hope the world doesn’t come to an end while I’m off-line.”

Scary to watch how unhinged Putin is now and wondering just how bad Velveeta Voldemort might have been had he won re-election.

Sometimes worlds overlap in lovely unexpected ways. Just called Delta Airlines 24-7 sales support, for travel client w/ very complicated problem. Agent said she was in Minneapolis, told her I’m fan of her senator. Turns out she loves Amy Klobuchar & fixed the problem. No joke.


Beyond madness.

March 15, 2022

Not that any of the organizers care. But would be interesting if the March Madness pools required that to pick a team in one of your brackets, you needed to be able to name the coach and/or at least one player on that team.

Veteran Packers WR Davante Adams, 29, has informed the team that he will not play under the franchise tag in 2022,  Translation – he saw the deal Aaron Rodgers got? Or Davante wants to be a youthful target for Tom Brady in Tampa?

As Idaho passes an anti-abortion bill almost as draconian as Texas’s, remember, this bill doesn’t stop Idaho women from getting abortions, only those who can’t afford to travel to a blue state for the weekend. So wives, girlfriends & daughters of GOP politicians aren’t affected.

All you need to know about Fox News is that that with most of the free world united behind Ukraine, they are standing behind Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson.

For all those horrified at what Putin is doing to anyone in Russia, including media, who dares criticize him… remember in 2017, for the same reason, the Former Guy threatened to shut down NBC..’-

As much as I cannot stand Moscow Mitch McConnell I know he delivers a lot of pork and prestige for his state. But seriously, Kentucky, what the h*ll were you thinking electing Rand Paul?

Anyone thinking oil companies will quickly lower prices now oil is below $100 a barrel- travel agents remember when airlines put 1st fuel surcharges on for intl travel in 2004. Kept them when prices fell & now they’re called carrier surcharges. Can be over $1000 for international tickets.

And while most American politicians, though they disagree on solutions, are concerned about the horrors going on in Ukraine, Velveeta Voldemort is sending several fundraising emails A DAY without mentioning Putin, Ukraine, or anything but his own grievances & need for money.

Meanwhile GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn are bitching about higher gas prices. So when can we expect them to urge their Senate colleagues to support Amy Klobuchar’s antitrust-competition bills to stop oil company price gouging?

What’s in a name?

March 14, 2022

I know today is Selection Sunday. But maybe with everything going on in Ukraine, this might be a good year to find a temporary NCAA tournament name other than “March Madness.”

So this year the NCAA, besides picking 68 teams for the tournament, listed their “First Four Out.” – the teams that just missed out – Dayton, SMU, Texas A&M and Oklahoma.

Not surprisingly, fans of those four schools are furious.

Have we heard yet from the schools who are equally angry because they believe they should be in the top 72?

Tom Brady is un-retiring and says he will play for the Buccaneers next year. Translation, Gisele is already tired of having him around the house?

So is Tom Brady enough of a narcissist he didn’t really intend to retire but just wanted to grab some headlines from a Super Bowl he wasn’t going to be playing in?

Maybe Brady didn’t announce his temporary retirement just after NFC/AFC championships to take attention from Super Bowl. And he’d never unretire deliberately on Selection Sunday, NCAA basketball’s biggest day…

RIP William Hurt. Way too young at 71. While he didn’t get an Oscar nomination for it, the Big Chill, while parts of it haven’t aged well (like all of us) remains one of my favorite movies. With one of the best soundtracks ever.

Four Senators, Amy Klobuchar, Roger Wicker, Richard Blumenthal and Rob Portman flew over to Poland, 15 miles from where Russia bombed Ukraine, today to meet with military and other leaders.

And how many other Senators, especially Republicans, bravely took to Twitter to complain about President Biden response to Putin’s invasion?

After 4 years of US President who told police not to be “too nice” to protesters, referred to other nations as sh*thole countries, to immigrants as “animals,” & to journalists as enemies of the people…. Is anyone really shocked his puppetmaster is being so evil in Ukraine?

If you’re a star they let you do it….?

March 13, 2022

Criminal grand jury in Texas declined to indict Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson, despite 22 civil lawsuits filed by women accusing him of sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. They decided it’s just a He Said, She Said, She Said, She Said, She Said……situation?

Reports that Joe Buck will leave Fox Sports and join ESPN to become voice of ‘Monday Night Football.’ Does this mean Buck won’t be calling the World Series anymore? Doesn’t make up for the obscenity of the DH in NL? But #smallmercies

Heard from a friend – with the lockout, MLB punished fans harder than they punished the Houston Astros.

Why doesn’t the media spend as much time covering what Hillary Clinton says as what Velveeta Voldemort says? 1. She cares about the country instead of just herself. 2. She’s been right all along.


Many Americans are wondering how Russians could possibly fall for propaganda claiming Putin is telling nothing but the truth. Many of those same Americans believe every word Velveeta Voldemort says.

My head hurts..

Apparently Putin put head of foreign intelligence branch under house arrest because he’s furious security services didn’t warn Ukraine could fiercely resist invasion. Because nothing is ever Vlad’s fault. Where have we heard that before?

Speaking last night, Clarence Thomas attacked Democrats who talk about changing the Supreme Court “At some point the institution is going to be compromised.” And he said it with a straight face.

Wisconsin crime lab destroyed rifle Kyle Rittenhouse used to fatally shoot 2 people in Kenosha. Kyle had asked for it back claiming he would destroy the gun himself “so that no one would profit off the weapon.” Uh, does ANYONE believe that? Maybe no one profit off it but him.

Joe Manchin annoyed at Chair of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) over perceived stalled natural gas pipeline permits & told him to “do your damn job.” Exactly the 4 words millions of Democrats & many of his fellow Senators want to tell Manchin on voting rights.

How many strikes?

March 11, 2022

Baseball is back. Now how many players will be injured after a shortened spring training? And how many Arizona businesses won’t make it after losing a month of their busiest time of year? Still mad at MLB owners.

So after saying less than 24 hours ago that weeks of the season were canceled, the owners agreed to have a full season when players went against MLBPA players executive commitee recommendations and agreed to a deal.

Of course, now that owners twice in a week claimed it was players’ last chance why should players have any reason to mistrust the deal they just agreed to?

And here we go…while COVID restrictions are loosening in many parts of the world, had a client about to make his first international business trip. Which may be canceled because the biggest meeting is scheduled in Poland.

F*ck Putin.

So on top of all the nasty out-of-touch crap Velveeta Voldemort is spewing while Ukraine is being bombed, he’s sending regular emails today about a cash “blitz.” #tonedeaf as well as despicable.

The only good thing about the Former Guy begging for money on a non-stop basis, have heard stories that it’s making it harder for other GOP candidates to fundraise.


Madison Cawthorn just called Zelensky a THUG. The GOP race to the bottom continues.

Ron DeSantis to sign law against “any corporate training making employees feel discomfort or distress by suggesting they’re responsible for actions “committed in past by other members of same race, color, sex…” Translation: Homophobes, racists, misogynists -welcome to Florida.

And Florida also has the #DontSayGay bill which prohibits school instruction on “sexual orientation or gender identity in manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.” Supporters say vague language is “innocuous.”

If it was, GOP wouldn’t have passed law. #SayGay