Springing forward.

NY Mets ace Jacob deGrom felt tightness in his right shoulder and may miss Friday’s spring start.

Does this mean deGrom might miss his chance for a 1-0 Opening Day Loss?

Congratulations to Xavier, winners of the NIT basketball tournament.

Wonder how many Americans know there is still an NIT basketball tournament?

California leading the way: We knew before the Truth Social site launched that anything led by Devin Nunes was bound to fail.

Republicans will have you believe they care enough about life that they’ll vote to take away a woman’s right to choose a few weeks after conception. At the same time they’ll vote against making life-saving insulin affordable for both children and adults.

193 House Republicans voted against capping the price of insulin.

100% of those 193 Republicans have great government health benefits that mean they aren’t concerned with the price of insulin.

Thinking many in Florida have no idea what DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill actually means. It’s not about protecting young children from things they weren’t going to be taught anyway. It allows mean-spirited people to go after teachers with same sex partners… For starters.

Wording from “Don’t Say Gay,” bill “Not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” Very vague. On purpose. Parents can sue for anything- .rainbow flag, photo of a same sex partner, talking about Pete & Chasten Buttigieg…?

So Velveeta Voldemort was impeached for allegedly trying to get Ukraine to give him dirt on Hunter Biden? And now he’s publicly trying to get Russia to give him dirt on Hunter AND Joe Biden? Yeah, he learned his lesson alright.

If this insane focus on a man slapping someone over a joke keeps up, how long until one of our headline-hunting congresswomen from Colorado or Georgia takes a swing at some reporter?

Wonder how many of these anti-vaxxers are refusing to get their pets their rabies, distemper and other shots?

So all these folks insisting vaccines don’t work because you need a booster. Wonder how they’d feel if a pharmacist refused to re-fill their Viagra prescription for the same reason?

Stephen Colbert reports that the Ukrainian government now (no joke) has a stamp honoring the soldiers who told the Russian warship to “Go F*ck Yourself.” Adding “I hope it’s a Forever stamp.”

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2 Comments on “Springing forward.”

  1. Kit Ashley Says:

    Is it just a bit ironic that Fox, in full throat supporting Florida’s “don’t say gay” legislation, hire ex-Bruce Jenner as a commentator?

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