Changing faces

Did Tom Brady call Bruce Arians tonight and tell him, don’t worry, the first retirement is the hardest?

NBA regular season ends a week from Sunday. (April 10.)

Which will be two months and nine days from the end of the NBA finals if they go seven games.

If baseball worked that way we’d have the World Series into mid-December.

Although, on the other hand, with a three week baseball spring training, how many Americans are ready to care by opening day?

If Watergate happened now, I presume Nixon and Agnew would have big book deals, and Haldeman, Erlichman and John Mitchell would all have have been hired by major networks?

And which network will be the first to hire Ivanka as a contributor?

I grew up with Walter Cronkite. I grew up admiring Walter Cronkite. Was “Uncle Walter” perfect? No. But pretty sure he wouldn’t sell out our democracy for ratings. Do better, media.

Let’s see: Fox News is nonstop anti-Democrat and anti-Biden. Other right-wing smaller networks & websites are worse. CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, along with NY Times, Washington Post etc, would both sides a mobius strip. And we wonder why President Biden’s approval numbers are low?

So if Clarence Thomas had slapped a comic who jokingly accused his wife of treason instead of trying to shield White House records THEN would the media have made Ginni’s texts more than a one day story?

So GOP remains apoplectic about the idea that Hunter Biden got job opportunities based on his father’s position. I missed their outrage on Meghan McCain and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

On an optimistic note… Today reminded us that Susan Collins used to be a Senator respected on both sides of the aisle instead of often being a punchline. Glad she’s on board with Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Senator Marsha Blackburn is doubling down on her lie that Ketanji Brown Jackson doesn’t know what a “woman” is.

Would it be churlish to say that I have no problem defining what a racist homophobic *b*tch” is?

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