Maybe all those who expect their politicians to be perfect should take a look tonight at their NCAA brackets.

Not a typo. After the first quarter of the first round game in Women’s NCAA basketball tournament, the score was Stanford 20, Montana State, 0.

Stanford women are good at basketball. #MarchMadness

Don’t care how good a QB he is. As a Saints fan I am intensely relieved that a man accused of sexual assault by 22(!) women is not coming to New Orleans. #WhoDat

Trevor Bauer congratulated Deshaun Watson on his new contract with the Browns. Well of course he did.

(Barf emoji)

I’m old enough to remember Billy Carter. Hunter Biden is as relevant to what his father is doing as President as Billy was to what his brother Jimmy was doing as President. Which was zero

CNN covering story of WH & NSC upset at Axios story based on fabricated letter purportedly written by Ukraine’s top national security official – .”Lot of disinformation about Ukraine right now. This is moment where taking extra time to verify reporting is even more essential than usual.”

I was taught in journalism classes it was ALWAYS that moment.

Do better, media.

RIP Alaska Rep, Don Young, 88. He actually was involved with impeachment hearings for THREE Presidents – Nixon in 1974, Clinton in 1998, and both impeachments for the Former Guy.

Kyle Rittenhouse posted pictures of his supposed crying on witness stand over killing people as a joking meme about gas prices. All you need to know about how awful & tone deaf it was – the clip is being shared and reported on not by Fox News etc but by liberal media.

Hearing one of Putin’s reported “conditions” for ending his evil invasion is that Ukraine would have to agree to go through “de-Nazification.” makes me wish I could say, in Russian, “Vladimir, go f*ck yourself.”

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