Still dancing..

Yeah, there’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world. But making a 2am decision Thursday morning to pick North Carolina over Baylor has put a smile on my face this morning.

(Okay, that smile got a little nervous more than once…. but no style points in basketball wins.)

Got to feel bit sorry for Murray State. Small university in southwestern Kentucky, normally could be perfect March Madness Cinderella story. Especially tonight expecting to play Kentucky And instead they play team most Americans are now rooting for – Saint Peters. #Peacocks

After the Peacocks’ second upset (of Murray State) puts them into the Sweet Sixteen, Saint Peters’ coach Shaheen Holloway about playing big games: “Practice is tough, this is easy.” Of course, if you practice hard enough, maybe that’s how it should be.

No doubt many of my brackets will crash to the ground by the time most people read this… but “with a little bit of luck…”

Tonight seeing complaints from Republicans about President Biden spending the weekend in Delaware. Wonder how much he’s making Secret Service spend for hotel rooms at his resort. Oh right, Joe doesn’t HAVE a resort… Never mind.

CNN headline “The future looks bleak for America’s largest department store chain.” Was less shocked that a department store chain is in trouble than that the largest department store chain in the country is now …..Kohl’s??!!

Since many in GOP claim their top focus on ending abortions, instead of just punishing women who might get pregnant once a year, why not law to punish men who have unprotected sex with women not their wives?

One man can cause a LOT of unwanted pregnancies.

Fox News & other conservative media love to talk about California gas prices on an ongoing basis. Wonder if they’re so concerned on costs for drivers that they never talk about the state with the toll roads in the country? Florida.

So some in media seem focused on how Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley will try in the Senate Judiciary committee to attack Ketanji Brown Jackson? How about a bit of time spent on, for starters, what Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar will say in Ketanji’s praise and defense?

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