Two halves make a whole?

Halftime score at Maples Pavilion in women’s basketball 2nd round game tonight: 33-31 Stanford over Kansas .

Final score: 91-65 Stanford. How much do we all want to know what Cardinal coach Tara Vanderveer said at halftime. And can we bottle it?

Dear Warriors fans: As a San Antonio Spurs fan in the San Francisco Bay Area after a 110-108 win on a rebounded missed free throw.

1. Yeah, there was one questionable foul at end against Golden State, but another ticky tack call in the last minute against San Antonio. And if it’s that close against the VERY young 2022 Spurs?

2. Popovich’s kids are close to knocking Lakers out of play-in game. Enjoy it.

Might be just possible Coach K was brushing away a tear after his last game against Tom Izzo. Well as Tom Brady and Brett Favre say, the first retirement is the hardest. #MarchMadness

Analysts say with demand up, airlines are confident they can quickly pass “100% of higher fuel costs” onto consumers. Uh, as a travel agent, my prediction, they will quickly pass MORE than 100% of higher fuel costs onto consumers.

So Ted Cruz apparently missed flight in Bozeman, MT & was videoed berating airline employee, with police having been called. Sigh, if this means he has to take a redeye to get to DC, Ted’s going to be especially charming at Monday’s judiciary hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson….

More on Ted Cruz missing flight today in Bozeman: I have clients there. Planes are often full & this is Sunday of spring break week… Best Ted could have hoped for, if he didn’t get stuck on redeye, probably middle seat in coach. Schadenfreude is bad, right? Anyone got pictures?

So now the “People’s Convoy” says they want the “Black Lives Matter” yellow letters removed from “Black Lives Matter” Plaza. Very white of them.

If GOP takes back the Senate, Ron Johnson wants to investigate Hunter Biden & his business dealings. Number of times Ron Johnson talked about investigating Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric’s business dealings? Zero

Do better, Wisconsin. Please vote Moscow Ron OUT.

Mitch McConnell today said the GOP’s pro-Putin wing is purely a few “lonely voices” in the House. So is he calling Velveeta Voldemort a “lonely voice?”

So Clarence Thomas reportedly does not have COVID, and should be released from the hospital in “a day or two.” He is, however, 73. Perhaps this might be a wake-up call to retire from SCOTUS and spend more time plotting coups with his family?

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