Changing places

Baseball fan are used to seeing the notation “TBD” for a team’s starting pitcher on a given day.

But watching the insanity with Panthers, Saints, Falcons, and the on and off retirement of Tom Brady, with the Bucs, “TBD” may well be a regular notation for 2022 starting QB’s in NFC South.

Lots of busted brackets after the first weekend of March Madness. But thinking even those who have long since shredded their pick sheets at least have to have enjoyed watching games that mean something, as opposed to what feels like an 82 game NBA pre-season.

Meanwhile, Atlanta Falcons just traded Matt Ryan, their best QB ever, to the Colts for a 2022 third-round pick? Amazed they didn’t ask Indianapolis to throw in a bag of peanuts too.

Charlie Kirk is quite simply his own best argument against the ideal of White Male Supremacy.

29 people shot at Arkansas car show, including children & one has died. Even Fox News should be covering it, right? Nah, their headline is about “weekend shootings in major Dem-run-city up 383% from 2021” Because 29 total people were also shot & wounded in all of New York City.

Ted Cruz seems especially cranky today. Almost as if he missed his flight back to DC yesterday and got belligerent enough that the police were called.

And how thrilled is Amy Klobuchar now in SCOTUS judiciary hearings that since Democrats are majority party now she doesn’t have to follow Ted Cruz?

Chuck Grassley in Ketanji Brown Jackson SCOTUS hearing says he’s emphasizing need for “thorough respectful process.” And repeats, “thorough, extensive process…” Grassley has just used word “thorough” more than his GOP colleagues did during entire Amy Comey Barrett hearings.

John Cornyn talking about how the Founders established three separate branches of government. Can he remind Senator Tuberville, who after his election said they were “The House, the Senate, and the executive…?

Not sure anyone knows the answer to Putin’s evil Ukraine invasion. And certainly Biden’s efforts with NATO must be kept somewhat secret so not to “give Putin a road map,” in Klobuchar’s words. But isn’t it nice to have a President working on solutions instead of rant tweeting?

Dear Media: We understand SCOTUS confirmation hearings are political theater.

But you are going to show Senators questioning Ketanji Brown Jackson, please give as much time to Democrats being positive as to Republicans trying to tear her down. Sincerely, a tired country.

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