Meanwhile there are only about 10 games left in the NBA 82 game pre-season….

The “regular” season ends April 5. And despite 10 of 15 teams making at least the play in round in each conference, in the eastern conference, three teams are already eliminated, and the Knicks and Wizards could be gone this weekend.

What’s next? Expanded playoffs?

Number #1 ranked women’s tennis player Ash Barty, 25, who just won the Australian Open, abruptly retired from tennis at age 25. “The first time is the hardest” said Brett Favre and Tom Brady.

Listening to Cory Booker after Tom Cotton is like taking a nice hot shower after crawling around in mud.

Tom Cotton is really underrated as an a**hole.

When Joe Biden said he would have a woman Vice President he didn’t know who it would be. When Joe Biden said he would choose a Black woman as his first SCOTUS pick, wouldn’t shock me if he wasn’t already leaning towards Ketanji Brown Jackson. Ketanji is incredibly impressive.

So President Biden did not choose Lindsey Graham’s preferred South Carolina judge for his SCOTUS nominee. And now questioning Ketanji Brown Jackson, Graham acted like a petty little b*tch whose BFF wasn’t chosen homecoming queen.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is admittedly getting up in years, but few things make her look better than following Lindsey Graham

Listening to discussions now between Klobuchar and others with SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson about “stare decisis.” Have to wonder how many GOP Senators hear “Starry decisis” and think it has to do with one of the women accusing Velveeta Voldemort?

Ketanji Brown Jackson “The Supreme Court has said right to vote is a right upon which all other rights are essentially founded…it’s a fundamental right.”

Amy Klobuchar -“That’s how Justice Barrett answered that question as well in her hearing.”

ICYMI, that’s Midwestern nice for saying “she lied.”

It truly boggles the mind that Ted Cruz and Ketanji Brown Jackson were classmates at Harvard Law School.

As a woman who often has bad hair days, reminder in advance of Marsha Blackburn’s questioning today: It really isn’t fair to attack Senator Blackburn on her questionable hair styles. It is, however, fair, to attack Senate Blackburn on her questionable relationship with the truth.

Dear Marsha Blackburn: If you claim to be pro-life but consistently vote against things like Democrats’ Child Tax Credit and family leave, can I respectfully suggest you put a baby bootie in it?

On “The Last Word” tonight – A young woman being interviewed from Mariupol saying she and her family hoped if they died it would be quick and not by starvation. Putin is evil. Period.

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