Nothing could go wrong, wrong wong…

NYC Mayor Eric Adams lifting city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on athletes Thursday, so Kyrie Irving can play at Barclays Center on Sunday & unvaccinated Yankees & Mets players can play in home openers. Reminder though, karma & her buddy science are ALWAYS the home team.

A late-season loss to the Philadelphia 76ers without Lebron James wouldn’t seem that odd for the Lakers pre-playoffs.

But how about that Los Angeles, clinging to the 9th seed and play-in game, is currently 31.42.

A .425 winning percentage for the playoffs. Is that where MLB is heading?

At Bozeman airport, a United Airlines reservations agent called in a police officer to deal with Ted Cruz being verbally abusive. Maybe Senate Judiciary chair Dick Durbin should consider doing the same.

Today Ted bleeping Cruz used the example of Lindsey Graham going 10 minutes over his allotted time to complain that he isn’t getting to go over the same amount…? NBC SNL writers couldn’t dream this “stuff” up.

At the Oscars they just cut someone’s mic off when they go over their time. Seems like it shouldn’t be hard to do the same in Senate Judiciary committee. Especially with all the BAD acting going on.

So if GOP are choosing to be outraged over a few times Ketanji Brown Jackson went under sentencing guidelines where the h*ll were they when Judge Regina Chu tossed minimum sentencing guidelines out the window for Daunte Wright’s killer Kim Potter?

Considering how much Freud nailed projection with the Republicans ranting about voter fraud, you’ve got to wonder about their focus right now on child pornography.

Maybe Amy Klobuchar’s most important question to Ketanji, who’ll be on 6-3 court, is on dissents. Amy reminded us of RBG’s dissents – during eulogy, rabbi said “they were not cries of defeats, they were blueprints for the future.” Think Jackson will be writing many “blueprints”

But if you haven’t watched Cory Booker’s second round of questioning today at SCOTUS hearings, you should. Plenty of links.

And maybe have a tissue handy, Ketanji Brown Jackson needed one.

R.I.P Madeleine Albright. “I don’t think frankly that I was rougher, tougher or anything than any man. I just think people were surprised to hear that language from a woman.”

As Ukranians fight now for for the 30th day against the Russian invasion, did Vladimir Putin figure he could just Sharpie the Ukraine into Russia?

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