One thing I love about Barack Obama is he’s not afraid to put himself out there & risk being wrong. At 736p fundraising email for Obama Foundation had his March Madness picks. With Kentucky in Final Four.. (Mr. President, hope you’re wrong on Stanford women losing to South Carolina too.)

Okay, how many people even know where St. Peter’s University IS, let alone had them picked to upset Kentucky? (I had to look it up.)

The website for Saint Peters university crashed earlier tonight. Along with a whole lot of brackets. https://saintpeters.edu

Well so much for that Duke-Kentucky Coach K potential final rematch in the Final Four.

Dodgers pay $162 million for Freddie Freeman. Rockies pay $182 million for Kris Bryant. Yeah, I can see why MLB needed to lockout players because the owners couldn’t afford to stay in business otherwise.

Some are shocked Papa John’s is still in Russia. Remember when Papa John’s then CEO John Schnatter blamed sluggish pizza sales on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem?

We seem shocked, even with “State TV,” that many Russians seem to believe Putin’s lies about invading Ukraine, While we seem to have accepted, despite pictures & videos shown on even conservative US networks, that many MAGAs believe January 6 was “legitimate political discourse”.

Plenty of time for this later and not that we’re likely to get those apologies. But sure would be nice to hear those GOP Senators who voted not to impeach Velveeta Voldemort for extorting Ukraine to get fake dirt to use against Joe Biden to say “We made a mistake.”

All snark aside, have to wonder why the media doesn’t unite in mocking those who are anti-booster shots. Even my cats need updates to the vaccines they got as kittens!

All you need to know about today’s GOP is that House leader Kevin McCarthy stripped power from Liz Cheney because she wants to find the truth about January 6. While shrugging off Marjorie Three Names’ lies on a regular basis.

Florida Senator Rick Scott proposes cutting the IRS budget in half. Well, heck, why doesn’t Scott propose just putting his rich donors on the honor system? Or is that coming next?

Hunter Biden wasn’t elected to anything Hunter Biden was not named a White House Special Advisor to anything. Hunter Biden’s father isn’t extorting other countries on his behalf. Can we be done now?

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