Through the years

Russell Wilson, 33, now introduced as the new Denver Broncos QB. My goal is to play 10 or 12 more years.

So he wants to retire at the same time eventually as Tom Brady?.

After a long and at time bitter lockout where owners claimed they couldn’t afford all kinds of things like underpaid minor league staff, the Rockies and Dodgers have just paid about $350 million for contracts for two players only – (Kris Bryant and Freddie Freeman.)

So does Sarah Palin have any insights on the current situation with Putin – since she’s presumably been keeping an eye on Russia from her house?

If Velveeta Voldemort had hotels in Russia you know he’d be keeping them open now.

President Zelenskyy is standing up against a tyrant who is trying to have him killed. Many Republicans are afraid to stand up against a wannabe tyrant who might endorse a GOP primary opponent.

Flipping through hotel TV channels and randomly found a commercial (on Fox) for Mike Huckabee “former Presidential Candidate” for “Relaxium” sleep aid. Can a Mr. Pillow ad be far behind?

Was on a plane for five hours without Wi-Fi. Miss the days when you could joke about “hope the world doesn’t come to an end while I’m off-line.”

Scary to watch how unhinged Putin is now and wondering just how bad Velveeta Voldemort might have been had he won re-election.

Sometimes worlds overlap in lovely unexpected ways. Just called Delta Airlines 24-7 sales support, for travel client w/ very complicated problem. Agent said she was in Minneapolis, told her I’m fan of her senator. Turns out she loves Amy Klobuchar & fixed the problem. No joke.

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