Beyond madness.

Not that any of the organizers care. But would be interesting if the March Madness pools required that to pick a team in one of your brackets, you needed to be able to name the coach and/or at least one player on that team.

Veteran Packers WR Davante Adams, 29, has informed the team that he will not play under the franchise tag in 2022,  Translation – he saw the deal Aaron Rodgers got? Or Davante wants to be a youthful target for Tom Brady in Tampa?

As Idaho passes an anti-abortion bill almost as draconian as Texas’s, remember, this bill doesn’t stop Idaho women from getting abortions, only those who can’t afford to travel to a blue state for the weekend. So wives, girlfriends & daughters of GOP politicians aren’t affected.

All you need to know about Fox News is that that with most of the free world united behind Ukraine, they are standing behind Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson.

For all those horrified at what Putin is doing to anyone in Russia, including media, who dares criticize him… remember in 2017, for the same reason, the Former Guy threatened to shut down NBC..’-

As much as I cannot stand Moscow Mitch McConnell I know he delivers a lot of pork and prestige for his state. But seriously, Kentucky, what the h*ll were you thinking electing Rand Paul?

Anyone thinking oil companies will quickly lower prices now oil is below $100 a barrel- travel agents remember when airlines put 1st fuel surcharges on for intl travel in 2004. Kept them when prices fell & now they’re called carrier surcharges. Can be over $1000 for international tickets.

And while most American politicians, though they disagree on solutions, are concerned about the horrors going on in Ukraine, Velveeta Voldemort is sending several fundraising emails A DAY without mentioning Putin, Ukraine, or anything but his own grievances & need for money.

Meanwhile GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn are bitching about higher gas prices. So when can we expect them to urge their Senate colleagues to support Amy Klobuchar’s antitrust-competition bills to stop oil company price gouging?

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