What’s in a name?

I know today is Selection Sunday. But maybe with everything going on in Ukraine, this might be a good year to find a temporary NCAA tournament name other than “March Madness.”

So this year the NCAA, besides picking 68 teams for the tournament, listed their “First Four Out.” – the teams that just missed out – Dayton, SMU, Texas A&M and Oklahoma.

Not surprisingly, fans of those four schools are furious.

Have we heard yet from the schools who are equally angry because they believe they should be in the top 72?

Tom Brady is un-retiring and says he will play for the Buccaneers next year. Translation, Gisele is already tired of having him around the house?

So is Tom Brady enough of a narcissist he didn’t really intend to retire but just wanted to grab some headlines from a Super Bowl he wasn’t going to be playing in?

Maybe Brady didn’t announce his temporary retirement just after NFC/AFC championships to take attention from Super Bowl. And he’d never unretire deliberately on Selection Sunday, NCAA basketball’s biggest day…

RIP William Hurt. Way too young at 71. While he didn’t get an Oscar nomination for it, the Big Chill, while parts of it haven’t aged well (like all of us) remains one of my favorite movies. With one of the best soundtracks ever.

Four Senators, Amy Klobuchar, Roger Wicker, Richard Blumenthal and Rob Portman flew over to Poland, 15 miles from where Russia bombed Ukraine, today to meet with military and other leaders.

And how many other Senators, especially Republicans, bravely took to Twitter to complain about President Biden response to Putin’s invasion?

After 4 years of US President who told police not to be “too nice” to protesters, referred to other nations as sh*thole countries, to immigrants as “animals,” & to journalists as enemies of the people…. Is anyone really shocked his puppetmaster is being so evil in Ukraine?

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