If you’re a star they let you do it….?

Criminal grand jury in Texas declined to indict Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson, despite 22 civil lawsuits filed by women accusing him of sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. They decided it’s just a He Said, She Said, She Said, She Said, She Said……situation?

Reports that Joe Buck will leave Fox Sports and join ESPN to become voice of ‘Monday Night Football.’ Does this mean Buck won’t be calling the World Series anymore? Doesn’t make up for the obscenity of the DH in NL? But #smallmercies

Heard from a friend – with the lockout, MLB punished fans harder than they punished the Houston Astros.

Why doesn’t the media spend as much time covering what Hillary Clinton says as what Velveeta Voldemort says? 1. She cares about the country instead of just herself. 2. She’s been right all along.


Many Americans are wondering how Russians could possibly fall for propaganda claiming Putin is telling nothing but the truth. Many of those same Americans believe every word Velveeta Voldemort says.

My head hurts..

Apparently Putin put head of foreign intelligence branch under house arrest because he’s furious security services didn’t warn Ukraine could fiercely resist invasion. Because nothing is ever Vlad’s fault. Where have we heard that before?

Speaking last night, Clarence Thomas attacked Democrats who talk about changing the Supreme Court “At some point the institution is going to be compromised.” And he said it with a straight face.

Wisconsin crime lab destroyed rifle Kyle Rittenhouse used to fatally shoot 2 people in Kenosha. Kyle had asked for it back claiming he would destroy the gun himself “so that no one would profit off the weapon.” Uh, does ANYONE believe that? Maybe no one profit off it but him.

Joe Manchin annoyed at Chair of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) over perceived stalled natural gas pipeline permits & told him to “do your damn job.” Exactly the 4 words millions of Democrats & many of his fellow Senators want to tell Manchin on voting rights.

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