How many strikes?

Baseball is back. Now how many players will be injured after a shortened spring training? And how many Arizona businesses won’t make it after losing a month of their busiest time of year? Still mad at MLB owners.

So after saying less than 24 hours ago that weeks of the season were canceled, the owners agreed to have a full season when players went against MLBPA players executive commitee recommendations and agreed to a deal.

Of course, now that owners twice in a week claimed it was players’ last chance why should players have any reason to mistrust the deal they just agreed to?

And here we go…while COVID restrictions are loosening in many parts of the world, had a client about to make his first international business trip. Which may be canceled because the biggest meeting is scheduled in Poland.

F*ck Putin.

So on top of all the nasty out-of-touch crap Velveeta Voldemort is spewing while Ukraine is being bombed, he’s sending regular emails today about a cash “blitz.” #tonedeaf as well as despicable.

The only good thing about the Former Guy begging for money on a non-stop basis, have heard stories that it’s making it harder for other GOP candidates to fundraise.


Madison Cawthorn just called Zelensky a THUG. The GOP race to the bottom continues.

Ron DeSantis to sign law against “any corporate training making employees feel discomfort or distress by suggesting they’re responsible for actions “committed in past by other members of same race, color, sex…” Translation: Homophobes, racists, misogynists -welcome to Florida.

And Florida also has the #DontSayGay bill which prohibits school instruction on “sexual orientation or gender identity in manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.” Supporters say vague language is “innocuous.”

If it was, GOP wouldn’t have passed law. #SayGay

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