Still not playing ball

MLB just canceled the second week of the regular season. So did owners decide as long as Russian invasion of Ukraine is going on Americans don’t have the bandwidth to be outraged?

At this point MLB opening day at the earliest will be Jackie Robinson Day.

Your reminder, most MLB owners didn’t want Jackie Robinson to play ball either.

Noticed MLB has followed MLBPA in creating fund for spring training stadium workers who will lose money due to lockout. What about restaurants, bars & other small businesses who count on Feb & March for a substantial part of their revenue? After COVID losses in 2020 & 2021.

Stephen Colbert points out no one knows what “Z” which is being used as symbol supporting Russian invasion of Ukraine, means. Z doesn’t exist in Cyrillic Russian alphabet. Well, with sanctions maybe Z was the only letter left at Russian ruble equivalent of Dollar store?

Although maybe “Z” is the Russian “Q?” And is JFK Jr somehow involved?

Russian oil accounts for only about 8 percent of U.S. oil imports. So why are gas prices skyrocketing? (Take a look at oil company stocks, for starters.)

Apparently Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott are still operating locations in Russia. Uh, with all the sanctions, planes grounded, banks closed, etc, uh, for exactly what kind of travel these days?

Disney CEO Bob Chapek, who has not condemned Florida’s #DontSayGay bill, said he called Governor Ron DeSantis today to convey the company’s “disappointment and concern.” “Disappointment and concern?” So when Chapek retires will he run for the Senate in Maine?

Governor Ron DeSantis’s Florida now is telling children not to get vaccinated for COVID, and new state guidance says 16 & 17 year old children may face more risk from the vaccine than from the virus… I miss the days when Florida man was only a danger to himself.

Former Velveeta Voldemort Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham was on “The View” yesterday. Uh, if she couldn’t be bothered to have a press conference when it was her job, why should anyone watch her now. Asking for a country tired of this BS.

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