All bets are off?

Atlanta WR Calvin Ridley suspended at least a year by NFL for betting on games. He apparently placed parlay bets involving 3, 5 & 8 games while on injured list -all including Falcons to win. The Falcons to win? Wonder if Ridley asked for clemency by reason of insanity? #whodat

How pathetic is MLB right now? The owners’ second or third self-imposed deadline for ending their lockout & keeping a full season came and went tonight, and it’s not even on the top page of ESPN’s sports’ headlines.

Well, not that they’ve been shamed into doing the right thing for fans, but at least MLB were shamed into helping workers – they launched a $1 million fund today day to support spring training workers impacted by canceled games, matching what players did last week.

Per a telephone survey, about 58% of Russians approve of the invasion of Ukraine, while 23 % oppose it. But have to wonder, how many people polled by phone in Russia think their phones are tapped?

Higher fuel prices hurt, & they especially hurt lower & middle-income Americans. So let’s make it simple for all those GOP who think gas prices are most significant issue facing USA now. Repeal Trump tax cuts & use money for tax credits or to subsidize gas prices. You’re welcome.

Weekend before USA shutdown in March 2020, was in Washington DC & bought a copy of “The Splendid and the Vile” about Churchill during the London Blitz. Great book. But never expected anyone to come before UK Parliament now for a 21st Century version.

Susan Collins met with Ketanji Brown Jackson for nearly two hours today “It’s clear that her credentials & the breadth of her experience are impressive.” I WANT to believe Senator Collins is a yes. Or will she come up with a “very troubling” reason to vote no?

January 1977, my senior year of high school in Florida,, Dade County Commission passed gay-rights ordinance, Anita Bryant launched dishonest ‘Save Our Children” campaign & Voters repealed gay rights in June 1977 Until DeathSantis this seemed like Florida dark ages.

Gawd we are a nation of snowflakes Not making this up, went into bank to cash check & get some small bills for tips for travel. Woman in front of me in line asked teller if Wells Fargo would notify them if Ukraine war meant “we won’t be able to get our money out of the bank.”

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