Go Pop go!

Congrats to Gregg Popovich for tying Don Nelson’s NBA record of career coaching wins. San Antonio Spurs beat the Lakers tonight 117 to 110. 1,335 total wins. And at least that many reporters who regret asking Pop stupid questions.

Not a single MLB owner will miss a meal or rent payment because spring training & regular season games are canceled. Not a single MLB owner will miss a dream spring training or opening day trip. & these are millionaires/billionaires some politicians tell us still need a tax cut?

It’s about time: Senate just PASSED the Emmett Till Antilynching Act, cosponsored by Cory Booker and Tim Scott, which designates lynching as a federal hate crime by unanimous consent. Didn’t think Senate could get unanimous consent on the color of the sky.

Putin has been suppressing votes by every means necessary for years in Russian elections. Now, it is basically impossible for him to be voted out of office. While we support democracy in Ukraine we need to remember to support democracy at home. And pass a new Voting Rights act.

We’re all in awe of Zelenskyy – “I’m staying in Kyiv. In my office. I’m not hiding. I’m not afraid of anyone.” Remember now Jan. 20, 2021? Many Americans thought inaugural committee led by Klobuchar & Blunt, along w/ Biden, were nuts just to keep Joe’s inauguration outside.

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo announces the state is going to be the first to recommend against the COVID-19 vaccine for healthy kids. What’s next, Florida telling parents their kids don’t need to bother getting vaccinated against mumps, measles and polio?

New Florida motto – come for the sun, stay for the deadly diseases?

Russia constitution says a President can only serve two terms. With various machinations, Putin has been in power since 2000,, and just changed rules, again, to allow him to stay in power theoretically until 2036. Think Velveeta Voldemort wouldn’t have tried to do the same here?

CNN reports how Russian ambassador to UN says “We are NOT bombing civilians.” And blames “Ukraine Nationalists.”

If you wonder where the Former Guy & his cult got the idea to blame “Antifa” for everything…

Since we need all the moments of positivity we can get these days. I love everything about this picture: Queen Elizabeth Meets with Justin Trudeau for First In-Person Engagement Since COVID..


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