Not a fair scorecard?

Apparently women’s basketball star Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia now for about 3 weeks. Makes me wonder, did Putin order Griner held indefinitely, while he planned to invade Ukraine, as a possible hostage?

Apparently MLBPA has agreed to ban shifts. So they’re conceding that major league hitters can’t learn how to hit to the opposite field. Or to bunt?

When with about 20 games – about 25% – left in NBA season & for all but about 3-4 teams on the bubble – it just comes down to postseason seeding, you’ve created a sport where the regular season doesn’t matter. And MLB wants to move in that direction

As some in GOP peddle the statement that Putin didn’t invade Ukraine on Velveeta Voldemort’s watch? Well of course not, in what Vlad thought would be Former Guy’s first term the Russian dictator was too busy consolidating his efforts to take over America.

So now that the #PeoplesConvoy has experienced the joys of being stuck in DC beltway traffic, protesting COVID restrictions that have largely been lifted, what’s next? Another convoy to protest gas prices after the truckers all wasted so much of it idling in stopped traffic?

So if the truckers’ #PeoplesConvoy insists they are protesting COVID restrictions would it be churlish to suggest they try driving to the only state remaining with seriously tight statewide restrictions? That would be Hawaii.

Got my fingernails done yesterday and amazed how touching it was to see high school girls excitedly getting mani-pedis for a formal dance tonight. A small thing maybe, but we need all the joy we can get these days.

SNL Cold Open last Saturday has Kate McKinnon as Laura Ingraham and Alex Moffat as Tucker Carlson… raising money for those who Fox News believes are the real victims of Putin invading Ukraine – Russian oligarchs. Would be funnier if less accurate.

This may end up forgotten and hoping the Ukrainian President literally dodged a bullet. But Saturday morning, Zelenskyy gave updates to U.S. Senators and member of Congress on a Zoom chat.

The Ukrainian ambassador requested that nobody share anything on social media during the meeting, because Russians could use it to pinpoint Zelinkskyy’s location. Sens. Rubio and Daines posted screenshots from the Zoom anyway, putting Zelenskyy’s life at risk.

Bad enough some in former adminstration put book sales over country. But twitter impressions over a world leader’s life?

Feb 12, 2021 Nikki Haley on Velveeta Voldemort “We shouldn’t have listened to him. We can’t let that ever happen again.”

April 13, 2021. Nikki Haley says she’ll support & not challenge Trump if he runs in 2024

Why the f**k does ANYONE care what Haley says now about Ukraine?

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