Not playing ball

Not that it would make a difference with most of the serious problems in the world right now. But it sure would be nice to have MLB spring training games as a distraction now.

Of course, the NBA plays 82 games, about half the teams make the playoffs. and much of the season is meaningless. So maybe that’s MLB owners’ goal?

MLBPA apparently preparing a written response to MLB’s owners last offer. Wonder if the response contains any words that might get you suspended from Twitter or Facebook?

34 House Republicans voted with ALL House Democrats for bill to dramatically boost health care services & disability benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits in Iraq & Afghanistan. 174 voted no. So about 16% of GOP house members actually give a d*mn about our troops.

Noticing a lot of people saying they don’t care about Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT scores. I don’t care either, she’s a brilliant judge and was an editor of Law Review. But pretty sure her test scores were higher than average for SCOTUS & certainly higher than F*ckwit Carlson.

So with Facebook and Twitter now banned in Russia wonder if Vladimir Putin will allow Russians to use Truth Social?

Vladimir Putin has signed bill with new prison sentences of up to 15 years for spreading information going against Russian government’s position on war in Ukraine. How close did we come to Velveeta Voldemort trying to do something similar by executive order in a 2nd term?

Vladimir Putin called Friday for the “normalization” of relations with other states, saying Moscow has “absolutely no ill intentions with regard to our neighbors.” Amazed Vlad didn’t say the invasion was “legitimate political discourse.”

Reports that Russia is poised to deploy up to 1,000 more mercenaries to Ukraine in the coming days and weeks. With all the sanctions what is Putin going to pay them with

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One Comment on “Not playing ball”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    I’m not saying Biden had a senior moment, but during their phone call the other day, Biden said he’d send Ukraine a boatload of weapons but first he wanted Zelensky to dig up some dirt on Dick Gephardt.

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