Another day another strike.

Would never accuse MLB owners & commissioner Rob Manfred of being glad Russia has invaded Ukraine. I’m sure that all decent people are appalled. But it has been good timing that Putin keeps Manfred for being one of the most universally hated people in America.


Meanwhile, if you didn’t already love former SF Giants pitcher and current announcer Mike Krukow, Thursday he compared Manfred to a Batman villain.

Uh, so now Bill Barr, who covered up Velveeta Voldemort’s abuses of power and sat on important evidence of his criminal behavior, has a big interview on NBC News with Lester Hold as part of his rehabilitation book tour. Hard pass. #ChangeTheChannel

The gerrymandered GOP Florida Senate passed a bill to ban abortion after 15 weeks.

Governor Deathsantis will sign the bill. A Democratic governor would have vetoed to. Ron DeSantis won election in 2018 by fewer than 32,500 votes out of over EIGHT MILLION.

Don’t anyone ever tell you your vote doesn’t matter.

As Senate votes on resolution to end the COVID-19 national emergency declaration passed 48-47. Now, Senator Dianne Feinstein was absent after the death this week of her husband, but California Senator Alex Padilla was also not able to vote – because he just tested positive for COVID-19.

You cannot make this “stuff” up.

Some in media still want to report what the Former Guy says about Ukraine. Uh, If we hear from any recent Presidential candidate it should be Hillary Clinton – she’s been right about everything.

In a 4-3 decision, Wisconsin Supreme Court chose Gov. Tony Evers’ “least change” legislative maps proposal keeping Wisconsin GOP from truly horrific gerrymandering. Remember this in April, 2020? Jill Karofsky was elected this day. Elections matter. Our votes matter.

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