Far apart.

Spring training games don’t matter that much in the the grand scheme of things. – unless your business depends on people attending those games. But they are a great distraction. And a lot more fun than headlines about the latest Lebron James or Aaron Rodgers drama.

Not sure how many games will be canceled for MLB, though one of the things being debated is how many teams will end up in the playoffs. Right now looks like minimum could be 12. Owners want 14.

So as MLB loses fans to other professional sports leagues, somehow I don’t think fans are flocking to NBA over baseball because the regular season matters less?

Ebay has auctions for charity. Are they going to have a new category just for seized Russian assets that benefit Ukraine?

A nice story for a change today – CNN reports AirBnb is offering free temporary housing for Ukrainan refugees.

I’m not going to use the name of the rude piece of garbage who interrupted President Biden talking about his late son Beau. IMHO, we need to stop giving her attention.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has an immuno-compromised wife battling breast cancer and he still tries to score political points by bullying students wearing masks. There is no bottom.

Velveeta Voldemort is ranting in a fundraising email about “MY State of the Union Address when Crazy Nancy Pelosi RIPPED UP my speech on LIVE TELEVISION?” So it would have been better if Madame Speaker acted Presidential, took the speech home and flushed it?

Stephen Colbert tonight points out how the DC Trucker rally, which put the city on high alert, was expected to number over 3,000. But when SOTU started “only 12 rally-goers had actually assembled.” Waiting for Sean Spicer to tell us how it was the largest rally crowd ever.

President Biden asked by a reporter today “As a Catholic, why do you support abortion, defying church teachings?” His response. “I don’t want to get in a debate with you on theology, but I’m not going to make a judgment for other people.” Nailed it.

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