State of unions

Green Bay Packers GM Brian Gutekunst says he’s not getting a lot of teams calling to inquire about Aaron Rodgers’ availability via trade.

What, you mean most NFL teams aren’t interested in a high-priced almost 39 year old who lied to his team and the NFL last year over his vaccine status and then may have distracted the team by continually publicly doubling down on the controversy?

MLB Opening Day being canceled is trivial in comparison to Ukraine right now. But if President Biden gets a few minutes, he could probably score a lot of bipartisan points by an executive order simply locking MLB owners in a room until they agreed to a deal with players unions.

But if Joe really wants Democratic votes, maybe Biden could just remind baseball fans – under the previous administration, all the MLB owners got tax cuts!

Senator Marco Rubio thinks it’s “theater” to take COVID test before SOTU because he’s says he’s not sick. But many cases of COVID are asymptomatic Average age in Senate is 62.9 years, in House, 57.6, with many of Octogenarians. “Theater,” sir, is risking their lives to avoid a 5 minute test.

And Rubio skipped SOTU because “he didn’t have time.” for the test. But he had time to tweet during Biden’s speech. A rapid COVID test takes less time than composing a tweet.

President Biden in his SOTU will say “When dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos.” Joe will be talking about Vladimir Putin, but he might as well be talking about Velveeta Voldemort leading a fatal coup attempt on January 6.

“Light will win over darkness” President Biden quoting Ukranian President Zelensky!🕯️

Since Russian aircraft can no longer enter US airspace that may put a serious crimp in attendance at events at Mar-A-Lago.

Democratic House Member Cori Bush is still saying tonight “defund the police.” While I’m for police reform, I can say as a fellow Democrat, I believe she is wrong. Hey, GOP, see how easy that is? You don’t HAVE to be a lockstep mindless cult.

Even GOP have to privately be glad about some social distancing at tonight’s #SOTU
Means none of them had to risk drawing the short straw to sit next to Ted Cruz.

In all seriousness can we imagine the SOTU speech Velveeta Voldemort would have given tonight?

When did Andrea Mitchell decide she wanted to be Chuck Todd?

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