Past the midnight hour.

At time of writing, MLB and players’ union have paused negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement after a 16-hour day of meetings that stretched into 2a Tuesday.

MLB has extended its deadline for reaching a deal to 5 p.m. on Tuesday in order to salvage a March 31 opening day.

Okay, now what about the businesses, especially in Arizona,, who have already lost more than two weeks of revenue from Spring Training?

A 12 team MLB playoff is only a win compared to the idea of a 14 or more team playoff. Baseball has been last major sport where all the games in the regular season actually mattered.–

Among many reasons I love Rachel Maddow, instead of giving ANY airtime to Velveeta Voldemort’s lies about Ukraine, she went to the woman who warned us. And who should have been elected President in 2016. #HillaryClinton

We thought Putin chose a useful idiot who turned out to be insane. But maybe the puppet master was always as insane as his puppet?

Senator Susan Collins, who claims to be pro-choice, voted against opening debate on Women’s Health Protection Act. Wonder how “troubled” was she by her decision?

Senate couldn’t get close to 60 votes today to even open debagte on Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill aimed at codifying the right to an abortion. Would take some of these anti-abortion GOP Senators, who CLAIM to care about children, more seriously if they also hadn’t voted against the child tax credit.

While what is going on in the Ukraine is awful, the courage and resistance of the Ukrainian people is truly inspiring. And I can’t be the only person who feels comfort in having Rachel Maddow temporarily back on air covering things!

Rachel Maddow “If this is David versus Goliath we are wired as humans to cheer for David and to believe in David.” “But David is going to need help.” Once again, Rachel nails it

Stephen Colbert – the late night newscaster we didn’t know we needed now – “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a humanitarian crisis, but also a triumph of humanity. Because despite all Russia’s military prowess the ordinary people of Ukraine will not back down or bow down.”

Meanwhile, while many people are convinced COVID is over… deaths were UP again last week. And the US is on pace to reach 1 MILLION deaths in March. Imagine if Velveeta Voldemort had just pushed vaccines as hard as he is pushing the Big Lie.

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