Getting tough?

Ukrainian athletes are urging IOC to sanction Russian and Belarusian Olympic, Paralympic Committees. Guessing the IOC MIGHT in time enough get enough backbone to make Russia change their team name again.

So with MLB owners and players far apart, more spring training games have been canceled. At a time when many businesses, especially in Arizona that depend on Spring Training, are hurting. Leaving aside COVID vaccines, MLB owners need a vaccine for greed & stupidity.

Amy Klobuchar points out on CNN with Jim Acosta that not only is Ketanji Brown Jackson the first black woman nominated to the Supreme Court she has more judicial experience than four of the justices currently serving.

If you needed reminder sometimes there is no bottom, some conservative media & GOP members of Congress attacking President Biden for not being in DC this weekend. Uh, Joe was in Delaware, where they have phones & computers, attending his late son Beau’s mother-in-law’s funeral.

Understand about a business deciding to stay out of politics. But a white nationalist conference? Would the Orlando Marriott World Center have been okay if a group titled themselves National Socialist German Workers’ Party supporters?

Putin is finding it’s going to be harder to install a puppet government leader in Ukraine than it was in the United States.

SNL Weekend Update starting out with more truth than humor: Russian President Putin launched the Ukraine attack with support from allies like Belarus and Tucker Carlson.

So at this point the only new international golf courses and resorts Velveeta Voldemort will be able to build will be in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Belarus?

Stephen Colbert Friday night on anti-mask mandate trucker convoy heading towards DC. As 49 states are dropping mask mandates, so “If you really believe in what you’re protesting, you better drive to Hawaii.” (Actually as travel agent I HAVE had folks ask about driving between the islands.)

As we approach 8 months until midterm elections, imagine what world would be right now if Russia invaded Ukraine with Velveeta Voldemort in charge and Qevin McCarthy as House Speaker. Then remind yourself as my late great stepmother said “We’re not perfect but they’re nuts.”

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