Not “sticking” to sports

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin, a Putin supporter: “He’s my president. But I’m not in politics. I’m an athlete. I hope everything is going to be done soon. It’s a hard situation right now for both sides.” Uh, “both sides?” One side is not invading & killing the other.

Major League Baseball canceled three more days of spring training games today.

And Monday is the deadline per owners to start season on time. If games are canceled players will NOT be paid for those games.

Again, almost wonder if MLB owners are wishing crisis in Ukraine continues to distract from just how much of a**holes they are being.

Formula 1 has canceled Russian Grand Prix. UEFA has moved Champions League final to Paris from St. Petersburg. So what’s the International Olympic Committee going to do, have Russia change their team name again?

Reading some of the comments from GOP Senators about President Biden choosing Ketanji Brown Jackson for SCOTUS makes me think the GOP should just go ahead and sell red dog whistles on their fundraising site.

·Putin probably waited until after Olympics to invade Ukraine in hopes of not angering China and President Xi Jinping. But is it possible he also didn’t want to risk his top “ROC” athletes finding a way to defect when out of the country?

CEO of Papa Johns, John Schnatter, said Biden caused Russia to invade Ukraine to “distract” from problems in America at CPAC.

Almost wished I didn’t think Papa Johns was crap pizza so I could start boycotting them.

Lindsey Graham complaining on Ketanji Brown Jackson – “Harvard Yale train to the Supreme Court.” Lindsey Graham didn’t complain when Velveeta Voldemort picked Harvard grad Gorsuch & Yale grad Kavanaugh. Lindsey Graham can go do what Ukranian soldiers told the Russian warship


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