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Stumbling to the whistle.

April 29, 2022

Apparently nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the Minnesota Timberwolves blowing big leads in the NBA playoffs.

Only silver lining for SF Giants fans in tonight’s rout by the Washington Nationals. The team had tried out their Creamsicle uniforms on Orange Friday. The baseball gods may have indicated that was heresy.

So with Trevor Bauer, suspended for two years, Major League Baseball just got the Dodgers off the hook for $70 million of a big mistake.

Now why did the Braves Ozuna get only 20 games..

(Wikipedia – On May 29, 2021, Ozuna was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by strangulation and battery after police witnessed him grabbing his wife by the neck and throwing her against a wall.[his resulted in Ozuna receiving a 20-game suspension which he served retroactively during the 2021 season.

And then there was Aroldis Chapman, who, also per Wikpedia -was accused of pushing his girlfriend, putting his hands around her neck, and choking her; he subsequently fired eight gunshots.”

He only got 30 games.

In an interview today, Trevor Reed’s family said President Joe Biden may have saved their son’s life, doing everything he could to bring Reed home. Siri, tell me a good news story I won’t hear on Fox News.

I suppose given what happened between two women members of Congress today it would be inappropriate to make mud wrestling jokes.

Sean Hannity texts about the election are pretty bad. But imagine if we could see communications between the White House and Tucker Carlson.

After Madison Cawthorn was caught a 2nd time in about a year with a gun in his carryon, two Democrats are urging TSA “to act decisively to ensure repeat offenders like Rep. Cawthorn face the full extent of TSA’s enforcement actions.” Wouldn’t you think that was already the law?

Draft night

April 28, 2022

Evaluations of picks on NFL draft nights are like evaluating long term relationships after a great Tinder first date.

Some do result in long term relationships. Some in short term relationships. And some … well, maybe it was a great night.

So will Velveeta Voldemot’s GOP cult members now demand states require ID at farmer’s market to purchase dangerous fruit.

And is another reason Velveeta Voldemort won’t return to Minnesota not just that he lost in 2020, but also that residents might throw frozen fruit?

So as we approach picnic season in some states are we going to need permits for open carry of tomatoes and pineapple?

Montana Senator Jon Tester on Senate floor talking about increased monopolies in farming business – resulting in hundreds of thousands of farms lost. And higher prices for consumers. But media will ignore him and keep saying Democrats need to reach out to rural voters.

Marjorie Three Names, who lost it over Jimmy Kimmel’s joke and couldn’t handle being questioned by Jim Acosta today, is proof that even Southern states like Georgia can have really big snowflakes,

Remember when during the hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, that Ted Cancun Cruz was caught checking Twitter for his mentions? So is that what this whole Elon buying Twitter thing is about?

If Republican Senators had to pay the prices for prescription drugs that average Americans on Medicare pay, the bill to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices would pass unanimously.

Draft Day

April 28, 2022

Tonight starts the NFL draft at 8pm Eastern Time

And by about 8:30pm some team’s fan base will be convinced their team screwed it up.

Bucks put Bulls out of their misery, Warriors come back and beat the Nuggets to clinch their playoff series.

Meanwhile, at least in New York and Los Angeles there are no distractions from the NFL draft.

If someone had told me SF Giants would have LaMonte Wade Jr, Tommy La Stella & Evan Longoria still injured, Duggar out, 2 of 5 starting pitchers on IL, Joey Bart w/ 23Ks in 38 AB…. And that their record had a 13 & 6 in it, I’d have expected the numbers to be in reverse order.

Today’s NRA and Velveeta Voldemort-owned GOP.

1. Guns are safe.
2. Tomatoes are dangerous.

Delta Airlines will start paying flight attendants for boarding time, apparently 1st major US airline to do so. They haven’t paid before? Boarding has to be one of most stressful parts of job…”My 3rd bag is tiny”, “am SURE it will fit,” “supposed to have a better seat”, etc.

If you want to reduce abortions, you should want to increase the availability of birth control. It’s that simple.

Thinking if you’re a Republican who believes in cutting things like food stamps and the child tax credit, when it comes to the subject of abortion you should sit down and STFU. Once again, four words, “Pro Life My A**.”

Loved Mitt Romney talking about Orrin Hatch telling him to loosen up his language a bit. So Mitt says he started using “dang.” Wonder if Orrin got Mitt after rough days to do double shots of milk.

Words I didn’t expect to hear on Senate Floor from Sherrod Brown “I’d like to thank Senator Cotton.” Apparently Tom Cotton decided he’d had enough of making Americans less safe by blocking DOJ nominations. But we take our small victories, and small civilities when we can.

4,099,505 to 4,089,472 Yes, a difference of about 10,000 out of over 8 million. That’s how much Rick Scott beat Democratic Senator Bill Nelson by in Florida in 2018. Don’t tell me Marco Rubio isn’t beatable by Val Demings. Don’t let anyone tell YOU your vote doesn’t matter.

Since GOP is upset about US taxpayers subsidizing college costs, aren’t US taxpayers already subsidizing college for the children of millionaires and billionaires with Republican/Velveeta Voldemort 2017 tax cuts?

Rachel Maddow is covering Velveeta Voldemort transcript where he was telling the audience to “knock the crap” out of people throwing tomatoes and other fruit. Because “its dangerous stuff, somebody could get killed. NBC SNL skit writers are going “We give up. Can’t top that.”

Rachel Maddow also covering how Wisconsin & Michigan Republicans are continuing their 2020 election review after pressure from Velveeta Voldemort. Uh, WHY is GOP genuflecting before a loser?

Lockouts have consequences.

April 26, 2022

MLB said today that teams may carry as many as 14 pitchers from May 2-29, a change the league said was “for player health purposes.”

Translation, gosh, a short spring training has resulted in more than normal pitching injuries. Who knew?

Wait, the SF Giants won and the LA Dodgers lost on the same day?!! What time does the Devil’s ice rink open?

As a New Orleans Saints fan I can relate to pain. But was it less awful for Minnesota Timberwolves fans tonight only blowing a 13 point lead in the 4th quarter, instead of a 25 point lead in the 3rd?

Personally, my sense of Elon Musk is that he’s too narcissistic to have a political ideology that focuses on anyone but himself. But it has to have occurred to him that most of the people who buy Teslas are blue voters…

Rand Paul was arguing this morning that Georgia, Ukraine & Moldova “were part of Russia.” So is he proposing the USA returns to Great Britain? God save the Queen!

Now VP Kamala Harris plus Senators Ron Wyden along with Chris Murphy positive for COVID. So are Republican Senators not getting COVID? Or are they not testing?

I’d take this faux outrage from Republican officials on higher prices more seriously if a single one of them also were openly outraged about record corporate profits.

For the second time in a year, Madison Cawthorn was cited for a gun at an airport in his carry on bag. He’s also been stopped twice for driving with a revoked license. If he were black, he’d be in jail. Or dead.

Best of teams, the worst of teams…

April 26, 2022

Looking again like MLB wild card teams may come out of the NL West, as the division now has four of seven best teams in NL.

On the other hand, looking at the Arizona Diamondbacks has to make fans of the Premier League (or Ted Lasso), think about relegation.

Apparently some Brewers fans were taunting Joc Pederson before and during his 8th inning AB today in Milwaukee.

To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman “Big mistake, Huge.” (like 435 feet big – Joc’s home run was off the facing of the upper deck)

Hah, SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler talking about how big Luis Gonzalez’s first major league (and game-winning) home run was “and added that the upper deck shot was “aesthetically pleasing.” Yeah, I love words. And I love having a baseball manager who casually drops the word “aesthetically.”

So there is no New York nor Los Angeles team left in the NBA playoffs. No punchline…I just enjoy writing that.

Velveeta Voldemort today said he and Melania congratulated Elon Musk on his deal to acquire Twitter, and then attacked Jimmy Kimmel, Rosie O’Donnell, and other ‘menopausal’ women. Uh, has someone told him how old his current wife is?

As all these texts come out of GOP lawmakers & Velveeta Voldemort inner circle texting Mark Meadows on January 6 — for some reason none them say anything in the moment about thinking it’s Antifa…

“I’m going to leave Twitter because it’s going to be owned by a narcissistic billionaire” – Millions of Americans who will try to assuage their pain with retail therapy on Amazon.

On Twitter today, some of the same right-wing people who are convinced Velveeta Voldemort cares about them are also convinced Elon Musk cares about them. Here’s a hint folks, google “Narcissistic Personality Disorder..”

Fox News’ Jesse Watters now says he was joking Apr 11 when he claimed he’d deflated tires of colleague he wanted to date while still married to his 1st wife. He said he didn’t respond earlier because he was indisposed with a hurt back. Speaking of a joke. 2 words. Yeah. Right.

Lawrence O’Donnell talking to Orange County Tax collector tonight -. who explains how local property taxes will have to go up 20-25% – because Reedy Creek (Disney) won’t be now paying $163 million in taxes. And SALT taxes no longer deductible. Why do Republicans hate Americans?

You know all those jokes about what a dog does if it actually catches a car? Wondering if Musk buying Twitter is going to be like that.

And here we go…

April 24, 2022

For all those who thought Super Bowl week was too much hype.. It’s now NFL Draft week

Thinking if President Biden wants absolute bipartisan approval for something he could issue an executive order firing umpire Angel Hernandez.

But really, with all the polarization in this country can we at least get bipartisan agreement on one thing? Angel Hernandez should NOT still be employed as a major league umpire. Heck, Angel Hernandez should not even be a Little League umpire.

With Mike Yastrzemski on the COVID IL, SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler decided to try Joc Pederson as his leadoff man. Think it’s safe to say the experiment looks like a success.

You don’t have to think Emmanuel Macron is a perfect leader to be thrilled he won just re-election against Marine Le Pen. Sometimes it really is a vote for good vs evil. Or more specifically, democracy vs authoritarianism.

Apparently Marine Le Pen breeds cats professionally. So in the spirit of bipartisanism, and as a cat lover I would like to wish her the best for the next several decades with her cat breeding business.

Hey media downplaying today’s election between Macron and Le Pen. 58.8% to 40.6% Those numbers, while close, are NOT from France. They were Reagan’s margin over Mondale in 1984 and you called it a landslide.

Newt Gingrich, a man who cheated on his first wife while she had cancer. married his mistress and cheated on her as his second wife with his third wife, is upset that Elizabeth Warren called Kevin McCarthy a liar. Okay then.

United Airlines is actually cancelling some flights out of Johannesberg this week due to fuel supply Issues. But explain to me how gas prices are all President Biden’s fault?

Marine Le Pen has conceded the election to Emmanuel Macron. Waiting for Velveeta Voldemort to attack her as a loser for that.

So is NY Times going to send reporters over to rural French cafes to interview Le Pen supporters?

On top of all the insanity with Velveeta Voldemort and Q-Anon cult members, has anyone reminded them that JFK Jr, even if he rose from the dead, would still be an unabashed liberal?

Over and almost out.

April 23, 2022

After forgetting to hit publish the other night.. back on semi-schedule.

Give Kyrie Irving credit. He’s probably single-handedly created more Celtics fans than anyone outside of Boston.

Apparently Nationals were upset SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler had runner try to score from 1st in 9th w/ 6 run lead Friday night.

Uh, remember 2002? – Giants had 5-0 lead in 7th of Game 6 of World Series vs Angels.

Or 2016? 3 run lead in 9th in NLDS game 5 vs Cubs?

Or the Cardinals last July with a 6-1 lead on the Cubs into the bottom of the ninth and Chicago came back to win.

Bullpens happen.

For fans of non-political intrigue, a court just rejected Yankees’ appeal to keep a 2017 letter sealed from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to GM Brian Cashman that allegedly documented NY’s sign-stealing scheme. Pass the overpriced popcorn.

Yankees fans in right-field bleachers pelted Guardians outfielders w/ bottles, cans etc after NY’s 5-4 walk-off comeback win against Cleveland today. Media would call them thugs, but w/ price of tickets & beer at Yankee Stadium most of these jerks were probably wealthy & white.

SNL was off this week.. But how much would we all love to see a skit with Cecily Strong playing Marjorie Three Names at her hearing yesterday/

Asked about when the January 6 insurrection started – “We thought it was Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters.” And Marjorie Three Names says that with a straight face.

But Marge’s top response? – “I don’t recall.”

You know who didn’t need to keep saying “I don’t recall” despite 11 hours of testimony? Hillary Clinton

So with this “T-Mobile for Business” ad when do all these obnoxious people singing “I want it now” get turned into giant blueberries?

RIP Orrin Hatch. Remembering his friendship with Ted Kennedy & all the bills he ended up doing together. After Ted’s death, Orrin said ” ‘When we did agree, everyone turned to get out of the way. They thought if Kennedy and Hatch can get it together, it must be good.”

Looking at those pictures of parents who took their children to Ron DeSantis’s signing ceremony and made them applaud his attacks on Disney. Shouldn’t that count as child abuse?

France votes for their President tomorrow. While those of us who believe in democracy are rooting for Macron, note, France votes on Sunday! How much better might it be for democracy in US if we put election day on a weekend? Or better yet, made election day a national holiday!

Really don’t care if Madison Cawthorn wears women’s lingerie on a cruise or under his suit on the House floor. But imagine if similar pictures appeared yesterday of ANY Democratic member of Congress.

Mike Pence’s “I’m not getting in that car” is chilling. But these words from Jamie Raskin should be equally chilling ” his was not a coup directed at the president. “It was a coup directed by the president against the vice president and against the Congress.”

A couple days late …

April 23, 2022

Milwaukee Bucks’ Khris Middleton will miss two weeks due to a sprained knee. Fortunately, assuming the Bucks get past the Bulls, there are still about eight weeks left in the NBA playoffs.

Might be one of the strangest NBA box scores you will ever see:

By quarters.

MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES – 21- 23 -23 – 37 – 104

MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES – 39 – 12 – 32 – 12 – 95

How do you score 71 in 2 quarters, & 24 in the other 2?

Stephen Colbert talks about the DeSantis-Mouse feud, and points out that not only is Disney the largest private employer in the state but also “Disney is also the only reason anyone goes to Florida.”

Well, since DeSantis insists Disney is a California company maybe Walt Disney World can give California visitors a residents’ discount while they start charging Floridians full price.

Rachel Maddow tonight quotes new book”This Will Not Pass” saying Mitch McConnell told advisers on January 11 at least SEVENTEEN Republicans would vote to impeach Velveeta Voldemort.” So who got to Moscow Mitch & some of those senators and how much did they pay?

DeSantis’s bill to strip Disney of its special status doesn’t go into effect until 2023. So a new Governor can issue an executive order overturning the bill. Ron just handed Florida Democrats a campaign issue in 2022.

For those who know anyone insisting Disney should have nothing to do with gay rights – a reminder, the lyrics to “Beauty and the Beast,” along with those to “The Little Mermaid,” were written by Howard Ashman. Who died of AIDS in 1991.

Remember “Miracle on 34th Street” when the judge’s grandchildren won’t go near him because they hear he’s going to put Santa Claus in jail? Wonder how Ron DeSantis’s kids are going to react when they find out he’s attacking Mickey Mouse?

In all seriousness, Disney is going to be just fine. Maybe they’ll do more expansion in California or another state. But black voters in Florida are being royally screwed by DeSantis and that should be getting more headlines.

Couldn’t stand Dick Cheney and never was a fan of Liz, but i wouldn’t bet against her in a bar fight. And I sure as heck wouldn’t try to attack her personally.

Russia has decided to ban more than 2 dozen US citizens from traveling to Russia. As a travel agent, I am not sure there are 2 dozen US citizens right now who WANT to travel to Russia.

Today’s GOP – Judy Blume’s “Forever” describes a fictional consensual sexual relationship in high school. Let’s ban it.

Also today’s GOP – A guy is credibly accused of actual sexual assault in high school. Let’s put him on the Supreme Court.

Wanna get away?

April 20, 2022

For Military Appreciation day at Nationals Park in Washington DC, the Army sent a plane from Joint Base Andrews with the Golden Knights parachute team on board for a flyover pre-game landing.

Except someone at FAA forgot to tell Capitol Police, and the plane flying around the area triggered an evacuation of the US Capitol ended up briefly evacuated.

Nancy Pelosi in a statement said the FAA’s failure “to notify Capitol Police of the pre-planned flyover Nationals Stadium is outrageous and inexcusable.”

The FAA did not respond to a request for comment. Presumably because they were busy figuring out who to fire?

San Diego Padres now first team to announce a deal for ads on 2023 uniforms, as they’ll wear patch with a Motorola logo. Teams like Baltimore Orioles have to wonder, how much could they be paid not to wear a logo on their uniform?

Only hit for Shohei Ohtani today was by Astros catcher Jason Castro. Almost 10 years ago, SF Giants fans might remember the last batter on June 13, 2012 was also Jason Castro. Only that night Castro grounded out…and Matt Cain had a perfect game.

Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, Velveeta Voldemort appointed judge who overturned the mask mandate, is married to Chad Mizelle, a Stephen Miller crony & former DHS general counsel who once represented Tom Brady in appealing his Deflategate suspension. Scumbags of a feather.

Seriously ESPN? NBA playoffs underway, MLB in full swing… and the top headline on your website is “Bucs ignoring Dolphins ‘chatter’ around Brady” I really don’t care, do U?

Delta Airlines has walked back their statement “COVID-19 has become an ordinary seasonal virus.”

Today’s effort: COVID-19 “transitions to a more manageable respiratory virus — with better treatments, vaccines & other scientific measures to prevent serious illness.”


Since the media SO loves to both sides everything, what about “both sides-ing” the fact that President Biden quietly and with no drama released his tax returns this week?

All you need to know about how completely FUBARed with celebrity culture in America is hearing that Rudy Guiliani was on the Masked Singer.

Rick Scott wants to raise taxes on the middle class.

Ron DeSantis is trying to destroy Disney.

Makes you wonder what Marco Rubio will feel compelled to do to keep up.


What if Walt Disney World builds a wall around themselves…. And makes Florida pay for it?

Most of Florida Governor’s actions (anti-women’s rights, anti-LBGTQ, anti-public school, anti-Disney, anti-democracy ) are being done with eye towards running for President in 2024. So what Ron DeSantis is telling us – authoritarism & hate have become GOP brand,

Had forgotten that Senator Mike Lee of Utah was on Velveeta Voldemort’s original 2016 list of potential SCOTUS justices..

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen actually wants to ban Muslim headscarves in French public spaces. Uh, I’m a pretty secular white woman of half-Christian half-Jewish heritage and that would make me want to wear a head scarf in solidarity.

Changing places.

April 19, 2022

Tom Brady said after he retired Feb 1, he spent time with his wife and kids and reflected on his decision to leave football behind. He said he still had a “love of the game” and started to get the feeling that he should still be playing.

Possible translation – didn’t take long for Giselle to be tired of having him around the house.

Well, at least tonight Dodgers fans can’t complain about Dave Roberts not letting Clayton Kershaw go deeper into the game. (He gave up 4 ER in 5 innings.)

Hasn’t taken long for the good and bad teams in MLB to differentiate – as of right now both the Giants and Dodgers, individually, have won as many games as the Diamondbacks, Reds and Rangers put togethre.

SCOTUS today declined to hear a challenge brought by NY & nine other states to GOP 2017 tax law’s $10,000 state & local tax (SALT) deduction cap. Short version: States rights matter to this court, unles they’re blue states

Leaving Twitter aside, Elon Musk claimed in a TED Talk that one-way tickets on his SpaceX rockets to Mars are a “doable” cost – that ‘almost anyone’ could save up $100,000. Tell me again how billionaires need to keep their tax cuts?

So since all these airlines immediately dropped their mask mandates with zero notice to allow passengers to make a choice, I hope they allow travelers who bought nonrefundable tickets & now don’t feel safe to make the choice to get refunds.

Just pointing out, while mask mandate on planes was probably on way out in 2 weeks anyway, the Florida judge who overturned it is 33 years old, one of Velveeta Voldemort’s last appointees, & ABA sent letter to judiciary saying she was not qualified. Judges matter.

Elizabeth Warren today – “If Republicans want to use the filibuster to block policies that Americans broadly support, we should also force them to take those votes in plain view,” Agree, 100% When Senate returns next week let’s start with the $35 a month price cap on insulin!

Kevin McCarthy has proven himself unable to protect American democracy. I don’t give a flying fig newton what he thinks President Biden should do in Ukraine.

My college major focused on Tudor England. In 16th century, while Henry VIII broke from the Pope, he was against Bibles in English. Because he & church didn’t want average people being able to read the Bible & thus making their own judgments. Feels a lot like what’s happening in Florida.

So how long until Ron DeSantis removes biology books from Florida schools that teach evolution?

Wonder what GOP and conservative media would be saying if Saudis had given so much as a few thousand dollars to Hunter Biden.

Winning for losing

April 17, 2022

Now that the 7-2 SF Giants are have as good a record as anyone in baseball, how much will ESPN drop them in this week’s power ranking?

Boston Red Sox “expect to be without multiple unvaccinated players for an upcoming series against Toronto Blue Jays in Canada.” Red Sox were last MLB team to integrate their organization, in 1959, 12 YEARS after Jackie Robinson started for the Dodgers. Plus ca change…

So we now have an NBA playoffs without both the Lakers and the Clippers. And last just December they changed their arena name from “Staples Center” to “Crypto. com Arena.” Coincidence?-

Florida banned 54 of 132 math textbooks, and a staggering 71% of submitted textbooks for grades K-5. for alleged CRT and “indoctrination.” State won’t give examples of what books said. Anyone researched who wrote/published books that DID get approved? And who they donated to?-

Wonder if a pollster asked some of these DeSantis disciples if Florida schools should teach about multicellular organisms?

No longer have a child in school, but with all these GOP Governors demanding parents have role in their children’s education, why aren’t moderate and liberal parents speaking up and demanding their kids be taught actual history and have access to all the books they want?

Went to high school during a time when many of us envied the most popular girls who tanned with baby oil and aluminum foil. But even in our craziest days we never thought of tanning testicles.

Some conservrative media saying how Texas Governor Abbott was praised by others in GOP after sending buses with asylum applications to the US Capitol. Funny, they don’t mention praise for his border closure stunt that’s resulted in rotting produce AND food shortages.

Have known for a while that many Americans cannot name their own member of Congress or Senator. But on both sides of the aisle, increasingly struck by how some of the biggest names nationally are often those who get the least done.

Former EPA head Scott Pruitt has filed to run for Senate in Oklahoma. Maybe he’s run out of all his pilfered Ritz Carlton lotion and needs an excuse to return to DC regularly?

Considering that Putin would rather destroy Ukraine & its people rather than surrender or say he was wrong, why is anyone surprised that a GOP led by Putin’s puppet would make Americans suffer rather than let President Biden look good?

If Senator Mike Lee had just slapped someone would the media be paying attention to his texts?

Weak end thoughts

April 15, 2022

So the SF Giants were #10 in ESPN’s power rankings in 2022.

After opening up 4-2 the team is now —11th

Wonder how far Giants will fall after beating the Cleveland Guardians 4-1 in their home opener?

SI .com headlines tonight:

Deebo Samuels Was Sent Racist Messages & Death Threats.

Ohio State Pays $2 Million to Settle More Sexual Abuse Cases

Florida QB Richardson Stopped Driving 105 MPH

Cowboys’ Joseph Named Person of Interest in Connection to Shooting

But yeah, stick to sports.”

Velveeta Voldemort told supporters he now weighs a “little” more than 208 pounds.” Right, like that Russian warship took on a “little” water.

Let’s put it simply: No CDC or Biden administration rule has been so unequivocally bad for truckers (and American consumers) as Greg Abbott’s border pubicity stunt.

So wait, Russia claims their warship wasn’t sunk by Ukraine but they’re bombing Kyiv to retaliate anyway?

Thinking that Russian warship sank because of fire damage while being towed (Russia’s official story) the same way enemies of Putin fall out of windows.

As awful for women as all these new anti-abortion bills are, remember, they’re also all in states where Senators voted AGAINST the child tax credit. Pro life my a**

Are we surprised the RNC doesn’t want to participate in Presidential debates Given a choice, they’d prefer not to have Presidential elections.

Played out.

April 14, 2022

Good run for San Antonio Spurs to make NBA play-in game. But before rather flat loss to Pelicans, Gregg Popovich said asst coach Becky Hammon left team to start role as coach/GM for WNBA Aces’ ‘huge loss for team – her mind for the game will be missed.”

While Hammon has a great and lucrative opportunity as coach and GM of the Las Vegas Aces, would have loved to see her as the first woman to coach an NBA team.

Becky, we hardly knew ye.

So yeah, I understand Dave Roberts and Clayton Kershaw had good reasons for him leaving the game with a perfect game after 7 innings. But can we all imagine what would have happened had Roberts or anyone else tried to do the same with Madison Bumgarner?0

Good to see local news – in this case CBS KPIX 5 in SF Bay Area – correctly blaming Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for his extra and redundant – inspections at the border causing shortages and higher prices. Local news matters!

Fox News wants to rile Americans up over immigration. Just for one example, wonder how riled up Americans would be with prices if all fruit and vegetables had to be picked in this country by US citizens making at least minimum wage.

There’s a lot we don’t know about the Brooklyn subway shooting suspect. But based on what we have learned so far, on a bipartisan basis, can we agree we have a serious mental health problem in this country?

So what are they going to do with all these seized Russian yachts. Can I suggest auctioning them on Ebay with the proceeds to Ukraine?

Former Velveeta Voldemort Chief of State Mark Meadows removed from NC’s voter rolls by State Board of Elections “after documentation indicated he lived & voted in VA” in 2021 (& allegedly voted illegally in 2020.) Barely makes news. Imagine if a Dem had done the same.

The Ginni Thomas story has completely disappeared.? Wonder how treasonous someone has to be before a story lasts more than 24 hours in today’s news cycle.

Again, Florida Governor Ron Deathsantis won election in 2018 by about 32,000 votes out of over 8 million. Don’t let anyone ever tell you your vote doesn’t matter.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed a bill banning abortion after 15 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest. That’s for poor women. Rich women and girls with unwanted pregancies can continue to have their “shopping” weekends in New York or other blue states.

First first base coach..

April 13, 2022

SF Giants’ Alyssa Nakken, the first woman to appear on the field as a coach in a MLB game – manager Gape Kapler put her in after the Giants 1st base coach was ejected.

And SF is won 13-2 over the first place Padres. Coincidence?

A night after saying, “I f—ing hate this place,” Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm got a standing ovation from the Philadelphia crowd at Citizens Bank Park.

Well, yeah, with an attitude and words like that, Bohm is an honorary Phillies fan for life.

So New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin is resigning after being arrested on corruption charges. Yes, Democrats can be corrupt too. But they generally face consequences over it.

Marine Le Pen is basically a French Marsha Blackburn with a better hair stylist.

Steven Colbert, talking about Velveeta Voldemort’s lawyer John Eastman wanting a “do-over” for the 2020 election. “Our ex-president isn’t allowed a do-over just because he didn’t like the results the first time. Thats how you get an Eric.”

GOP – we will jail women & doctors for terminating pregnancies at any stage because reproductive freedom matters less than potential lives. Also GOP – we can’t possibly tell Americans they can’t have ghost guns because gun rights matter more than actual lives.

Conservative media & GOP haven’t quite focused on who to blame for today’s New York City subway shootings. (And fortunately at the time of writing it looks like all the victims will recover.) But one thing we know -with them it’s NEVER about the easy availability of guns.

Stephen Colbert last night reminded us that Velveeta Voldemort just endorsed Dr. Oz for the US Senate. “Come on, he’s a con man, and so is Dr. Oz.”

Has a single GOP Senator from a state suffering with high gas priced called out oil companies for price gouging and excess profits? I’ll wait.

How much is media rooting against Biden and Democrats because we now have a President in the White House who doesn’t make outrageous statements every day they can use for clickbait and frame as “breaking news?”

Not quite at the wire….

April 11, 2022

NBA play-in games start Tuesday night.

So we just have two months and a week until a possible NBA finals game seven.

The Phillies’ Alex Bohm apologized after he lost his temper at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia after his second error “I f—ing hate this place.”

Apologies for an F-bomb in the stadium? Uh, it’s Philadelphia. This might make him a fan favorite.

So wasn’t getting rid of the DH, as awful a decison as it was, supposed to stop these rallies with 2 on, 0 or 1 out being killed by the pitcher? Someone please tell the SF Giants.

Rachel Maddow points out tonight Saudis gave $1 BILLION to Steven Mnuchin’s investment fund. After giving Jared Kushner $2 billion. Despite Kushner having zero experience in investment funds. But yeah, let’s talk about another President’s son’s laptop.

Rachel Maddow also pointed out something tonight most of media has ignored: Yes, Gridiron dinner may have been a superspreader event. But all attendees had to be vaccinated & boosted. And none of 80 plus folks infected have ended up in hospital. Vaccines work.

Another piece of our childhoods almost gone: A New Jersey K-Mart will close this week, leaving just three K-Mart stores left in the US. T

Turn out the Blue Light, the party’s over…

Rachel Maddow says she doesn’t think she needs another 2022 hiatus! For a month, she’ll be on 4 times a week. But starting next month, only once a week. On Mondays. Monday may suddenly become the best day of the week.

A Florida man was arrested after a traffic stop last week when two guns, multiple syringes of methamphetamine and a baby alligator were found in his car. I miss the days when the most dangerous people in Florida weren’t the governor.

CNN reports “US sources believe Putin may increase efforts to interfere in US elections over support for Ukraine.” That’s like saying Republicans will try to suppress votes over Democrats trying to pass voting rights. An excuse for plans already made.

About 6 1/2 months until midterms: Important reminder when you disagree w/ a moderate Senator on something. Senators in purple states cannot win re-election being as liberal/progressive as those in blue states. But without a Democratic majority NOTHING gets done. #VoteBlue.

NY Times columnist Paul Krugman in a podcast interview today “Why the economy is doing better than we think.” Rest of the NY Times – How much gloom and doom about Biden’s economy can we print today?

Sounding off?

April 11, 2022

WTF alert: Apparently Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred gave major league players Bose headphones on Opening Day as a peace offering after the owners had a 99 day lockout. What did Manfred do for minor leaguers? Send them cake to eat?

Anthony Davis as the Los Angeles Lakers’ season came to a close “We were phenomenal on paper.”

“Toilet paper?

ESPN headline today “Tiger wraps up return with second straight 78.” But someone won the Masters, right?

Duane Kuiper on new SF Giants rookie Heliot Ramos, who can fly “If he were born in the US he would have been a half back.” (And yes, I know Puerto Rico is a US territory. But Kuip is basically right.)

So when Mehmet Oz loses in the Pennsylvania GOP. Senate primary race, who will Velveeta Voldemort blame?

ll you need to know about how toxic Velveeta Voldemort has become even to the Republican party: Fox News website has NOTHING about his Saturday North Carolina rally.

A couple who owned a shooting range/shop in Georgia were murdered along with their grandson during a robbery this weekend. Over 40 guns were reported stolen. Awful story. But shouldn’t a shooting range be the safest place if it’s all about “good guys with guns?”

Happy phrase for Monday “Rachel’s back!” (Maddow)

Opening weak?

April 9, 2022

Nothing eases the pain of a tough SF Giants day game loss hurt than seeing an equally tough LA Dodgers night game loss. #BeatLA

And yes, after 2 games of the 2022 Season, the Giants and Dodgers remain tied!

Congratulations to Denver, who win the Frozen Four – NCAA men’s hockey – over Minnesota State.

But okay who else as a long time SF Giants fan hears “Frozen Four” and thinks that could have described the last few people left at an Candlestick Park night game.

More headlines today on ESPN and other sports sites on Tiger Woods’ struggles during round three at the Masters.

So is anyone leading this tournament?

Maybe it’s just me but I think a sitting President’s son’s text about trying to overthrow an election might matter a bit more than a former Vice President’s son making money off his dad’s name. (& Don Jr. did PLENTY of the latter, too)

SNL Weekend update suggested the rabid Fox at the Capitol last week might have contracted the disease by biting Marjorie Three Names. What a misogynistic joke. Isn’t it just as possible the fox could have contracted rabies by biting Ted Cruz?

AP story “US intelligence officials think Putin may use Biden administration’s support for Ukraine as a pretext to order a new interference campaign in American politics.” Ridiculous. As if Vlad needed an excuse.

Herschel Walker says he has played Russian roulette “over six times” in his life. Georgia, please don’t play Russian roulette with democracy. Re-elect your great Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock!

As joyous as it was to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson, was also reminder how tenuous Democrats’ control of Senate & thus nominations is now: Senator Warnock also tested positive later Thursday after Susan Collins. 2 more Dems w/ COVID & vote wouldn’t have happened.

At a press conference, Gov Ron DeSantis – no joke – If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, I just want to be honest, that will be a cold war between Florida and Georgia.” So does this mean GEORGIA might want to build a wall?

Does anyone think any rich white woman will ever be arrested for having an abortion in Texas?

A Texas Latina woman is in jail over a “self-induced” abortion. If the man who got her pregnant had only shot her in the stomach killing the fetus Texas would probably dismiss the case as a tragic accident.


Three men including one American paid $55 MILLION each to SpaceX to visit the International Space Station. But tell me again how we can’t afford Build Back Better because billionaires need to keep their tax cuts?

Opening acts

April 9, 2022

The Masters late night show is sponsored by Mercedes Benz. Well of course it is.

Meanwhile, in golf news,. Tiger Woods has made the cut, and some other guy is leading the Masters by 5 strokes.-

So how long until we start hearing SF Giants announcers saying “Take a ride on the BART train?” On Opening Day, rookie SF Giants catcher Joey Bart just put one half way up the left field bleachers.

SF Giants had “Lift Every Voice,” the Black National Anthem played before their Opening Day game. On a day when President Biden introduced our first Black woman Supreme Court Justice, this seems particularly fitting and joyful.

I have nothing against Ben Affleck or Jennifer Lopez. But why do I feel like their 2nd engagement is going to get more headlines than whatever new treason involving Velveeta Voldemort comes to light next week?

Not that it matters in grand scheme of things, but incredibly impressed with how FLOTUS, VP, and new SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson can walk so smoothly across the grass White House South lawn in heels.

Silver lining in how badly some GOP Senators treated Ketanji Brown Jackson? Most Americans never hear SCOTUS justices speak publicly. But millions got to see not only is Ketanji intelligent & articulate, she’s incredibly patient & gracious. The hearings made her a rock star.

Ketanji Brown Jackson thanked Doug Jones as her “trusted sherpa” during confirmation process. ICYMI, Jones successfully prosecuted, almost 40 yrs later, KKK men who planted 1963 bomb that killed 4 black girls in Birmingham church. In heaven, those little girls no doubt smiling,

Nina Simmons, one of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s “sisters” from freshman year at Harvard, on “The Last Word” talking about some GOP attacks in Senate judiciary committee “It was so personal, so unnecessary, so unrelated to the proceedings, it was just a show.” Nina nailed it.

Every time Russia is accused of atrocities, they lie and accuse Ukraine of shooting and killing themselves. Like some conservatives accused January 6 insurrectionists of being Antifa. Same evil playbook.

From one of my favorite songs. “When we’re free to love anyone we choose, When this world’s big enough for all different views, When we all can worship from our own kind of pew, Then we shall be free.”

Conservatives gonna boycott Garth Brooks songs now too?

Frozen for?

April 7, 2022

The Minnesota Twins home opener at Target Field was snowed out. And somewhere the ghost of the Metrodome is laughing.

Velveeta Voldemort today quoted by Ali Velshi on the Rachel Maddow show, saying he “didn’t remember making that many” phone calls on January 6. He doesn’t remember? Uh, time for another test – “Person, woman, man, camera, TV.”

A no drama cloture vote paving the way for a no drama SCOTUS confirmation vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson! Sorry, media, despite the attempts to create suspense this one was always a slam dunk.


Congratulations Justice Jackman.

Apparently Lindsey Graham either chose not to or forgot to wear a tie to the Senate today, which was required for the dress code, and had to cast his vote against Ketanji from a cloakroom.

Insert too easy closet jokes here.

Every time I hear Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock speak I get a warm fuzzy feeling about Georgia voters.

Rand Paul, by deliberately holding up Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation for about 30 minutes for some unknown reason, once again makes us ask the question. “What took his neighbor so long?”

With Susan Collins now saying she has COVID, again thankful that Chuck Schumer didn’t delay Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation even a day. Have a feeling she won’t be the last Senator to test positive.

Mitch McConnell, who has repeatedly cheated to pack SCOTUS, is now lying about President Biden’s exceptional nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. Not advocating slapping Mitch. but does make me want to say to him “Take our nominee’s name out of your bleeping mouth.

Every time I hear Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock speak I get a warm fuzzy feeling about Georgia voters.

Dick Durbin praising Mitt Romney, talking about Mitt’s dad George Romney, and saying “You are your father’s son,” was a nice bipartisan touch. Need more of those in the Senate..

Chuck Grassley is actually pontificating about Democrats not doing a rigorous enough examination of Ketanji Brown Jackson. After he helped confirm Amy Coney Barrett in 2020 in less than a month. Well, Chuck is 88. And short-term memory is the first to go.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy on fire – “My message to adults w/ power who have decided to spend their days bullying (transgender) kids ‘Stop it, grow up – so you’re not ready to accept transgender people, I hope you come around some day. but these kids threaten no one, they’re hurting no one.'”

Murphy added “Important conversations we need to have about sports. But says he’s “walked into room of 1000 people & asked – no one’s had child lose to transgender girl.” “Saving girl’s sports is NOT reason for GOP bullying. But hate has a habit of selling in this country.”

Opening daze.

April 7, 2022

Happy opening day.

But with the lockout and back and forth on “final threats” – doesn’t this feel like the baseball season that is starting “Not with a bang but a whimper?

So with all the playoff teams assured, the last three games of the NBA regulation season are relatively meaningless. Of course some would say that about many of the first 79 games of the NBA regular season.

Stephen Colbert tonight sounded a bit skeptical about Mark Zuckerberg claiming staffers “lovingly” refer to him as “The Eye of Sauron.” Well, maybe it is “lovingly” by comparison to some of the other names Facebook/Meta employees call Mark privately?

President Biden has been in office over 14 months. Senate, in large part due to GOP obstruction, is STILL confirming his nominees. Imagine if a company CEO had to wait over a year to hire his executives. It’s amazing the Biden adminstration is getting as much done as they are.

Republican Senators tell inflammatory lies to attack Ketanji Brown Jackson. Democratic Senators tell calm truths to support Ketanji Brown Jackson. Guess which the media prefers to cover?

So many disgusting lies by a handful of GOP Senators about Ketanji Brown Jackson. And somehow it’s even worse to hear them from Marsha Blackburn, As a woman and a mother, it’s especially disappointing to see that another woman can be as awful as any man.

Jamie Raskin’s term “gentlelady” for Marjorie Three Names might be worth adding to my lexicon right besides “Bless your heart.”

The “America First” CPAC, fresh off their Florida Feb 2022 hatefest, will meet in May in Hungary w/ authoritarian PM Viktor Orban as keynote speaker. And no doubt some of most far right members of Congress. Don’t suppose State Dept can revoke their passports while they’re gone?

Every time I see part of a White House press briefing and think about how GOP is claiming Hunter Biden wrongly took advantage of his father’s power, I also think about how Peter Doocy is Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy’s son.