Opening daze.

Happy opening day.

But with the lockout and back and forth on “final threats” – doesn’t this feel like the baseball season that is starting “Not with a bang but a whimper?

So with all the playoff teams assured, the last three games of the NBA regulation season are relatively meaningless. Of course some would say that about many of the first 79 games of the NBA regular season.

Stephen Colbert tonight sounded a bit skeptical about Mark Zuckerberg claiming staffers “lovingly” refer to him as “The Eye of Sauron.” Well, maybe it is “lovingly” by comparison to some of the other names Facebook/Meta employees call Mark privately?

President Biden has been in office over 14 months. Senate, in large part due to GOP obstruction, is STILL confirming his nominees. Imagine if a company CEO had to wait over a year to hire his executives. It’s amazing the Biden adminstration is getting as much done as they are.

Republican Senators tell inflammatory lies to attack Ketanji Brown Jackson. Democratic Senators tell calm truths to support Ketanji Brown Jackson. Guess which the media prefers to cover?

So many disgusting lies by a handful of GOP Senators about Ketanji Brown Jackson. And somehow it’s even worse to hear them from Marsha Blackburn, As a woman and a mother, it’s especially disappointing to see that another woman can be as awful as any man.

Jamie Raskin’s term “gentlelady” for Marjorie Three Names might be worth adding to my lexicon right besides “Bless your heart.”

The “America First” CPAC, fresh off their Florida Feb 2022 hatefest, will meet in May in Hungary w/ authoritarian PM Viktor Orban as keynote speaker. And no doubt some of most far right members of Congress. Don’t suppose State Dept can revoke their passports while they’re gone?

Every time I see part of a White House press briefing and think about how GOP is claiming Hunter Biden wrongly took advantage of his father’s power, I also think about how Peter Doocy is Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy’s son.

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