Going going gone?

With five days left in regular season, the San Antonio Spurs with their third straight win, have clinched a play-in and eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers. No punchline, I just like writing this. #PorVida

And let’s see, most people if asked to name a member of the Lakers, would come up with at least a few of Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook , Dwight Howard , Anthony Davis.

Wonder how many people can name ANYONE on the Spurs?

(Coach Pop doesn’t count.)

To stop sign-stealing, MLB will start allowing electronic devices for catchers to signal pitches – type & location — directly to the pitcher. If we get this high-tech why can’t MLB stop umpires sometimes drastically changing games & allow robot umps to call balls & strikes?

Texas Republican Senator Cornyn talks about “simply calling balls and strikes,” that judges should be umpires, judges should not be players…”

Uh, except as baseball fans know, umpires can & have changed the outcome of games. The Texas Senator is just fine if judges call things so HIS side wins.

So some conservatives are upset Stacey Abrams’s made money because she wrote a political thriller novel that became NY Times bestselling book.

Missed GOP outrage over many sitting on explosive information about COVID or knowledge President committed treason to sell THEIR books.

One GOP lie against Ketanji Brown Jackson is her denial of a “judicial philosophy.”

And there is this quote of hers: “I have said don’t have an overarching judicial philosophy.”

Oh wait, not KBJ. That was Amy Klobuchar yesterday quoting Chief Justice John Roberts in HIS confirmation hearing.

Thinking hiring issues & accordingly higher prices are just American issues and Biden’s fault? The Shelbourne, one of my favorite luxury Dublin hotels, is now looking at renting private homes, taking students from colleges/hotel schools, & giving them a place to live if they’ll work at least 9 months.

Oklahoma is basically outawing abortion. So when is the state going to go after the people really responsible for the most abortions? Men who have unprotected sex with women

Barack Obama returned to the White House to be present for Joe Biden’s signing Executive Orders on healthcare…

Talking about the current White House, President Obama acknowledges “There have been some changes… there’s a cat running around.” Barack gets the important stuff.

Jamie Raskin says that Ivanka Trump was a “cooperative witness” before the January 6 committee. How long until Velveeta Voldemort says she was just his “covfefe” daughter?

While GOP Senators keep bringing up Brett Kavanaugh hearings as an excuse for their attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson, a reminder: Christine Blasey Ford passed a polygraph test.

While he doesn’t name the cult by name, Dick Durbin correctly and subtly points out that Josh Hawley is trying to score points with Q-Anon over pedophila accusations. GQP

Even Republican voters love Obamacare now. But let’s have a moment for these 8 brave Senators, two of who have passed away.

All voted for ACA, & lost to GOP opponents:

Mark Begich, AK Mark Pryor, AR. Mark Udall, CO. Kay Hagan, NC. Mary Landrieu, LA. Russ Feingold, WI. Blanche Lincoln, AR. Arlen Specter, PA.

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