Frozen for?

The Minnesota Twins home opener at Target Field was snowed out. And somewhere the ghost of the Metrodome is laughing.

Velveeta Voldemort today quoted by Ali Velshi on the Rachel Maddow show, saying he “didn’t remember making that many” phone calls on January 6. He doesn’t remember? Uh, time for another test – “Person, woman, man, camera, TV.”

A no drama cloture vote paving the way for a no drama SCOTUS confirmation vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson! Sorry, media, despite the attempts to create suspense this one was always a slam dunk.


Congratulations Justice Jackman.

Apparently Lindsey Graham either chose not to or forgot to wear a tie to the Senate today, which was required for the dress code, and had to cast his vote against Ketanji from a cloakroom.

Insert too easy closet jokes here.

Every time I hear Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock speak I get a warm fuzzy feeling about Georgia voters.

Rand Paul, by deliberately holding up Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation for about 30 minutes for some unknown reason, once again makes us ask the question. “What took his neighbor so long?”

With Susan Collins now saying she has COVID, again thankful that Chuck Schumer didn’t delay Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation even a day. Have a feeling she won’t be the last Senator to test positive.

Mitch McConnell, who has repeatedly cheated to pack SCOTUS, is now lying about President Biden’s exceptional nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. Not advocating slapping Mitch. but does make me want to say to him “Take our nominee’s name out of your bleeping mouth.

Every time I hear Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock speak I get a warm fuzzy feeling about Georgia voters.

Dick Durbin praising Mitt Romney, talking about Mitt’s dad George Romney, and saying “You are your father’s son,” was a nice bipartisan touch. Need more of those in the Senate..

Chuck Grassley is actually pontificating about Democrats not doing a rigorous enough examination of Ketanji Brown Jackson. After he helped confirm Amy Coney Barrett in 2020 in less than a month. Well, Chuck is 88. And short-term memory is the first to go.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy on fire – “My message to adults w/ power who have decided to spend their days bullying (transgender) kids ‘Stop it, grow up – so you’re not ready to accept transgender people, I hope you come around some day. but these kids threaten no one, they’re hurting no one.'”

Murphy added “Important conversations we need to have about sports. But says he’s “walked into room of 1000 people & asked – no one’s had child lose to transgender girl.” “Saving girl’s sports is NOT reason for GOP bullying. But hate has a habit of selling in this country.”

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