Opening acts

The Masters late night show is sponsored by Mercedes Benz. Well of course it is.

Meanwhile, in golf news,. Tiger Woods has made the cut, and some other guy is leading the Masters by 5 strokes.-

So how long until we start hearing SF Giants announcers saying “Take a ride on the BART train?” On Opening Day, rookie SF Giants catcher Joey Bart just put one half way up the left field bleachers.

SF Giants had “Lift Every Voice,” the Black National Anthem played before their Opening Day game. On a day when President Biden introduced our first Black woman Supreme Court Justice, this seems particularly fitting and joyful.

I have nothing against Ben Affleck or Jennifer Lopez. But why do I feel like their 2nd engagement is going to get more headlines than whatever new treason involving Velveeta Voldemort comes to light next week?

Not that it matters in grand scheme of things, but incredibly impressed with how FLOTUS, VP, and new SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson can walk so smoothly across the grass White House South lawn in heels.

Silver lining in how badly some GOP Senators treated Ketanji Brown Jackson? Most Americans never hear SCOTUS justices speak publicly. But millions got to see not only is Ketanji intelligent & articulate, she’s incredibly patient & gracious. The hearings made her a rock star.

Ketanji Brown Jackson thanked Doug Jones as her “trusted sherpa” during confirmation process. ICYMI, Jones successfully prosecuted, almost 40 yrs later, KKK men who planted 1963 bomb that killed 4 black girls in Birmingham church. In heaven, those little girls no doubt smiling,

Nina Simmons, one of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s “sisters” from freshman year at Harvard, on “The Last Word” talking about some GOP attacks in Senate judiciary committee “It was so personal, so unnecessary, so unrelated to the proceedings, it was just a show.” Nina nailed it.

Every time Russia is accused of atrocities, they lie and accuse Ukraine of shooting and killing themselves. Like some conservatives accused January 6 insurrectionists of being Antifa. Same evil playbook.

From one of my favorite songs. “When we’re free to love anyone we choose, When this world’s big enough for all different views, When we all can worship from our own kind of pew, Then we shall be free.”

Conservatives gonna boycott Garth Brooks songs now too?

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2 Comments on “Opening acts”

  1. Liz Harrington Says:

    Heels on grass…..noooooo!

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