Opening weak?

Nothing eases the pain of a tough SF Giants day game loss hurt than seeing an equally tough LA Dodgers night game loss. #BeatLA

And yes, after 2 games of the 2022 Season, the Giants and Dodgers remain tied!

Congratulations to Denver, who win the Frozen Four – NCAA men’s hockey – over Minnesota State.

But okay who else as a long time SF Giants fan hears “Frozen Four” and thinks that could have described the last few people left at an Candlestick Park night game.

More headlines today on ESPN and other sports sites on Tiger Woods’ struggles during round three at the Masters.

So is anyone leading this tournament?

Maybe it’s just me but I think a sitting President’s son’s text about trying to overthrow an election might matter a bit more than a former Vice President’s son making money off his dad’s name. (& Don Jr. did PLENTY of the latter, too)

SNL Weekend update suggested the rabid Fox at the Capitol last week might have contracted the disease by biting Marjorie Three Names. What a misogynistic joke. Isn’t it just as possible the fox could have contracted rabies by biting Ted Cruz?

AP story “US intelligence officials think Putin may use Biden administration’s support for Ukraine as a pretext to order a new interference campaign in American politics.” Ridiculous. As if Vlad needed an excuse.

Herschel Walker says he has played Russian roulette “over six times” in his life. Georgia, please don’t play Russian roulette with democracy. Re-elect your great Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock!

As joyous as it was to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson, was also reminder how tenuous Democrats’ control of Senate & thus nominations is now: Senator Warnock also tested positive later Thursday after Susan Collins. 2 more Dems w/ COVID & vote wouldn’t have happened.

At a press conference, Gov Ron DeSantis – no joke – If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, I just want to be honest, that will be a cold war between Florida and Georgia.” So does this mean GEORGIA might want to build a wall?

Does anyone think any rich white woman will ever be arrested for having an abortion in Texas?

A Texas Latina woman is in jail over a “self-induced” abortion. If the man who got her pregnant had only shot her in the stomach killing the fetus Texas would probably dismiss the case as a tragic accident.


Three men including one American paid $55 MILLION each to SpaceX to visit the International Space Station. But tell me again how we can’t afford Build Back Better because billionaires need to keep their tax cuts?

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