Sounding off?

WTF alert: Apparently Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred gave major league players Bose headphones on Opening Day as a peace offering after the owners had a 99 day lockout. What did Manfred do for minor leaguers? Send them cake to eat?

Anthony Davis as the Los Angeles Lakers’ season came to a close “We were phenomenal on paper.”

“Toilet paper?

ESPN headline today “Tiger wraps up return with second straight 78.” But someone won the Masters, right?

Duane Kuiper on new SF Giants rookie Heliot Ramos, who can fly “If he were born in the US he would have been a half back.” (And yes, I know Puerto Rico is a US territory. But Kuip is basically right.)

So when Mehmet Oz loses in the Pennsylvania GOP. Senate primary race, who will Velveeta Voldemort blame?

ll you need to know about how toxic Velveeta Voldemort has become even to the Republican party: Fox News website has NOTHING about his Saturday North Carolina rally.

A couple who owned a shooting range/shop in Georgia were murdered along with their grandson during a robbery this weekend. Over 40 guns were reported stolen. Awful story. But shouldn’t a shooting range be the safest place if it’s all about “good guys with guns?”

Happy phrase for Monday “Rachel’s back!” (Maddow)

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