Not quite at the wire….

NBA play-in games start Tuesday night.

So we just have two months and a week until a possible NBA finals game seven.

The Phillies’ Alex Bohm apologized after he lost his temper at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia after his second error “I f—ing hate this place.”

Apologies for an F-bomb in the stadium? Uh, it’s Philadelphia. This might make him a fan favorite.

So wasn’t getting rid of the DH, as awful a decison as it was, supposed to stop these rallies with 2 on, 0 or 1 out being killed by the pitcher? Someone please tell the SF Giants.

Rachel Maddow points out tonight Saudis gave $1 BILLION to Steven Mnuchin’s investment fund. After giving Jared Kushner $2 billion. Despite Kushner having zero experience in investment funds. But yeah, let’s talk about another President’s son’s laptop.

Rachel Maddow also pointed out something tonight most of media has ignored: Yes, Gridiron dinner may have been a superspreader event. But all attendees had to be vaccinated & boosted. And none of 80 plus folks infected have ended up in hospital. Vaccines work.

Another piece of our childhoods almost gone: A New Jersey K-Mart will close this week, leaving just three K-Mart stores left in the US. T

Turn out the Blue Light, the party’s over…

Rachel Maddow says she doesn’t think she needs another 2022 hiatus! For a month, she’ll be on 4 times a week. But starting next month, only once a week. On Mondays. Monday may suddenly become the best day of the week.

A Florida man was arrested after a traffic stop last week when two guns, multiple syringes of methamphetamine and a baby alligator were found in his car. I miss the days when the most dangerous people in Florida weren’t the governor.

CNN reports “US sources believe Putin may increase efforts to interfere in US elections over support for Ukraine.” That’s like saying Republicans will try to suppress votes over Democrats trying to pass voting rights. An excuse for plans already made.

About 6 1/2 months until midterms: Important reminder when you disagree w/ a moderate Senator on something. Senators in purple states cannot win re-election being as liberal/progressive as those in blue states. But without a Democratic majority NOTHING gets done. #VoteBlue.

NY Times columnist Paul Krugman in a podcast interview today “Why the economy is doing better than we think.” Rest of the NY Times – How much gloom and doom about Biden’s economy can we print today?

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