First first base coach..

SF Giants’ Alyssa Nakken, the first woman to appear on the field as a coach in a MLB game – manager Gape Kapler put her in after the Giants 1st base coach was ejected.

And SF is won 13-2 over the first place Padres. Coincidence?

A night after saying, “I f—ing hate this place,” Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm got a standing ovation from the Philadelphia crowd at Citizens Bank Park.

Well, yeah, with an attitude and words like that, Bohm is an honorary Phillies fan for life.

So New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin is resigning after being arrested on corruption charges. Yes, Democrats can be corrupt too. But they generally face consequences over it.

Marine Le Pen is basically a French Marsha Blackburn with a better hair stylist.

Steven Colbert, talking about Velveeta Voldemort’s lawyer John Eastman wanting a “do-over” for the 2020 election. “Our ex-president isn’t allowed a do-over just because he didn’t like the results the first time. Thats how you get an Eric.”

GOP – we will jail women & doctors for terminating pregnancies at any stage because reproductive freedom matters less than potential lives. Also GOP – we can’t possibly tell Americans they can’t have ghost guns because gun rights matter more than actual lives.

Conservative media & GOP haven’t quite focused on who to blame for today’s New York City subway shootings. (And fortunately at the time of writing it looks like all the victims will recover.) But one thing we know -with them it’s NEVER about the easy availability of guns.

Stephen Colbert last night reminded us that Velveeta Voldemort just endorsed Dr. Oz for the US Senate. “Come on, he’s a con man, and so is Dr. Oz.”

Has a single GOP Senator from a state suffering with high gas priced called out oil companies for price gouging and excess profits? I’ll wait.

How much is media rooting against Biden and Democrats because we now have a President in the White House who doesn’t make outrageous statements every day they can use for clickbait and frame as “breaking news?”

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