Played out.

Good run for San Antonio Spurs to make NBA play-in game. But before rather flat loss to Pelicans, Gregg Popovich said asst coach Becky Hammon left team to start role as coach/GM for WNBA Aces’ ‘huge loss for team – her mind for the game will be missed.”

While Hammon has a great and lucrative opportunity as coach and GM of the Las Vegas Aces, would have loved to see her as the first woman to coach an NBA team.

Becky, we hardly knew ye.

So yeah, I understand Dave Roberts and Clayton Kershaw had good reasons for him leaving the game with a perfect game after 7 innings. But can we all imagine what would have happened had Roberts or anyone else tried to do the same with Madison Bumgarner?0

Good to see local news – in this case CBS KPIX 5 in SF Bay Area – correctly blaming Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for his extra and redundant – inspections at the border causing shortages and higher prices. Local news matters!

Fox News wants to rile Americans up over immigration. Just for one example, wonder how riled up Americans would be with prices if all fruit and vegetables had to be picked in this country by US citizens making at least minimum wage.

There’s a lot we don’t know about the Brooklyn subway shooting suspect. But based on what we have learned so far, on a bipartisan basis, can we agree we have a serious mental health problem in this country?

So what are they going to do with all these seized Russian yachts. Can I suggest auctioning them on Ebay with the proceeds to Ukraine?

Former Velveeta Voldemort Chief of State Mark Meadows removed from NC’s voter rolls by State Board of Elections “after documentation indicated he lived & voted in VA” in 2021 (& allegedly voted illegally in 2020.) Barely makes news. Imagine if a Dem had done the same.

The Ginni Thomas story has completely disappeared.? Wonder how treasonous someone has to be before a story lasts more than 24 hours in today’s news cycle.

Again, Florida Governor Ron Deathsantis won election in 2018 by about 32,000 votes out of over 8 million. Don’t let anyone ever tell you your vote doesn’t matter.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed a bill banning abortion after 15 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest. That’s for poor women. Rich women and girls with unwanted pregancies can continue to have their “shopping” weekends in New York or other blue states.

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