Weak end thoughts

So the SF Giants were #10 in ESPN’s power rankings in 2022.

After opening up 4-2 the team is now —11th

Wonder how far Giants will fall after beating the Cleveland Guardians 4-1 in their home opener?

SI .com headlines tonight:

Deebo Samuels Was Sent Racist Messages & Death Threats.

Ohio State Pays $2 Million to Settle More Sexual Abuse Cases

Florida QB Richardson Stopped Driving 105 MPH

Cowboys’ Joseph Named Person of Interest in Connection to Shooting

But yeah, stick to sports.”

Velveeta Voldemort told supporters he now weighs a “little” more than 208 pounds.” Right, like that Russian warship took on a “little” water.

Let’s put it simply: No CDC or Biden administration rule has been so unequivocally bad for truckers (and American consumers) as Greg Abbott’s border pubicity stunt.

So wait, Russia claims their warship wasn’t sunk by Ukraine but they’re bombing Kyiv to retaliate anyway?

Thinking that Russian warship sank because of fire damage while being towed (Russia’s official story) the same way enemies of Putin fall out of windows.

As awful for women as all these new anti-abortion bills are, remember, they’re also all in states where Senators voted AGAINST the child tax credit. Pro life my a**

Are we surprised the RNC doesn’t want to participate in Presidential debates Given a choice, they’d prefer not to have Presidential elections.

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